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...Set: Supernatural 5x21 "Two Minutes to Midnight"

After last week's kinda-sorta-maybe-a-lot disappointing outing that involved a lot of talking, talking, and more talking, this week things amped back up. And we got quite a long recap to fill us in, you know, in case we hadn't been paying attention. I can't wait to see next week's recap, the always good "Carry On, Wayward Son" belting in the background. Should be awesome! But I'm getting way, way ahead. Anticipate, much?

Tonight's events started in Davenport, Iowa, where a kindly elderly lady was greeting her returning doctor, who we come to know rather quickly as that dastardly yucky Horseman by the name of Pestilence (played by Matt Frewer, of Max Headroom fame.... and also of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids fame, if you grew up in my era). He gives her a whole host of diseases, one of which I remember to be Dengue Fever, and something Japanese, and the chicken pox, plus a couple other things. She proceeded to die after spitting out a bright green splooge into his face. GROSS. But for some reason, the fact that it was bright green made it less gross than if it was, say, mucus green. Am I right?

Recap/review of Supernatural 5x21 "Two Minutes to Midnight" by freshfromthe.comBack up a day to the brothers Winchester hanging out at Bobby's place, arguing about the whole sacrificing Sam to get the devil into the cage plan. While there, they get a call from Castiel, who has mysteriously materialized in a hospital, only to find himself completely stripped of his angel-ness! He can't just zap over there now, he's gonna have to take a plane, and get money, and food, and painkillers. Welcome to the human world, buddy. It's not always fun.

In any event, the boys head over to Davenport to find Pestilence. They finally catch up with him, only to be slowed down by a whole host of other diseases Pesty decides to foist on them. Things aren't looking so good for the boys, but then Cas shows up just in time! Only he starts to get diseased too, luckily he is able to cut off Pesty's ring before fully succumbing. And that's all we see of Pestilence? SHEESH. Could we not have had a bit more of him and less of a random demon last week? Bizarre choice. Before he blips out of there, Pesty tells them it's too late. They figure he must have set up some kind of disease bomb somewhere earlier.

The boys head back to Bobby's, and Crowley shows up. He knows where Death is, because as was hinted at last week, Bobby gave him his soul on loan to do so. There's also that pesky Ziveus Pharmaceuticals vaccine for the swine flu about to be distributed all over the place, which is really the Croatoan virus in disguise. The boys decide they've got to split up to take care of business, so Dean and Crowley head for Chicago, where Death be brewing, and Sam, Castiel and Bobby head over to wherever Ziveus' distribution plant is. But not before Sam and Dean have a patented Brotherly Moment, and also not before Crowley GIVES BOBBY HIS LEGS BACK! That's right, Mr. Singer, Crowley decided to give you a break from some stupidity and give you your legs back without you asking. The idiocy of these guys, sometimes, I swear. Of course, it's probably got some kind of price down the line, but for now, Bobby is happy.

Sam, Bobby and Cas arrive at the plant just as one of the trucks is about to leave. They cause a ruckus, and that evil janitor from last week sets loose some of the virus inside the warehouse. That leaves Sam and Bobby to start shooting up the infected while saving the innocents. Sam is about to get choked to death (Sam's getting choked? I am shocked and amazed at this turn of events!), but Cas comes in just in time. That's twice in this episode alone. OH, and, before they did all that, Cas informed Sam that he actually agreed with his plan, but that there were a couple bits of information he needed to know first. One, he'd have to start really drinking in the demon blood to be strong enough to hold Lucifer, and two, Michael, as we suspected, has taken Adam as his vessel. So if Sam can't control Lucifer, there will still be a fight. Hopefully we get to see Adam/Michael next week!

Meanwhile, Crowley and Dean are in Chicago. They think they've tracked down Death, but he's not where he was supposed to be. So, they're about to head out, when Crowley figures out where Death really is - some apparently famous pizza place. Crowley doesn't stick around to see Dean go have a chat with Death (Julian Richings). It's rare to see Dean genuinely as afraid as he was in the presence of Death, but oh was he seriously spooked, particularly once Death took his only weapon - Death's very own scythe. Yeah, Crowley gave that to him earlier, which was kind of pointless because Death just took it back before it was ever used on any of the things they said it could be used on - demons, angels, reapers, Death him/itself.

Basically, their conversation boils down to this: Death is fed up with Lucifer keeping him chained to him, he wants to be free to do whatever the heck he wants (which probably includes killing GAHHG - that's God, for those who don't remember). As such, he's inclined to give Dean his ring, if Dean will promise him something. That something is to go through with Sam's plan to say yes, then jump into the cage. Dean agrees, Death gives him the ring, and proceeds to start giving him instructions as to what to do. How nice that he had instructions! It's not like all of this came at the last minute or anything!

The aftermath scene finds Dean and Bobby having one of their chats. Dean admits that he lied to Death about letting Sam go through with it, but I'm thinking it will probably happen. The preview for next week basically gave that much away. But I also saw a photo from the last episode, and all I will say is HMMMMM. If what that picture seems to indicate is actually happening, I will say a big fat I told you so to a couple people. And then have a cackle to myself all muahahaha style.

The only thing about all of this is that we know they are either going to survive or be brought back, simply by knowing of the existence of a season six on the horizon. Just because of that, the stakes aren't so big as they would be if this were the end. If this were the end, I think they'd have both gone out fighting. But now, who knows! What happens after an apocalypse?

Oh, and for those who haven't heard the full version of Jen Titus' "O Death" - Click!


"Eunice Kennedy?" - Sam
"That's the beauty about improv, Sammy, you never know what's gonna come out of your mouth." - Dean

"I don't understand your definition of good news." - Castiel

"Did you kiss him?" - Sam
"Sam." - Dean
"Just wondering." - Sam
"NO!" - Bobby
Crowley shows the proof.
"Why'd you take a picture?" - Bobby
"Why'd you have to use tongue?" - Crowley

"You kill demons. Gigantor over there has a temper issue about it." - Crowley

"Let me guess, we're about to have a talk." - Dean

"You two are lucky you have your looks." - Crowley

"All right, well, good luck stopping the whole zombie apocalypse." - Dean
"Yeah, good luck killing Death." - Sam

"Bobby, you just gonna sit there?" - Crowley
"No, I'm gonna Riverdance." - Bobby

"This is getting maudlin, can we go?" - Crowley

"Balls!" - Bobby

"Hey, let's stop for pizza." - Crowley
"What are you, kidding?" - Dean
"I just heard it was good, that's all." - Crowley

"Actually, these things can be useful." - Castiel, about shotguns

"But what about Chicago?" - Dean
"I suppose it can stay, I like the pizza." - Death

"How'd the Rockette's audition go?" - Dean
"High kick's fair, boobs need work." - Bobby

"What exactly are you afraid of - losing, or losing your brother?" - Bobby (I think we all know the answer to that!)

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