Monday, November 15, 2010

...Set: Chuck 4x08 "...vs. the Fear of Death"

After the events of the previous episode, Chuck has been left Intersect-less. But never fear, it's not gone, it's just suppressed! General Beckman brings in some of the top dudes to try to figure out what is blocking the intersect in Chuck's head, but after a whole month of getting nowhere, they decide to bring in someone else to try to get the job done. Someone a little unorthodox. That someone is Agent Rye, who decides that the way to get the intersect to work is not by slapping electrodes on Chuck's head and showing him pictures of kitties, but rather triggering responses physically. More specifically, by putting fear in him.

As general methods of fear don't seem to work because Chuck always expects Sarah or Casey to save him, Rye suggests he and Chuck go on a mission together, just the two of them, despite Sarah's protestations. This leads them to Switzerland and some fake huge diamonds that contain special microdots/chips/something of information embedded in them. Chuck and Rye get themselves into a couple hairy situations, but even as Chuck is faced with possible death by freezing, he still can't fully flash.
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Back in Burbank, the rest of the crew have discovered that the information contained in the diamonds are about various agents, so they really need to get the rest of the diamonds that, for some reason, Chuck and Rye apparently left in the vault? The Belgian dude who was trying to move the diamonds, however, has figured out that someone is on to them, and is getting ready to leave. The only way to stop him is to intercept on a gondola, where Chuck will be forced to flash in the face of imminent possible death. He's ready to give it a go, but Sarah is not so sure about it, which plays right into what Rye has figured out - Sarah is the one who is somehow blocking Chuck from unleashing his inner intersect. So, despite Sarah being on her way as backup, Rye and Chuck decide to take on the Belgian and his goonies on their own.

But, things don't go so well. Because, it turns out, the Belgian knows that Chuck has the intersect, and all of this was some kind of ruse to get him rather than anything really to do with the diamonds. There is much fighting on the gondola until Chuck ends up dangling out the side, hanging on for dear life. Rye refuses to pull him up, sure the intersect will kick in, but then he ends up getting shot by the Belgian, and falls to his death in the Swiss mountains below. The Alps? Sure.

The Belgian captures Chuck, who still has not managed to flash. I honestly did not expect them to leave it a cliffhanger like they did, but hey! They did! Beckman tells Sarah to lay off while they do their thing searching for Chuck, but we all know that's not going to happen. And so do Casey and Morgan, who join her in the end to go looking for him.

Meanwhile, we had a little comic side story involving Lester and Jeff, and the new Greta (this week played by Summer Glau). They are determined to figure out what her deal is, as she seems to disappear into thin air. She would like to take care of the situation (aka take them out) before they figure out what's really going on. In the end, Casey intervenes right before she probably would kill them, which was something to do with his side story about feeling useless while the intersect was out of commission. It really didn't have a lot to do with the main storyline, but it was amusing nonetheless.

Next week it looks like we get to see a whole lot o' the ass whooping by Sarah as she searches the globe for her man.


"My life would be a never-ending Cialis commercial if I had her." - Jeff

"I wake up every morning with my trigger finger twitching. It's itchy. Literally, it itches." - Casey

"Listen to me, that new Greta just disappeared into thin air!" - Lester
"I've seen her do that before. I thought that it was just in my head." - Jeff
"No." - Lester
"She also has a tail." - Jeff

"...better known as The Belgian." - Rye
"Well, I bet I know how he likes his waffles." - Chuck
"Belgian! Yes! Yes! I love your humor, so disarming." - Rye

"What kind of a spy am I? I can't even be scared properly." - Chuck

"We won't be stopped, and we can't be stopped and we won't be stopped!" - Lester

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  1. >And so do Chuck and Morgan, who join her in the end to go looking for him.<

    Think you meant 'Casey' there!

    1. Cable car. AHA!!; it's the only way in and out. I spy a 'Where Eagle's Dare' plot coming on....



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    Does this mean Chuck = Richard Burton, lol?

  2. Whoops, you're right. Just fixed it to say Casey!