Monday, May 2, 2011

Chuck 4x22 "...vs. Agent X"

I don't know about the rest of you, but by the end of the episode, I was practically yelling at my TV to get on with it already, because I had so totally figured out who Agent X was by the time of the big "reveal." I mean, duh. No, I didn't know who it was at the beginning of the episode, but as soon as Ellie revealed that Agent X had been someone who received an entirely new identity, I immediately said, spoiler alert, "Volkoff." Duh.
But that's getting way ahead of the game. At the beginning of the episode, Chuck and Sarah were treated to their separate bachelor and bachelorette parties. Unfortunately, while Chuck and the other guys thought Awesome was taking them to Las Vegas, he was instead actually taking them to Las Vecas, some kind of hiking/camping area. Is this a real place? Anyway, while they were enjoying the outdoors, Sarah was getting treated to some lap dances back at home in Burbank. The problem was, she had received a message from Beckman that Papa Bartowski's computer location had been compromised, and some nasty people were coming after it. So Sarah had to spill the beans to Ellie that she knew about the computer.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x22 'Chuck versus Agent X' by freshfromthe.comOnly Ellie didn't have the computer, because, as was so obviously planted you'd have to be a dummy to miss it, Devon accidentally took the wrong bag that had the computer in it, so the bad guys are actually showing up to Chuck's party. But thanks to Casey, the are able to defeat the bad guys, but not before the computer gets stabbed. And just who are these bad guys, you are curious to know? They've been sent by Vivian Volkoff to find the computer, so they can track down Agent X and... I don't know, kill him or something? I'm not sure of their plan exactly, to be honest.

Back in Burbank, Chuck decides he's got to finally come clean with Ellie that he's still a spy and that he knows about the computer and whatnot. He even tells her about the Intersect, or rather, shows her how the Intersect works. She takes it all in relative ease, really. But while Chuck tells her that he thinks that he himself is Agent X, Ellie informs them that would not be possible unless he was implanted with it before he was born. Because the real Agent X got the Intersect in 1980. They're able to pull up a little bit of information on him - his name was Hartley - and this picture of a house. Chuck flashes on the house, which happens to be in Somerset, England.

And by this time it's so bloody obvious that Agent X is Volkoff, this last bit felt really superfluous. But whatever. Chuck, Sarah and Casey head off to Somerset to visit the house, and come upon an old lady, who we soon come to find out is Agent X's mother. She also knew Papa Bartowski, who was trying to track down Agent X to fix him, presumably. Before she can give them more information on him, though, the bad dudes show up. They have a bit of a fight, grab Hartley's spy will from the basement, and blow that popsicle stand. Literally. They blew the house up.

Back in Burbank, they gather to open up the spy will. And we soon come to see that Agent X, aka Hartley Winterbottom, is none other than one Alexei Volkoff. The CIA created this massive cover up because they were the ones who created a seriously evil arms dealer guy. Casey tells the gang that they can't take this any further, because the CIA won't want this dirty laundry out in the open. While Casey locks away the will, though, Chuck and Ellie have a heart to heart, wherein she basically tells him that she thinks that their dad would've wanted them to try to help Volkoff/Hartley get back his true identity.

In a little subplot, Big Mike, Lester and Jeff were so upset that they didn't get to go to the real Las Vegas on their trip that they decide they're going to go on a road trip of their own... to Reno. Of course, they were dummies and let Jeff drive, so they ended up in Renaux, British Columbia. All was not lost, however, as it turned out that Renaux had its own gambling. Que sera sera.

Song choice:

Really the only song featured tonight (that I noticed) was Kesha's Blow... which is sort of a disgrace, but also somehow catchy. Damn it all.

Quote (sorry, only wrote down one this week):

"I'm making it rain! Canadian style. Which is technically making it snow." - Lester

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