Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x12 "Chuck versus the American Hero"

I feel like I say this every week, but this week truly stepped up the game on Chuck. The spy story merged with the side story in an awesome way, and we got one heck of a cliffhanger. I’m sad that the number of viewers has started dropping off again. Why aren’t other people as in love with this show?! It’s got everything you’d want - action, comedy, romance! What more do you want, fickle viewers? How can repetitive crap like CSI draw in the bajillions when it’s the same damn thing week after week? Okay, okay. I’ll stop my rant. Phew. Take a deep breath, Jen. It’s okay.

Chuck meets up with General Beckman in DC, where she fills him in on his upcoming extended mission in Rome. He’s to be a rich playboy, blah blah. He’s not ready to go solo, but Beckman tells him she’ll give him a week off before he comes back and assembles his team. Oh wait, he gets to have his own team? Well then! It’s back to Burbank to get Sarah back on his side.

Of course, Sarah thinks Chuck isn’t the same man she fell for back in the day, because she thinks he killed that Hunter Perry dude last week. He can’t tell her that Casey was actually the one who did it, so instead decides he’s got to win her back some other way. Enter an unlikely trio to help: Morgan, Casey and Devon. They work out a plan for Chuck to crash on a date between Shaw and Sarah, getting Shaw out of the way so Chuck can talk to her.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x12 'Chuck versus the American Hero' by freshfromthe.comWhat they don’t know is that certain Ring members are also trailing Shaw. They almost capture him, but thanks to some bumbling from Morgan and Devon, they manage to get away. Chuck, meanwhile, was just about to confess his love for Sarah, but got interrupted by the shenanigans. Ellie finds out about Chuck working to get Sarah back, and is upset he didn’t ask for her help instead of the yahoo trifecta. She tells him that he can’t back down. If he loves her, he has to fight for her.

Shaw devises a plan to get inside with the Ring, so they can at least take out one of their strongholds (he’ll go inside with a tracker, Beckman will send in an air strike to take out the location). Sarah is against this plan, because it will surely mean he will be killed. Chuck arrives in time to hear the end of the conversation and see Shaw leave. Sarah immediately starts working on a plan of her own to help Shaw, but Chuck locks her down in Castle and goes to do it himself.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester are pissed that Chuck and co. didn’t ask for their help when stalking Sarah and Shaw earlier. To prove that they are the best when it comes to stalking, they start following Shaw, or as everyone enjoyed calling him this episode - the stallion. Good thing, too, because when Chuck shows up to where Shaw’s tracker is, he just finds it lying on the ground. Those Ring guys made Shaw barf it up earlier. But it’s Jeff and Lester to the rescue.

Chuck infiltrates the Ring headquarters, but doesn’t make it to Shaw before he meets with the head dude - in hologram form. This head dude shows Shaw a rather disturbing video of who actually killed Shaw’s wife. It was SARAH!! Maybe some of you all saw that coming, but I didn’t until they switched to the other video! Shaw is enraged, but can’t do anything because they tazor him into unconsciousness. Luckily, Chuck is inside the building and takes out some of the guards. He’s able to get Shaw out of there just before Beckman’s bomb takes out the building.

Chuck finally gets his chance to talk to Sarah and tell her how he feels. He loves her, and he wants her to run away with him, like they should have in Prague. He heads off to wait for her in the train station.

She’s in her apartment, seemingly packing. Either to go with him or go to DC. Casey shows up to tell her the truth about who killed Perry, and she is genuinely happy that he told her. But before she can go and meet up with Chuck, Shaw shows up claiming some mission and whisks her away. And he’s put back on his wedding ring. Uh oh.

Chuck talks with Beckman in Castle, who fills him in on what the Ring showed Shaw. She also tells him that Shaw has taken Sarah to parts unknown. Dun dun dun! Next week’s preview gave very little away, but did include a great line from Casey telling Morgan to “get me my suit.” It pretty much looks awesome.


“You’ve seen the stallion she’s dating?” - Casey

“There goes our chance to ever get out of the Buy More.” - Casey
“Really, is that what they teach you in the Marine Corps?” - Morgan
“Hmm?” - Casey
“Roll over and die?” - Morgan
“This isn’t exactly combat, Morgan.” - Casey
“That’s where you’re wrong, Casey. Because love, love is a battlefield.” - Morgan

“Chuck better move quick if he wants to get his froyo ho back.” - Jeff
“Another fella sniffing around the Orange.... Orange.” - Lester

“Wow. Now that guy can fill out a pair of slacks. A real stallion.” - Morgan

“I’m afraid my days of legalized body snatching are over now.” - Casey

“”Cause you live in a bubble. Take a look at yourself, go ahead. It’s a freakish bubble of handsomeness.” - Morgan, to Devon

“Bring a stretcher. A wheelbarrow. Possible change of pants.” - Morgan

“We’re as shocked as you are.” - Casey

“And what’s more, Chuck came to you three for advice, before me. Why am I not surprised this ended in jail?” - Ellie

“You are a Bartowski, Chuck. Start acting like one.” - Ellie

“Do they have any idea how much stalking experience I have?” - Jeff
“If only they did, Jeffrey. You’re very prolific. You’re the Picasso of creepiness.” - Lester
“It’s true, and this is my blue period.” - Jeff

“Stalker’s log. Stalkee is behind a gray van, with another male, possibly for a sexual encounter. Both are physically fit, should be lively.” - Jeff
“Jeffrey, don’t make me afraid to be alone with you.” - Lester

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