Friday, November 12, 2010

Life Unexpected 2x08 "Plumber Cracked"

Pretty much I've just decided to watch and write these whenever I feel like it, since I don't think many people actually read the recaps of this show anymore. Because, let's face it, it's not getting renewed. After the 13 episodes are up in a few weeks, I think it will be time to say goodbye to what could have been a promising little family dramedy, but ended up being too much soap opera with characters making constantly ridiculous decisions.
Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x08 'Plumber Cracked' by freshfromthe.comTake this episode, for example. Even though they both know it is stupid and wrong, Lux and Eric (aka Mr. Daniels) have decided to try dating each other. Even though he's her teacher and she's only sixteen. And, as a friend of mine pointed out, they look as though they could be brother and sister. Once she pointed that out, I cannot get it out of my head when I see them. They totally do! Eugh. As if it wasn't bad enough already. ANYWAY. These two have started taking advantage of poor Tosh, who is the only person who knows about their scandalous affair, and are frequently spending time at her new apartment that Cate helped her get. When they lament that they can't do anything out in public together for fear of being caught (you know it's always a good relationship choice when you can't be seen together), Eric decides to whisk Lux away to Astoria (which apparently now requires you to take a ferry? Since when? Astoria is not an island. And if people were really just going to go hang at the beach for the day, they'd go to Seaside. OREGONIAN ALERT.)

Okay, tangent aside, they go to magical mystery non-existent island Astoria, wherein they learn that Eric has mysteriously lost his wallet along the way! How often does that happen, anyway? Lux decides they should crash a wedding so they can eat, and they get so caught up in the wedding stuff that they end up missing the last ferry back. I'm sorry, I just can't get over this stupid not real ferry thing! Ridic! They end up having to stay the night there, using the credit card that Cate just gave Tosh for emergencies, figuring Cate would never find out since Eric would transfer the balance to his card in the morning. Of course that doesn't work, because Cate gets a call from the bank about the suspicious charge. Lux begs Tosh to cover for her, which she does, only putting Tosh's relationship with Cate on uncertain footing. And then Lux and Eric just keep hanging out at Tosh's anyway, like it's all grand! WTF. Appreciate your friend and don't take such advantage, stupid Lux. You and Mr. Daniels, who should know better, infuriate me to no end. U to the GH. That means UGH.

In the world of the adults, the supposed adults, relationships are becoming more flimsy by the second. Cate and Ryan head to counseling to work out their honesty issues, and are told to begin a truth-only policy with one another until their next session. Cate wants to use this honesty thing as a way to find out more about Julia, Ryan's ex, but he decides he's just going to avoid the whole thing and instead have a guy's night out with Baze, Math and Jamie, who's back. But Cate, meanwhile, has decided she's going to try to get the information on Julia out of Paige, and takes her out to a bar to get her drunk. Cate ends up being the one who gets totally wasted and starts dancing on the bar, so Paige calls up Ryan to come get her. This leads to a big fight, naturally, wherein Ryan admits to Cate that he and Julia were together for 3 years, he proposed, and she said no. And, he's not over her. They leave separately, and their counselor suggests they take some time apart. Ryan heads over to Baze's to stay. How many more people can possibly stay at Baze's place, anyway?

Baze is having his own relationship issues. Everything seems to start out great, making out in his car with Emma (but also, another relationship that requires the two to sneak around. So much sneaking around going on). But then, Emma gets a mysterious call and hoofs it out of there. Baze tries to get in touch with her later, but some guy answers her phone. He assumes she must be seeing someone else, and goes into a bit of a depressed spiral with the guys. He drinks himself to the point where he decides he has to know what's going on with Emma and goes over there, professing his love at high volume on her doorstep, which leads some teenager to open the door and wonder what the hell. Turns out, Emma has a teenaged son named Sam who has been a bit of a troublemaker, and who hasn't lived with her for some time. She and Baze end up making up and things are actually looking sort of serious for these two. I actually like the two of them together. She's much less annoying than Cate, certainly!

And... yeah. I don't even remember what the preview was for the next episode. Umm. Nope, not coming to me. Oh well.

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