Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glee 2x16 "Original Song"

Holy frijoles, people. That was a whole lotta singing going on tonight. If I was thinking seven songs was pushing the limit, I was clearly noodles, because tonight there were seven full length songs, plus four partial songs! One thing I will credit this episode for, however, was making me feel emotionally invested in some of these people again. I may or may not have gotten a wee tear in my eye when New Directions finally won Regionals. Because yes, they won. Obviously they would win, we're only at episode 16 of this season, and we knew from the top that their goal was to get to Nationals. And they have, so there.

What happened besides that in this episode? Seriously, not a whole lot. How could there be room for much story when so much singing was going on? Thus, I give you story bullet points:

- Kurt tells Blaine that the Warblers have become Blaine and the Pips, and after Kurt dose a heart-stirring rendition of Blackbird for the group (in honor of the passing of their bird Pavarotti), Blaine decides he and Kurt should do a duet at Regionals. Not only that, they should also be a real live duet. As in, dating. As in, kissing. As in, Kurt's wildest dreams come true. Even though they didn't win Regionals, they won each other. That is practically a direct quote, sapsters. But don't you just see Kurt eventually getting back with New Directions just in time for Nationals? I see it in my very own crystal ball.

Recap/review of Glee 2x16 "Original Song" by freshfromthe.com- Quinn decides that she has to lock down Finn for prom, and the only way to do that is to befriend the enemy - namely, Rachel. So, she backs up Rachel's idea to perform original songs at Regionals, and suggests the two of them write a song together. Rachel finally starts to pick up on the fact that there is something going on with the 'inns, and confronts Quinn about it. Quinn basically tells her to grow up, which inspires Rachel's solo song, which in turn, makes Finn see what he saw in Rachel in the first place. Plan, backfired.

- After some false starts with other song attempts, New Directions pulls it together to knock it out of the park at Regionals with their original song, Loser Like Me. They take all of the crap that has been thrown their way (most noticeably by Sue... dirt in lockers, letters asking names to be changed to Loser...), and turn it into something positive, and get the ultimate reward - victory. Also victorious? Rachel, who wins the newly minted MVP award.

That's all, folks. Seriously.

Misery - Blaine ft. Warblers
Only Child - Rachel
Blackbird - Kurt ft. Warblers
Trouty Mouth - Santana
Big Ass Heart - Puck
Hell to the No - Mercedes
Jesus is My Friend - Aural Intensity
Candles - Kurt & Blaine
Raise Your Glass - Warblers
Get It Right - Rachel
Loser Like Me - New Directions


"Consider this the opening salvo of World War Sue." - Sue

"All I know is, you blew me off, to be with Stubbles McCripplepants." - Santana

"I don't even remember putting that in there." - Brittany

"That Dalton Academy... is it a gay school, or is it just a school that appears gay?" - Sister Mary Constance

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