Monday, February 14, 2011

Chuck 4x15 "...vs. the CAT Squad"

With their engagement party looming ever so close on the horizon, Chuck wants to make sure that Sarah has some of her own friends there, and not just his. To do that, he gets in contact with the CAT Squad (Clandestine Attack Team) that Sarah used to run with - Catrina, Zondra and Amy. Catrina we've met before, but Zondra and Amy are new additions, with new baggage. Sarah previously found a bug in Zondra's boot, and thought she was a mole ruining various missions tracking down The Gentle Hand (oh yes, you read that right). Zondra, of course, denies it all, and since she was the first person to be accused, you know it's not going to be her. Just saying.

The leader of The Gentle Hand in question is one Augusto Gaez. After someone tries to blow up Sarah's car, they figure out that Gaez was behind it, and must get the CAT Squad back together to try to capture him one more time, this time with Casey and Chuck along for the ride. Literally, they get to wait in the van. They manage to catch Gaez after a couple foul ups, but Chuck accidentally ruins the moment when Gaez was going to confess who the girl was that was actually his spy. Whoopsie. Also, they appear to jet down to Rio lickety split, as all travel seems to take place in mere minutes on television.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x15 'Chuck versus the CAT Squad'Back in Castle, it soon becomes clear just which of the cats is the real mole. That would be Amy, the ever so perky one. She drugs Casey and knocks out the other cats while freeing Gaez. They don't make it out of the Buy More, however, because Chuck happens to be there. They capture them, all is well. Goody goody.

In the more emotional storylines, Sarah was getting annoyed with Chuck about him always trying to fix everything by bringing in the girls and such. Eventually she figures out that it was a good thing, though, after she is able to reconnect with Zondra and Catrina since the truth is finally out about Amy. They agree to be bridesmaids at the wedding, with Ellie filling in the spot of Maid of Honor.

Morgan was also having issues with his relationship with Alex this week with Catrina back in town. Catrina was doing everything in her power to be seductive and get in between the two of them, and for a while there it was working. In the end, though, Morgan is able to convince Alex that he only has eyes for her, when he admits to being in love with her. Aww.

And in a blink and you'll miss it moment, Casey opened up a little to Chuck about almost going to see his former love, and Alex's mom, Kathleen. It looks like perhaps that won't be so cut and dry as it appeared last week?


"What's going on, is it close encounters? Is this really happening?" - Morgan

"John, she desires my physical person." - Morgan
"And I'm hunting unicorns." - Casey

"Going somewhere, pussy?" - Sarah

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