Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life Unexpected 2x12 "Teacher Schooled" 2x13 "Affair Remembered"

I must say, after the many lows of this second, and final, season of this little show, they managed to turn things around in these last two episodes and send it out on a high note. That's right, friends. For those who don't know, the show is not coming back. These last two episodes were the series finale. And though there was certainly more story that could've been told, I found myself quite satisfied by the ending, thanks to the little coda at the end. The coda where they tried to fake us out, mind you. Were you as satisfied as me?

But, per usual, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's first take a look at the first hour - Teacher Schooled - or as we may like to call it - Secrets Exposed. Because there was a whole lot of drama a goin' on revolving around the two big secrets broiling - that of Lux and Eric and the newly discovered secret that Emma had an affair with Baze's dad. Just how did these secrets get exposed? Well!

Recap/review of Life Unexpected series finale by freshfromthe.comBaze was all happy happy joy joy about his relationship with Emma going so well that he revealed that he was thinking of selling the bar and using the money to buy a house that she would eventually move into with him. Lux told her she needed to put the kibosh on the deal because the truth has a way of coming out eventually (maybe take your own advice there, Luxy). Emma tried to make it seem like it wouldn't work because of her son, Sam, but Baze just rose to that occasion and decided he'd win Sam over. Which he did in rather goopy but ultimately heartfelt fashion by showing him that he'd have a place in this new house too.

Of course, it was not meant to be, because meanwhile, Lux was trying to set up a secret rendezvous with Eric at Tosh's place. He'd been blowing her off for a while, and she was upset about it and blah de blah. The night they were supposed to meet, though, Eric decided he couldn't go through with it, and instead went to tell Math what had been going on. Meanwhile, Cate and Baze are freaking out because they don't know where Lux is, so Sam has to spill the beans that he knows where she is and what's been going on.

Thus, all hell breaks loose. Lots of yelling ensues, and Baze tries to physically get into it with Eric. Lux takes the opportunity to tell Baze he doesn't know anything about relationships and tells him about Emma and his dad. Uh oh. And when he confronts Emma about it, she reveals that it went on for four years. FOUR YEARS! Holy moly. Dunzo for them.

Also dunzo? Lux and Eric. I did feel bad for him a little, because he really does seem like a nice guy, but he should've stopped the whole thing long ago. Lucky for him, Cate and Baze decide to just tell him to get out of town and never talk to Lux again rather than get the police involved. Of course, Lux is still pissed, as is her way. And that was basically that episode in a swift little nutshell.

Moving on to the grande finale! Cate and Ryan seem to be working things out pretty well. Kelly, Ryan's radio co-host, has been fired, and they want to give Ryan his own show for Cate to produce. On top of that, they are headed to a doctor's appointment to see the development of their gestating fetus. Except that's when things start to go down the tubes. Because the doctor can't find the baby on the monitor. Cate's lost the baby, and on top of that, she finds out that she won't be able to have another one.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected series finale by freshfromthe.comBut even with all of that going on, she's still dealing with Lux issues, because Lux is still mad about the Eric thing, and also accuses Cate of never actually listening to her and thinking she's lying all the time (HELLO, you WERE lying all the time!). They work it all out in the end, of course. That's what they do on these shows.

Meanwhile, Baze is real pissed at his dad for the whole Emma thing, but has to hide it at a big birthday soiree his mom is throwing for him. He almost spills the beans in front of the whole group, but upon seeing his mom's blissful ignorance, decides against it. Emma tries to talk to him and work things out, but it's too late for these two.

Lux is still dealing with the departure of Eric, and how she's not normal (her whining about it? very normal). She and Jones end up having a heart to heart, where he reveals to her that his mom is bipolar, and that no one is actually normal, and thinking you're not normal is actually the most normal thing of all. How many more times can I say normal in there? Probably not as many times as they said it in the episode!

Even with all of that going on, everything looks like it would be okay for everyone eventually, except that Cate sees Ryan's ex Julia at the doctor's, and she is certainly pregnant. Bum bum bum!

And with that, the episode jumped ahead two years to when Lux is graduating from high school. She gives a rather long-winded and teary speech, and we are left to wonder who has ended up with who out in the audience since everyone is seated all next to each other and it's all rather mysterious. Luckily, after the speech is over, people take to kissing each other and we find out that Ryan and Julia got back together and had a son. Math ended up with ummm... was her name Alice? Lux and Jones eventually got together. And Cate and Baze! Yes, I was rooting for them from the start. A shame we could not see their rekindled romance develop, but hey, it had to happen eventually.

Of course, I knew it was coming, but we also had Lux call Cate and Baze "Mom and Dad" there at the end, so you know things are all hunky dory for the little family. D'ahhh.

Well, that's about it, folks. Will you miss the show? At least it got a decent ending that didn't have some giant cliffhanger, right? I absolutely hate it when that happens (I'm looking at you, Farscape, no matter if you eventually had a TV movie to finish the story or not!).

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  1. Since I refused to watch this drivel anymore I was counting on you to let me know how it ended!!

    I did catch a tiny bit of the finale (Cate losing the baby and Baze giving the speech at his dad's party) but that's all.

    I'm glad Ryan and Cate didn't end up together, I thought they were a horrible couple and shouldn't have tried as hard as they did to stay together. Hopefully Baze will mellow Cate out a bit!

  2. Ha, glad I could be of service!

    I swear, all Ryan and Cate ever did was fight! I would've liked to see the Cate and Baze relationship develop, but oh well!