Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glee 2x13 "Comeback"

As the title of this week's episode so helpfully tells us, comebacks were the name of the game tonight. Whether it was Sue trying to get her mojo back, Sam trying to win Quinn over, or Rachel trying to be a trendsetter. Incomplete sentence! Hurrah!

Sam, after feeling threatened by Finn, decides he's going to win Quinn back over by going full Bieber. Though you wouldn't think such an idea would work, it ends up having exactly he effect he wants, sending all of the girls into a tizzy, and the other guys (minus Finn) in the group joining him for some more Bieber. While it does sway Quinn in Sam's direction, he is eventually forced to admit to himself, via a pep talk from the unlikely Santana, that he knows that Quinn kissed Finn. He breaks up with Quinn, and starts up with Santana. I just hope he never loses his inner dork, because that is my favorite thing about him. Also, Sam? How dare you make me start singing Justin Bieber songs. How dare you.

Meanwhile, Rachel is set on getting her groove back by setting herself up as a fashion trendsetter at the school. I really don't see her reasoning behind this, but whatever. She recruits Brittany to help her do just that, by wearing the stuff that Rachel already wears, thereby making it cool. It ends up backfiring in her face, though, when everyone gives the credit to Brittany. She also tries to convince the group that in order to win Regionals, they will have to perform a number they write themselves, but is shot down. Finn, however, tells her to do it anyway, and knock their socks off, because he thinks she really can do it.

Recap/review of Glee 2x13 'Comeback' by freshfromthe.comThe biggest comeback story tonight, though, was reserved for one Sue Sylvester. After being knocked off her pedestal, she feels she has nothing to live for. Somehow, Emma convinces both she and Will that she should join the glee club to regain her spirit. Of course, it was all just a ploy of hers to get behind enemy lines and destroy them from within. She first attempts to do this by stirring up diva-tension between Rachel and Mercedes, but that ends up backfiring on her. Will then tries to sway her into realizing she's doing pretty fine comparatively, by taking her to sing with some of the sick kids in the hospital cancer ward. It looks like it's done the trick when she does a full number with the glee kids, but it turns out she was just using them to see how the club really works. Why's that? Because she's somehow managed to make herself the new coach of Aural Intensity, the rival club. How that would ever actually happen in the real world is beyond me, but I guess that's Glee for you.

Elsewhere, Puck was still trying to win over Lauren. He gets one step closer by helping her overcome her fear of performing in front of people with the advice to picture them in their underwear. I'm sorry, do people actually do that? I mean, really? I don't want to see some people in their underwear, thanks.

This episode felt more like classic Glee, which is never a bad thing. Though they are really being weird with Finn's character lately. He's a nice guy, he's a douche... I don't know.


Baby - Sam
Somebody to Love - Sam & Artie
Take Me or Leave Me - Rachel & Mercedes
This Little Light of Mine - Will, Sue & kids
I Know What Boys Like - Lauren
Sing - whole club


"Will, you have more grease in your hair than the guy behind Wiki Leaks." - Sue

"Of course. My dad always said there are two ways to get a woman to love you: take her hunting, and rock and roll." - Sam

"I wore a tank top today because I thought it was summer. No one ever taught me how to read a calendar." - Brittany

"I agree with Spongehair Squarechin." - Sue

"Who can tell us what an anthem is?" - Will
"The bottom of an ant's pants." - Brittany

"And William, I don't care how adorable those kids are, if I hear one song from that classic rock outfit Journey, I will start pulling catheters." - Sue

"Here's how I see it. I know I'm the hottest bitch in this joint. If I was a country, my flag would be a big fist giving the rest of the world the finger." - Lauren

"I wants on them froggy lips, and I wants on 'em now." - Santana

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