Monday, March 22, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x11 "Chuck versus the Final Exam"

Okay, I'm going to make this brief because I'm beat after a day at Disneyland and tomorrow I've got to get up and move to my new apartment. Yep, these are busy times in the life of Jen.

But what's going on in the life of Chuck? He's been tasked with his final exam to test if he is ready to be a real spy. Which would mean he goes undercover in Rome by himself. Interesting that he only seemed to care that he wouldn't be with Sarah anymore. What about Ellie, you know, his sister?

In any case, he's got to go to the Cobalt Hotel to track down this Russian dude, Anatoli something-or-other, who is meeting up with a rogue CIA agent. Chuck's mission is to ID the rogue agent. After some funny bits involving Chuck in nothing but a towel running around the hotel, he sees the rogue agent - one Hunter Perry.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x11 'Chuck versus the Final Exam' by freshfromthe.comChuck thinks that the mission is over and he has succeeded with flying colors, but of course he would be wrong. Because that was only half of the mission, the other half is to complete his "red test" meaning, he must kill Perry. Sarah sets up a meeting for them, and Chuck corners Perry and they fight a bit (with some rather weird camera work, I might add), before Chuck gets a little soft and lets Perry get away.

He chases him down and must make a decision whether to go through with it, when he's saved by Casey, who shoots the guy for him. Sarah, Shaw and Beckman all think that Chuck has done it himself, so he has passed the test in their eyes, while Chuck and Casey both know that he wouldn't have been able to do it. This breaks Sarah's heart, because she feels responsible for everything Chuck has become.

In the end, Chuck receives a plane ticket and his new special spy badge - he's got to fly to DC and start his new life. But is he ready for this new life? And what will it mean for him and Sarah, who he was finally going to confess his feelings for if not continually disrupted? Next week looks like we'll find out.

In the side story of the night, Casey had to deal with the likes of Jeff and Lester being pricks and Big Mike trying to get Casey to be less John Crazy and more John Casey, which included getting him a tailored suit and making him eat a questionable tunaroni sandwich Jeff had taken a bite of. How long until we get Casey back on the team? Poor guy is just not suited for civilian life.


"Jeffrey, there's so much more that I want to do. To feel." - Lester

"I love irony." - Casey

"See, being the accused in a number of civil, and criminal, proceedings has left us extremely litigious." - Lester

"Scan trons!" - Chuck

"Wow, that just really self-destructed, did it not? That's like in the movies, that's incredible." - Chuck

"Excuse me, inside the steam room? Is that really hygienic?" - Chuck

"This would've been easier in underpants." - Chuck

"I am a spy! ... Oh no! .... I am a naked spy." - Chuck

"Mind you, there's literally no way of knowing where this guy's mouth has been before this. Fire hydrants, diseased animals, puppets." - Lester

"You know that giving away a government issued firearm is a felony, don't ya? ... It was a thoughtful felony." - Casey

"You're not a killer, Chuck." - Casey
"Thanks." - Chuck

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  1. Thoughts in order:-

    Oooh, Chuck with a gun shooting someone...maybe
    Lester squeals like a girl. Love how he and Jeff are playing some kind of Laser Quasar there...
    'Fat, drunk and stupid' [G]
    Lovely eye twitch from Adam there when they talked about him not being in the military
    'Baby steps'
    'Without a licence to kill you're a danger to society'
    'I made my bunk and I'll lie in it'
    [ADAM SAID 'BUNK'! Firefly squee!!]
    'John Q crazy'
    'molto bene!'
    Big Mike in his undies!!!!
    'To get your head right, you gotta get your threads right'
    [So, why didn't Casey have to strip down to his undies, hmmm?]
    Nice picnic there, Chuck
    Hall & Oates FTW!
    Nice suit, but that pink tie and handkerchief...ewwww
    'Can you be cool?'
    Casey's probably eaten a lot worse than that Subway...
    International spy union card
    'Subway can sooth the tummy and the soul...'
    OMG, Chuck gave Casey a gun!!
    'It was a thoughtful felony'
    'You are joining the world of human beings'
    Guns as gifts all round.
    CASEY SAVES CHUCK...well, kinda...