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...Set: Supernatural 5x15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

My oh my, it feels like forever since last the Winchesters were on my TV set! But back they are. With a vengeance? Ummmm. Points for mixing up the zombie format, but lest we forget, we’ve seen zombies in some form or another on the ole Supes a few times already. This time, instead of a spell or a virus, it was thanks to that pesky Horseman by the name of Death that Lucifer raised some episodes back. Oh yeah, did you forget that happened? I kind of did too.

Anyway, let’s get into this recap, shall we? In Bobby’s town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, people are raising from the dead. They seem perfectly normal, apart from the fact that they’re dead. After one such dead dude kills the hick that originally killed him, Sam and Dean roll into town to figure out what the dealio is, but get held up by the local sheriff, who figures out they’re not really FBI when they try to pull the ole give her a fake card to call Bobby as their supervisor. How does she know it’s fake? Because she knows Bobby for reals. Whoops!

Recap/review of Supernatural 5x15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" by
Bobby, acting a fool.
Bobby assures the boys that nothing’s going on, but they figure out he’s giving them a load of BS when, oh hello, his wife Karen just happens to be one of the zombified! Yep, even though she was cremated, she’s back too. They figure out it must be the Horseman Death doing it, and while Sam goes into town to check on people, Dean stays behind to keep an eye on Karen, just in case she, you know, wants to gobble on Bobby’s brains like the old zombies of yore.

They reunite briefly to chat about their findings (Sam found a creepy lady who wanted to eat him and splooged some reallllllly nasty white goop on his face while Dean chatted up dead Karen, who seemed perfectly nice), then split up again. Sam heads into town to find the sheriff to get some help in killing these zombies once they go bad, which they will all do because they get the munchies. Dean stays behind to keep an eye on Bobby.

Sam ends up having to kill the sheriff’s zombie son after he eats on his dear old dad, then they go round up every other alive person to get to shooting some heads. And might I say that every time they shot a head this episode, it looked really fake? It did. It looked really fake.

Back at Bobby’s, Bobby and Karen have a heart to heart, which ends with him having to kill her again. Bobby can’t catch a break this season. But no sooner has he done it than he and Dean are being attacked by a whole horde of zombies seemingly bent on getting them. Action, action, action, they end up stuck in a closet together about to get attacked but bum bum bum bum! Sam and the sheriff show up just in time to save the day, head explodey style! Like there was ever any doubt.

In the end, Bobby informs the boys that this was all a message. He didn’t figure that out on his own, though, because apparently Karen was told to tell him it was a message. Whether Death wanted to take his life or his spirit, it was a sort of punishment for helping Sam and Dean. And though he has made it through with his life, it’s not quite clear whether his spirit has made it through this ordeal with him.

So, question. They burnt up all the bodies after everything went down, BUT Bobby apparently cremated Karen back in the day, yet she was brought back. What’s to say Death couldn’t just keep bringing people back over and over again?

The preview for next week was super short, but apparently it’s something to do with Zachariah and “One man’s Heaven… is another man’s HELL!! MUAHAHAHA!” So maybe I added the exclamation points and the evil cackle, but it may as well have been there in the ad.


"You gave yourself your own nickname? You can't do that." - Dean

"What is that smell? Is that soap? Did you clean?" - Dean
"What are you, my mother? Bite me." - Bobby

"So you are, in fact, a dead guy?" - Dean

"I can't believe you were going to kill me!" - Clay
"You're a zombie." - Dean
"I'm a tax payer!" - Clay

"Awesome. Another Horseman. Must be Thursday.” – Dean

“Yeah, I’m gonna regret this.” – Sam

“Okay, I’ll hit the town and rescue everyone. Should be easy.” – Sam

“A simple no would’ve been fine.” – Dean

“Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?” – Bobby
“I make this up as I go. Sue me.” – Dean

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