Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x05 "Music Faced"

My favorite part of tonight's episode was when Baze and his boss lady, Emma, were chatting about ideal mates and she was guessing his and said something like, "looks like that chick from Roswell." HA. I love in jokes like that.

Anyway, tonight also featured the "big" crossover "event" with one of the The CW's other resident soap opera melodramas, One Tree Hill, in the form of Kate Voegle and Bethany Joy Galeotti guest starring as their OTH characters Mia and Haley. Haley and Cate got to commiserate over high school pregnancies and valedictorian-ness (another valedictorian in the house here, what what) but on the whole they were just used for some musical performances, along with Ben Lee, Sarah McLachlan and Rain Perry, who is the woman behind the Life Unexpected theme song "Beautiful Tree." But on to the stories!

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x05 'Music Faced' by freshfromthe.comCate & Ryan - Cate is still taking birth control pills even though she told Ryan they were trying for a baby. Apparently Ryan let slip to Cate's mom that this was happening, so she shows up at their place with an inappropriate baby-making basket. Cate confesses to her that she doesn't want to have a baby, and Ryan also finds this out later when he spots her pills in her purse (crack job at hiding those, Cate!). Cate has a tiff with her mom about their relationship and how it has affected her relationship with Lux and any future child. Yada yada, they get over it in the end. Cate figures out that she didn't want to have a baby because she felt guilty about leaving Lux when she was a baby. It's not clear whether they will be trying in the future or not, but Ryan basically told her she has to start being honest in their relationship if it's going to work. As if that's news!

Lux - Lux finds out about the baby thing, but is far more ensconced in her romantic drama to pay a whole lot of attention. Because, despite his many ways of telling her he can't date her, she is still trying to get Eric/Mr. Daniels to hook up in one way or another, this time by inviting him to the concert thing. He, of course, has already been invited by Paige, which is a surprise to no one except for the people on the show, who don't realize that they only seem to know people within their own small circle. She gets huffy about it while at the concert, and therefore pays no attention to Jones, who Tosh invited to go along with them because she thought Lux liked him. But, it turns out that Jones is tired of waiting for Lux, and makes a move on Tosh instead. Lux, for some reason, gets all pissy about that, wanting to have things both ways, and the two ladies get into a fight. I'm sure they'll get over it soon enough.

Baze - Baze is the most shaken by the news that Cate and Ryan are trying for a baby. In an attempt to move on, he tries to invite a random office worker to the concert, but ends up having to take his boss Emma instead, who wants to try to sign Haley for something or other. What the heck does their company do, exactly? Whatever. That was basically all just a set up by the writers so that she and Baze would get stuck alone together when the supposed backstage passes Cate was supposed to set up for Baze did not come through. They ended up bonding, and it's quite clear that there is going to be something romantical developing between these two in the coming weeks. My guess is sooner rather than later with the way this show works. In the end, Baze tells Cate that by seeing her move on, he was forced to move on himself. Right-o, cheerio! Except that Cate clearly does not want him to be moving on at all, no matter how much she says it. Mother and daughter have that in common - they like to have it both ways. Well, ladies, it just doesn't work like that.

And the next episode preview? Oh my gag. A coincidental next door hotel stay? Really? How many coincidences can this show run on?

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