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...Set: Supernatural 6x08 "All Dogs Go To Heaven"

In all my time watching this show, and in my recent time spent recapping, I don't think I have ever seen/written down so many snarky lines from Sam, which should be reason enough for us all to agree he's not really Sam off the top. And never in this season so far has he seemed quite so alien as in this episode. Sure, he seemed kind of robotic and a little off, but whoa. Whoa. I think it was the taunting of the dude that really got to me. That was just so mean. Sammy would have felt sorry for the guy, not made fun of him. Man oh man, when he gets his soul back? He is going to have a lot of stuff to feel guilty about, I think.

Anyway, hello digression. Let's get into the recap at large, shall we? At the top of the hour, Crowley shows up to give the boys a new mission: they've got to capture some hot shot alpha in order for Crowley to give Sam his soul back. Dean tries to mouth off at him, but Crowley demonstrates some of his power, and points them in the direction of a possible werewolf alpha, which they are then forced to investigate.

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Yeah Dean, we all agree this episode is stupid.
A couple dudes have ended up dead with their hearts missing, so it does seem like your typical werewolf MO. Sam, while Dean sleeps like a normal person, figures out a connection between the victims: some schmo named Cal. They call upon dear asshole Cal and follow him around a bit to try to figure out if he's the wolf in town, but then he turns up dead too. Figuring that the only connection left is Cal's embattled girlfriend, Sam wants to take her right away, but Dean talks him out of it, wanting to be sure. Good thing, too, because as an audience we have all been made privy to the fact that the one perpetrating all of these killings is actually this lady's dog, Lucky.

Lucky, it turns out, is not really a dog at all, but rather a skinwalker, which Sam soon finds out when he trails him and sees him transform. Skinwalkers are basically cousins to werewolves, in that they can do the human to dog thing, and a bite is what turns them, but they are different in that they can change whenever and are not affected by the full moon.

Sam and Dean manage to capture Lucky, who I'm not sure was ever given a human name, and he spills the beans on what's been going on. He was turned, along with about 30 other people, some time ago, and they were all sent to live with families. When they got the word, they were to then turn their families, therefore creating more of an army for whatever something or other is apparently coming, since all monsters seem to be setting up armies of some sort. But Lucky fell in love with his family, and killed those other people to protect them. They get him to agree to show them where he meets his superior.

Everything seems to be going according to plan, but then Dean can't get a clear shot on the ringleader dude, and before you know it, the pack has brought out the gal pal and her little son to make Lucky turn them right then and there since he was going so off book. Sam and Dean intervene, and some fighting ensues, during which they kill all of the skinwalkers apart from Lucky, who also worked to defend the gal pal and her little lad. I'm sorry, I never caught their names. I'm sure they had them.

In the end, Lucky tries to talk to her and apologize for what he did while also thanking her for letting him be part of the family, but she just rebuffs him and sends him on his way. I mean, was I the only one who felt sorry for that guy? Poor guy.

Meanwhile, Sam comes clean to Dean that he isn't really the same Sam, though at the top of the hour he had claimed he was. But, he confesses, he just doesn't care about anything, and in a way it's been easier, made him a better hunter, because he doesn't have to bring it home with him at the end of the day. However, he says that he thinks that he should go back to the old Sam. And I think we can all agree that we'd like the old Sam back, right? This RoboSam is just creepy!

Random thoughts:

- It's interesting how in the previously thing they mention how Sam's soul is down in the box with Lucifer and Michael.... What about Adam? Was his soul taken down there too? Michael was possessing his body, but does that mean his soul went as well? I hope there is some resolution to that at some point, but who knows if there ever will be.

- How long do we think it's going to be before Sam and soul are reunited? Before the winter hiatus? I hope it doesn't take all season. I don't think it will, but I don't think I could handle this emotionless automaton Sam for that long, no matter how many snarky lines Jared can deliver so well. Also, I shudder to think what's being done to Sam's soul down in hell. Man oh man.

- I totally had a random Supernatural dream last night featuring the season one versions of Sam (emo bangs!) and Dean. Oh shush. I can't help my dreams. The case to be worked on had to do with some kind of killer vines, as in plants. Yeah. I don't know. Dreams are weird and wonderful things.


"But Dean, I am still me. Same melon. Same memories. I still like the same music. I still think about Susie Eiser." - Sam
"Biology class Susie Eiser?" - Dean
"Can you blame me?" - Sam

"We're specialists. They call us in to answer questions of mouth breathing dick monkeys." - Sam

"Masterful deduction, Sherlock." - Sam

"Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria." - Sam

"What? Soul or not, that's funny." - Sam

"Fetch this, dick." - "Lucky"

"I don't know what you are, 'cause you're not Sam. I mean, it's your gigantor body, and maybe your brain, but it's not you." - Dean

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  1. Liked the snark, but I, too, was thinking so... just how long are we going to have to wait for the soul? And I also sort of twitched at the opening when they mentioned Michael. Seriously? Are we never going to worry about Adam? I'm honestly surprised at Dean on that one-- is this a conscious decision or an oversight on the part of the writers? Like you said, I don't know if that poor character will ever get closure and none of the other characters seem to mind. I mean, Campbell is his Grandfather too, right?

    This one was so-so for me. I'm ready for some movement on the main arc, the soul. They could do it early since then he can spend the rest of the season like you said, dealing with the guilt he doesn't feel now, not to mention whatever is happening to his soul in hell.

  2. I really hope they bring up Adam at some point, the poor guy did not deserve what happened to him. And actually no, Adam's not a Campbell. Campbell is Mary's dad, and Adam was John's son, so Adam is just a Winchester.

    I seriously hope that they don't make the soul thing a whole season arc. My feeling is it will be about the midpoint. I hope!

  3. oh right! I forgot he was a Winchester not a Campbell. Duh, me.

    If they don't answer the Adam question, it will be very sloppy. I think they will, but it's out of character for Dean not to be at least a little concerned about his brother from another mother. ;)

    I'm hoping sooner than midpoint. Like in the next week or two. I'm probably headed for disappointment...