Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x11 "Storm Weathered"

In case you weren’t catching on what this week’s theme was, Ryan spelled it out for us about 3/4 through the episode. So what’s the winning theme? Rejection! Whether it be romantic or familial, it was all about rejection. Per usual, we had our two basic plotlines - the adult and the teen. And, per usual, the adult one was more interesting than the teen one.

Jones invites Lux over to his place for a party. He manufactures an “accidental” kiss out of a game of suck and blow, and Lux freaks out about it. But that doesn’t compare to the following freak out she has when she finds him making out with another girl! What, you’re allowed to have a boyfriend, but he’s not allowed to do stuff with other girls when you’ve rejected him? Ah, irrational bouts of irrationality. At least she actually realizes that later when she’s having a chat with Ryan, telling him bits about her life story growing up, with some inconsequential flashbacks that weren’t really needed. He reassures her that she was just acting like anyone does who has been rejected. A little bit cray cray.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x11 'Storm Weathered' by freshfromthe.comMeanwhile, Baze and Abby are still dating, and she’s moving things awfully fast. Moving stuff into the top drawer, wanting to change their relationship status on Facebook, deleting his roommates stuff off the DVR (whoa, that is a big no-no, you don’t just delete other people’s DVRs!). Cate inevitably finds out and inevitably freaks out. The irrational freak outs are something Cate and Lux both do so well, are they not?

Things come to a head back at Baze’s when Baze, Abby and Cate get stuck in the loft during the storm that leads to a power outage. Baze’s buddies pressure him to cut things off with Abby, since he was only doing it so he could prove to everyone that he was capable of being in an actual relationship. He attempts to break things off, but when she doesn’t have it, he pulls the trump card and says they can’t be together because he has feelings for Cate. Cate, of course, overhears this, and freaks out some more. Baze must later fess up that he didn’t really mean it, he was only saying it to cut things off with Abby. But Abby gives them both a dose of reality. They both have feelings for each other, whether they’d like to admit it or not. As if anyone really needed to be told that. Hello, obvious!

Oh, and, Cate and Ryan get re-engaged. They were going to go elope to avoid any family drama, but in the end decide that they’re going to get married with their families - in two weeks rather than in June, however. Everyone congratulates them, but Baze looks a little stunned, which Lux notices. Come on now, Luxy, did you really not realize your parents have a little somethin’ somethin’ brewing?

Next week, we meet Cate’s father and it looks like Lux confronts Baze about how long he’s had feelings for Cate. And apparently it’s the second to last episode of the season! Or the series? I don’t think we’ve heard yet whether it’s been picked up for season two.

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