Monday, March 22, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x10 "Family Therapized"

For the first third of this episode, I thought we were going down another sad road of Cate and Baze trying to do something for Lux, failing, and Lux getting all cranky whiny upset about it. But, luckily, after some of that happened, things took a turn and became what this show should always be about.

But, I suppose I must start with the stuff we've gotten used to. Lux, annoyed with both Cate and Baze, hangs out with Bug to hand out fliers at a club late into the night. She gets picked up by the cops for being out past curfew (and maybe I was just a big goody two shoes, but I don't remember the curfew thing really being a thing when I was a teenager in Portland). This gets them a meeting with Fern, the social worker, who tells them that things aren't looking so hot and their evaluation that wasn't supposed to be for some time has now been moved up to the following Monday.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x10 'Family Therapized' by freshfromthe.comIn an effort to make things better, Cate decides to try to get Bug a job at the station to make Lux happy. Only, Bug has no high school diploma or experience of any kind, so he doesn't get the job. Lux flips out about it, being ridiculous. Baze, upon hearing of the whole thing, decides to give Bug a job at the bar, which Bug actually excels at, but then Baze ruins it all when he says something about Bug not mattering within earshot of both Lux and Bug. Whoops.

That brings them to the meeting with Fern, wherein they all lie about being one big happy family. Fern sees right through it, however, and challenges Lux to tell Cate why she's really so upset with her, since it's not so much about letting her friends down, but about letting her down. And that's when Lux finally opens up and the episode started to get interesting. Lux revealed that she hasn't forgiven Cate for giving her away and never going to look for her all those years ago. Very powerful scene, which ends with Lux leaving the room. But don't despair, Fern tells them, this is actually a very good step to them actually becoming a family, and she thinks Cate and Baze can start working on getting their parental rights back.

But that's not the end yet! Cate goes to Ryan to ask him to help her with Lux, stating that she has changed since Lux has come back into her life, and she just needs some help to get things moving in the right direction. Ryan is reluctant, but he does eventually talk to Lux and help convince her of Cate's changing and deserving a second chance. Lux turns that around on him and asks why she should be able to give her a second chance, but he can't. Good point.

Baze also goes to apologize to Bug and tells him that the job at the bar is still his if he wants it. Bug decides to take him up on the offer, and Baze then asks if he can get some practice on being a dad with Bug since Bug's dad isn't in the picture and also because Lux told Baze a little earlier that she'd rather have him as a friend than a dad. Bug has sort of a weirded out look on his face, but he didn't say no.

In the end, Ryan brings Lux back to Cate's place, and decides that he's going to stay and try to work things out as well. Cate isn't left alone and crying at the end of an episode, for once!

And, I didn't really mention, but yes, Baze and Cate's sister Abby are still having their flingy thing. At one point he tells her he has to break things off because he needs to set a good example for Lux, but then he goes to her later on because he needs someone to talk to about this whole friend versus dad issue. She suggests that they try being a real couple rather than just some spring fling. Blah blah. This will not go over well with Cate either way, people.

Overall, one of the stronger episodes of the season. For the most part, this show has seemed to want to keep things light, but it really is better when it delves into the deeper emotional issues these people have at their cores. Lux was in the hospital for much of her young life, and then in foster care for the rest of it. That does not leave a person unscathed. Cate's mother is a drunk and her father wasn't around, and Baze has issues with his dad as well. Let's stick to those and not have another nearlywed game or a hands on a car contest, yes??

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