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Supernatural 6x19 "Mommy Dearest"

I feel like I have to apologize right off the bat. My brain was going a million miles an hour last night when I watched the episode, and now I feel like I was only half paying attention. I shouldn't be admitting that, right? I should just pretend I am all knowing and great! Oh well. I like honesty.
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In any event. "Mommy Dearest" featured a couple of things I was not expecting. First of all - Crowley isn't actually dead! What! What in the world! And on top of that - Eve now is! She sure didn't last long. The pace on the show has been picking up lately, with new twists and turns that I haven't seen coming, which is refreshing six seasons in. This episode itself, however, had kind of a weird pace, in my opinion. But then, I was really tired, so it could've just been me.

The episode started with Miss Mother Eve stirring up some drama in a bar in some unknown place (later revealed to be Grants Pass, Oregon. Oregon shout out!). That drama being touching some people and making them go crazy, feeding on each other and being generally violent. We're left to wonder what exactly she was doing until later, but here's a hint - she was making some new monsters.

Meanwhile, the boys and Bobby are trying to figure out how exactly to find Eve now that they've got the Phoenix ash, which, if you remember, is the one thing that can supposedly kill her. They figure the best way to be able to do this is with some angelic help, so they call upon our favorite angel buddy Castiel, only he doesn't really know where she is either. The second best way? Call upon a friendly monster to help. In this case, that turns out to be the vampire Lenore, who we met many moons ago in season two. She's reluctant to give them such information, but does anyway. Then asks to be killed, because it turns out that Eve has a sort of constant radio chatter going on in her babies' heads, forcing them to do evil. Sam and Dean don't want to kill her since she wants to be good, but Cas just steps in does his hand thingy on her head, burning her out of there. Well. Goodbye Lenore.

They head off to Oregon, but things appear to be perfectly fine once they get there. That is, until Cas tries to use some of his angel powers to take a quick peek around town to see if that's really the case. Because, it turns out, his angel juice is not so juiced. He's powerless. They've got to check out the town on foot, and end up finding some weird crap. Like eight versions of one guy all dead and gross. What in the world, you ask? It turns out, Eve had created some weird shapeshifters gone wrong. And not just shapeshifters, either. She had created some other part vampire, part wraith, part shifter, creatures, that Dean decided to stupidly dub Jefferson Starships (because they're terrible and hard to kill).

They end up having to battle some of these starships, and capture one to ask it where exactly Eve is hiding in town. While Bobby and Cas do the interrogating (with Cas really getting down and dirty, I might add), Dean and Sam discover a pair of brothers whose family had all been killed, and decide to drive them out to their uncle's place, much to Cas' chagrin, since he didn't want to waste time on a couple of kids when the bigger picture was at stake. It would turn out that he was right in this particular instance, but it was cute to see Dean see the two brothers and remember him and Sam at those ages.

Once they get back, they head out to the diner where Eve is supposed to be, and find it crawling with the starships, and Eve herself. And this is the talky portion of the episode, where Eve gets to ramble on a bit about her plight and her plans, even turning herself into the image of Mary Winchester to give the boys the creeps. She informs them that Crowley is not actually dead, and is instead wrestling up as many souls as he can. The boys are naturally flabbergasted by such news, as they were sure they had killed him earlier in the season. Eve's plan to thwart said soul-grabbing is to create a world full of monsters, so the souls will all go to purgatory when they're dead, and will therefore be hers. Apparently souls are powerhouses, as we've been slowly beginning to understand.

She presents the boys with a deal - that they work with her to thwart Crowley, and she won't kill them. Dean, naturally, is all hell to the no, thinking they've got some backup outside with Bobby and Cas, ready and waiting with their phoenix ash weapons (oh right, Eve had confiscated the ones they brought in with them earlier). But, Cas and Bobby are dragged inside at this very time to show that they have no choice. At this point, Dean starts baiting Eve to just bite him and get it over with. It turns out he wasn't just being stubborn about not wanting to work with her, because when she does finally get too annoyed, she bites him right on the neck... only to start freaking out. Because, it turns out, Dean was actually a smartypants for once, and drank some of the ash with his whiskey, thereby making his blood poisonous to her.

So, Eve's dead. That was quick. But, oh yes. I forgot this. Back when she was rambling on about her plans to create the perfect monster, she informed the boys that she had been experimenting up until she got it right - with one of the brothers they had saved earlier. That kid had gone crazy and bitten his brother, who also turned, and they killed their uncle. Cas strives not to shout "I told you so" at Dean, and they hurry over to the place to find it empty. The boys are on the loose! Except not, because they find them dead, with mysterious gunshot-looking wounds.

Just who killed them, you wonder? None other than Crowley, as we find out. The last scene of the evening had Castiel meeting up with Crowley in the diner of dead people. It turns out, the two of them have been working together! Wow, Cas is going to some great lengths to win his war, working with demons. Next week is the episode where we get to see everything from his point of view. Should be interesting!

Random Thoughts:

- I feel like the writers are deliberately making fun of the Dean and Cas relationship on the show more and more. Wink to the fans who are slightly demented, I'm sure. Um sorry, not to dis any fans, but I'm just not into that slash stuff.

- There was a lot of random technology featured in this episode. An iPad? Were they paid to put that in? And Sam using his phone to check for the shapeshifter eyes. The phone thing is more understandable, but an iPad? Oh well, I'll get over it.

- Though there has been a lot of mention of the power of souls, I do still wonder how they, meaning Cas and Crowley, for example, can harness that power. Is it once the people are dead and in Heaven or Hell? Do the souls get used up somehow? I guess we'll find out more about that next week.

- Speaking of souls, though, what about Sam's? His soul went through a lot down in Hell. I've heard we'll be revisiting that in one of the finale episodes.


"Why does it always gotta be me who makes the call, huh? It's not like Cas lives in my ass..." - Dean
Cas appears right behind him.
"Cas... get out of my ass!" - Dean

"I was expecting more Zombieland, less Pleasantville." - Dean

"Oh that's great, without your power, you're basically a baby in a trench coat." - Dean
Cas looks away.
"I think you hurt his feelings." - Sam

"I'm fairly unpracticed with firearms." - Cas
"You know who whines? Babies." - Dean

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  1. Loved your random thoughts section this week. couldn't agree more about the slash-- so not a fan of it either.

    I just stopped when I saw Bobby with an ipad. What the? Why? It really felt like product placement to me too, and of all of the characters to use one? I'd say Sam would look the least awkward with it in his hands. I can't see Bobby and Dean all high tech, into the latest trends.

    I am really looking forward to a Cas-centric episode. I only hope the writers don't take him so far that he can't be redeemed.

    LOVE Crowley, so I was thrilled to see he was back. Do you watch Dr. Who? The actor who plays Crowley is on Dr. Who this season, good stuff.

  2. Yeah I just do not get slash at ALL. To each their own, but seriously.

    I mean it was implied that Sam had been the one to get the iPad, but it was still weird. Did they lose their laptop or what?

    I'm definitely wondering what will happen with Cas. Will this season be his last?

    Yep I've been watching Dr. Who as well. Mark Sheppard is everywhere!

  3. According to my husband it wasn't an iPad but an Android.. something. I don't know, they still all look the same - surely they can come up with their own designs!

    I'm another not into the slash stuff. It was brought (somehow) into canon fine, and the fan slash mentions should really just stay right where it is - in fandom! I still laugh at some of the jokes/mentions, but it's getting kind of eye roll worthy as it's coming up every. single. time. that Cas and Dean are together. At least they're not pushing incest boundaries on the show in the same way though ...

  4. "It was brought (somehow) into canon fine"

    There should be an 'if' in front of that.

  5. I still think it's weird they'd have a tablet of any kind. Just seemed like product placement.

    I mean I laugh too when the writers make fun of the slash stuff and the other stuff in fandom too, but I think sometimes it can go too far.