Monday, May 10, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x16 "Chuck versus the Tooth"

While I enjoyed tonight's episode of Chuck, it really could have gone a little more crazy than it did, since it was dealing with the idea of Chuck possibly going crazy. It did serve as a good set up for the last three episodes of the season, however. A couple things I enjoyed: the Spies Like Us reference at the beginning with a nod to Chevy Chase, who played the big bad villain last season on Chuck, and the crazy Merlin guy at the loony bin telling his spy buddies to jump into action to save Chuck, only to have them all be shot down by tranquilizers. "It was a good thought, Merlin."

Tonight's installment started with Chuck and Sarah enjoying each other's company while watching TV. Chuck falls asleep and proceeds to have a very vivid and weird dream involving the president of Zamibia, Beethoven, and Shaw. He infers this dream to mean that the president (Kudi? They always have such weird and difficult names on this show. I guess maybe I should turn on my closed captioning? Boo to closed captioning!) is going to be assassinated while at a Beethoven symphony. He calls up the team to inform them of this, but once he confesses it came from a dream, Beckman decides he might be having some mental issues between his brain and the intersect and has him go see a CIA psychiatrist.
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And that psychiatrist is played by Christopher Lloyd. Not sure exactly what that doc's name was, but it seemed like kind of a wasted role for Lloyd, who's usually best known for being over the top and kind of crazy himself. Not so, here. I guess they did get to call him Doc a few times. Back to the Future for the win! Anyway, this doctor thinks that Chuck needs to be taken off active duty since it appears to be causing a lot of stress, and therefore, the dreams.

But Chuck is still convinced something is going to happen to the president, so he recruits Morgan to help him look into it, since Casey and Sarah aren't going to be any help there. Chuck and Morgan head to the symphony, and while Chuck accidentally falls asleep during it, he has another dream-vision, this time of a Dr. Kwambe killing the president. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah have figured out that Chuck has gone off to try to prove he was right, and show up. Sarah goes along with Chuck to question the doctor, and Chuck flashes on him, and on one of his teeth that has Ring information on it. He punches the guy and grabs the tooth, but by this point everyone thinks he's gone nuts, and they lock him up in a CIA loony bin.

But Chuck managed to get the tooth and turns it over to Sarah and Casey, who analyze it, only to find it's just a tooth. This makes all of them start to think Chuck is really losing his mind after all. But Sarah doesn't want to give up on him, and wants to go see him again. And a good thing too, because Dr. Kwambe has shown up at the hospital to question Chuck about how he knew about the tooth. Turns out, Chuck had gotten the wrong tooth! And, can I just ask, is it really that easy to punch a tooth out? Because it seemed pretty easy, and teeth are pretty strong. Just saying. In any event, Kwambe drugs Chuck and things are about to go down the toilet when Casey and Sarah show up and do some ass-kicking.

Chuck is okay for now, but the doc tells him that while the Intersect is working with his unconscious while he sleeps, it will probably start to overwhelm his brain over time anyway, since it's so powerful. He advises Chuck to talk it over with Sarah. Chuck heads home to do just that, but ends up not doing it when Sarah finally is able to tell him she loves him. Because yeah, that was another of the storylines tonight, getting Sarah to say she loves him. A very minor one, though, because it was only a few half-scenes. But it was enough to make Chuck hold back in telling her he's in danger of really going nutso someday. That night, he has another Intersect vision-dream, wherein Shaw is actually alive! Well, duh. Of course he's not really dead.

The largest of the side stories fell upon Ellie and Devon. They're back from Africa, with Devon recovering from "malaria" or whatever that Justin dude gave him. BUT, when Ellie is out and about, guess who randomly shows up? That Justin dude! He tells her that her father is in danger, and that John Casey is tracking him down to kill him or... something. Ellie goes to Casey's place to try to determine whether it could be true and ends up seeing a bunch of his guns and gets freaked. When she tells Devon about how Casey has a ton of guns and that they should get away from him, Devon tells her she's acting crazy, which is just what Justin said he'd say. So Justin asks if she knows how to get in contact with her dad, so they can "protect" him. You are being played, Ellie! You are being so played. I'm thinking there's no way she won't know the truth about Chuck by the end of this season, yeah?

And, in the final side story of the night - Anna Wu shows back up in Burbank to see Morgan. He brushes her off a couple of times to do some spy stuff, and when they finally do talk, she basically says she didn't know what she had until it was gone, and she wants him back. But instead of jumping at the opportunity, Morgan takes a step back. Is he acting... CRAZY?! Sorry, I had to throw one last crazy in there.

Next week looks to crank things up a notch, with the return of the Bartowski patriarch, in big heaps of trouble.


"You know how dear my sleep is to me, Bartowski." - Casey

"General, permission to slap Bartowski." - Casey

"Just a solid good night's rest and I'll be right as rain. Which I don't totally understand because rain is kind of all over the place." - Chuck

"I'm just gonna say it, I need a woman. It's been far too long, Jeffrey, a man has needs." - Lester

"You're leaving me home appliances? It's full of lumpy housewives. My favorite." - Jeff

"It is Anna Wu. I knew the day when she left to break Morgan's heart she'd come back to break mine. Crush it." - Jeff

"You take Bartowski, I got the little elf." - Casey

"Tricky language. Clicks and vowels." - Casey

"Okay, Casey has some serious guns. Is that creepy? Yes. Is that illegal? Sadly, no." - Devon

"Is that...?" - Sarah
"Yeah, the tooth." - Chuck
"Is it yours?" - Casey
"What? No, that's crazy. It's Dr. Kwambe's tooth." - Chuck

"The truth is in the tooth." - Chuck

"That's a giant needle. Bad. Bad. Colored liquid, even worse." - Chuck

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  1. ...but it seemed like kind of a wasted role for Lloyd, who's usually best known for being over the top and kind of crazy himself.
    Exactly how I felt. :D

  2. Right?! I was pretty disappointed.