Monday, February 7, 2011

Chuck 4x14 "...vs. the Seduction Impossible"

If anyone was actually doubting whether Sarah said yes to Chuck's proposal in the final scene of last week's episode, you can rest easy. Though I also question your sanity, because duh. Of course, now that everyone knows about the engagement, they all are throwing in their two cents about everything - dates, colors, etc. - so much so to freak Sarah the heck out. She tells Chuck she wants to elope rather than have the big fancy to do. And it takes him the whole freakin' episode to figure out that it's not because of his family, but because of her family, that she doesn't want a big wedding. Hello!

Recap/review of Chuck 4x14 'Chuck versus the Seduction Impossible' by freshfromthe.comLove wasn't just in the air for Chuck and Sarah, though. John Larroquette was back as Roan Montgomery, the suave spy with the seduction school, and he apparently had a secret romantic history with one General Beckman that has been going on for quite a long time. And round about twenty years ago, they promised to each other that if they were still alive in two decades, they'd settle down together. But instead, he ends up in a spot of trouble over in Morocco, and Beckman sends in the team to get him out. It's all some nonsense about a mint to make counterfeit for the new $100 bill, a mission Roan was never authorized to go on in the first place, because he was afraid to confront Beckman. In the end, the pair decide that neither of them are the settling down type, though they will still enjoy their dalliances.

In yet more relationship news, Morgan is set to meet Alex's mom for the first time, and he wants Casey to tell her mom, Kathleen, that he's actually alive. Casey says he'll think about it, but then Morgan finds out that Alex doesn't actually want her mom to know after all, because she's finally got a life of her own. Casey looks like he's going to tell her anyway, but then he sees her happy with someone else, and decides against it.

And in the tiniest of subplots, Mama B was doing her best to be a great grandma to new baby Clara. But Ellie could see that she was missing the spy life, and gave her the go ahead to get back to it. And apparently Ellie still doesn't know that Chuck has been spying again? That's what she seemed to say, but I honestly don't remember one way or the other what the deal is there.

Oh, and there was fighting and guns and Casey almost cut off his arm when he got trapped in a wall. You know, the norm.

My two favorite moments of the episode: Sarah's attempted, and nearly successful, seduction of Chuck, mostly because he was going to try to do the same thing to her. And the other, of course, was when General Beckman fired that rocket launcher at Fatima when she was threatening Roan. Ah, badass Beckman.


"I'm actually sweating. The last time I sweat, there was gunfire involved." - Sarah

"Chuck, if you get us caught because you sneeze, we are officially the worst spies ever." - Sarah
"I know, bad three Stooges, I get it, and I won't, but man it is dusty." - Chuck

"Well maybe we should change, then!" - Chuck
"Fine. Fine!" - Sarah
"I'm not saying I want to change... I want you to stay in... always, always... whatever you're wearing right now..." - Chuck

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