Monday, March 15, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x09 "Formal Reformed"

This week's episode was centered around a staple of any high school TV show or movie: the dance. In this case, the winter formal. Which is where, if you remember, Baze and Cate hooked up back in the days of the Spin Doctors. I have to say that this was actually one of the more cohesive episodes in a while, though it does seem like every episode ends up revolving around some sort of event where Cate and Baze make a scene, thereby embarrassing either themselves or Lux or both. And tonight was no exception to that rule.

At the top of the hour, we find Jones asking Lux to the winter formal on very short notice. Right after she says yes, guess who shows up at Baze's looking to reconcile? Yep, Bug. Things get hot and heavy between them, until Bug finds out that Lux is going to the winter formal with Jones, then he gets all huffy about it. Lux calls him out on it, and gets the grown up award, at least for now.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x09 'Formal Reformed' by freshfromthe.comCate, trying to make things better between her and Lux, helps her pick out a dress for the dance, but it ends badly when they get into some kind of fight again. I don't even remember what about, something or other they've fought about before. Oh wait, Baze. It always comes back to Baze, doesn't it? Indeed. Lux goes off in a huff. There's a lot of people going off in huffs in this episode, if you hadn't noticed yet.

Math, in an attempt to get closer to Cate, asks if she'd like to co-chaperone the dance with him, as a sort of date. While Jones and Lux have a good time on the dance floor and Cate is lamenting to Math about her own disastrous high school days, Baze has found a condom in the loft, and thinks it must be Jones'. He hurries off to the formal and things get heated out in the parking lot between Cate, Baze and Lux. Lux reminds him that she had a boyfriend named Bug that she was going to live with, and that any sort of sex talk he wants to try on her is already too late. And guess what she does now? She goes off in a huff!

By this point, Jones has had enough of the drama, particularly when he finds out that Lux had just been with Bug earlier that day. He ditches her, but don't worry, Lux isn't lonely for long, because guess who shows up at the dance with a bouquet of flowers and puppy dog eyes? Yep, Bug. They dance, they kiss, they generally make up.

But Baze and Cate? Oh they do what they do best: get into another argument. But this one took a sad turn when Cate revealed just how terrible Baze really was to her in high school. Basically, after they had sex, he completely denied it to his friends and said there was no way he'd sleep with someone like her. She's still hurt about this, all these years later, even after Baze tries to apologize and convince her he's not that guy anymore.

But has Baze really changed? Because later, he goes back to the bar and encounters Cate's sister Abby, who he had recruited for an ill-advised sex talk with Lux earlier on, and don't you know it, they end up in bed together! Yeesh, that was as subtle as a freight train. And, Lux walks in on them during the deed, because it turns out that Cate has shown up there to try to start anew with Baze and let go of the past. Yeah well, how long is that going to last?

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