Monday, March 29, 2010

...Set: So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 News

There is big news afoot for the upcoming summer season of everyone's favorite dancing show (well, it's MY favorite, and that's all that matters on this here blog) - So You Think You Can Dance. The show comes back with a two hour premiere on May 27th at 8pm, but what is in store for us this season? We all know how the producers like to shake things up. Need I remind you of last season, where they stopped switching out the third judge, had that bigger stage, and everybody kept getting injured? Yeah, I'd rather forget it too. The changes this season are even more dramatic! Get ready for a handy dandy list of all of the changes thus far...

Only one dancer goes home every week. Yep, you read that right. Instead of two dancers getting the boot, only one is going home. Which means an odd number of dancers. Which leads to...

Couples will be rotated every week. Unlike every season in SYTYCD's history, we will not have set couples until the top 20 dwindles down to the top 10. Though sometimes the couples are exhausting, sometimes they are a revelation that light up the screen. Benji and Donyelle, Katee and Joshua, Brandon and Janette. And do you know why?

There will be no top 20. Apparently we will be starting the competition straight from the top 10? Madness!

Less than four dancers will compete in the finale. That's a rather welcome change, I must say. Last season, there were six dancers in the finale and it was ridiculous. That never should've happened. But I have saved the the biggest news for last...

Season 7's top 10 will be dancing with a rotating pool of an as yet unannounced roster of all star SYTYCD alumni. As Entertainment Weekly's Adam B. Vary points out, this makes the show a lot more like the abominable Dancing with the Stars (heck, some SYTYCD alums are already on DWTS), just instead of celebrities we have unknown supposedly great dancers trying to make their way. He also notes, and I agree, how it will be hard for the new contestants to outshine their all-star counterparts. Now if we had a SYTYCD all-star competition, that would be pretty cool. But that's not what's happening here. But HEY, if they decide to go be crazy and have another fall competition, I would recommend something like that instead of the regular stuff.

Anyway, what do you think of all of these changes? I'll be tuning in to see whether it's amazing or a train wreck, but who knows what will happen. I think half the reason last season was so lackluster was because the choreography wasn't as exciting as in the past. Hopefully the choreographers have gotten enough rest now to think up some cool shiz. Time will tell!

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