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...Set: Glee 1x21 "Funk"

Holy quote city, Batman! I have way too many quotes from this episode, it's out of hand. Sue is just so inherently quotable, though, and when she has a featured story, forget about it. Overall, another enjoyable episode, but you have to admit that Glee can really go a little all over the place. From Will fake seducing Sue to get back at her, to an attempt at a deep message with Quinn and Mercedes that didn't feel that sincere. Just me? Anyway, on to our plots...

Willvester 4ever
Will has had enough of Sue's antics and gets the idea that to really take her down a peg, he's got to go after her heart. And therewith begins an equal parts hilarious and disturbing sequence of seductions, including his solo rendition of Tell Me Something Good, complete with, dare I say it, butt thrusts in Sue's face and... whoa. That's a little much. She feigns indifference, but in her diary entry she admits she "felt something below the neck" and eventually agrees to go on a date with Will. He stands her up, and she goes into a mini-tailspin, saying she's not going to compete at the Cheerleading Nationals, which sends her Cheerios into hysterics. Will decides that his pride is not worth their suffering and goes to get Sue back in the game. He succeeds, and they win Nationals for the sixth time in a row. Sue, in an act of seeming revenge, displays the huge trophy in the choir room, to be a constant reminder to Will that he's failed. Except he was the one who told her to go back, so I'm not so sure it would be such a negative. This was all after Sue faked an ultimatum that would've required them to kiss! AAH.

Recap/review of Glee 1x21 "Funk" by freshfromthe.com
Attack of Vocal Adrenaline
Jesse re-joins Vocal Adrenaline and stages a number in our glee's gym to psyche them out (they perform Another One Bites the Dust), and send them into a funk. To get them back, Puck and Finn slash all of their Range Rover tires. Rather than getting them expelled, Shelby says they'd be willing to let them pay for the damage. Later, though, Vocal Adrenaline attacks again, this time centering specifically on Rachel by having Jesse call her out to the parking lot then egging her. Literal eggs, people. The gleeks want to retaliate, but decide the best way to get back at them is to funk them out. So they perform a group funk number - Give Up the Funk - and it appears to have its intended effect.

Puck and Finn at Losers' N Things
In order to get the money to pay for the slashed tires, Puck and Finn have to get jobs. They end up at Linen's N Things, under the management of Terri, who had earlier in the episode finalized her divorce from Will. During one of their working days, Puck has a daydream of him and Finn doing a rendition of Beck's Loser (gets my vote for best song of the night!). Later, Terri starts to see a lot of Will in Finn and decides she's going to try to make herself better by helping him out, or some sort of twisted logic. Yikes.

Funky Town
Will's assignment for the week centers on funk, of course, to subvert the notion that they can go into a depressed funk thanks to Vocal Adrenaline. Anyway, Mercedes says she has it under control, but Quinn gets annoyed that she wouldn't be asked to come up with something. So she ends up coming up with this, shall I say, disturbing number with other dancing pregnant teenage girls - It's a Man's Man's World. I kind of agree with Artie, who said it was offensive. Definitely bordered on that, though in the end the group seemed to feel for her, and Mercedes, who had initially been against her attempting any sort of funk, relates with her and tells her she can move out of Puck's into her place. Okay, random!
For the other funk number, Puck, Finn and Mercedes perform Good Vibrations, though Schue points out that it's not technically a funk number, but rather a rap one. Whoops!

Next week is the season finale, which means Regionals! What have been your favorite episodes of the season? What are you going to do to sate your glee withdrawals over the hiatus?


"They call it a funkification. Meaning, they show us what they've got, and we spiral into a deep, black, funk." - Artie

"You know what it has to look like? Elvis'  gold record room at Graceland. Except I'll be wanting far fewer morbidly obese white women waddling around and crying." - Sue

"You know, for me, trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of 'em, but they just keep coming. You know why? Sue Sylvester has hourly flare-ups of burning, itchy, highly contagious talent." - Sue

"Thinking "trust me" was a sensible birth control option." - Quinn, regarding regrets

"Everyone knows this is gonna come down to me. Revenge, fear, the merciless affliction of pain. These are my kingdoms. The first time I gave a wedgie to a kid, I was four years old." - Puck, voiceover

"That's what they said about a young man in Chicago in 1871 who thought he'd play a harmless prank on the dairy cow of one Mrs. O'Leary. He successfully ignited its flatulence and the city burned, William! That young terrorist went on to become the first gay president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln." - Sue

"I'm so depressed I've worn the same outfit twice this week." - Kurt

"I want him to be eaten by a lion." - Rachel, regarding Jesse

"Was I too dirty?" - Will
"I didn't notice, I was bored." - Sue

"I thought Jews were supposed to be smart." - Terri, regarding Puck

"Oh you know what Wednesday is, right? Hump day." - Will, seducing Sue

"Though I completely loathe you, you'd make a great trophy husband. And as you can see by my decor, I love me some trophies." - Sue

"And now I just keep having nightmares of all of the mothers of the little baby chicks coming after me for revenge." - Rachel

"Mr. Schue, Rachel is one of us. We're the only ones who get to humiliate her." - Kurt

"They did a funk number. We've never been able to pull off a funk number." - Jesse
"That's because we're soulless automatons." - Mean VA girl
"I'm so depressed." - Jesse

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