Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 20 Results Redux

Now this, this is exactly exactly exactly why I don't agree with the decision to keep all of the bottom three from last week! Because not one of those bottom three couples were in the bottom this week, when definitely at least one of them should have been. *cough* Jess and Clarice *cough* It's not really fair, because the people who were in the bottom last week? Their fans knew they were likely in trouble, so they probably re-doubled their voting efforts. And because of all of that, a guy I truly feel could've been in the top 10 was already sent home. For shame. For shame indeed.

I blame Nigel. He's the easiest one to blame, right?

I can't fault the judges for their decisions based on the solos tonight, though. I have to agree with them. But there really should've been a bottom four instead of a bottom three. I don't want to keep shouting, "it's not fair!" and sound like a whiny whiner, but, heck, it wasn't really fair.

Now I've been blathering on and on, and I haven't even said who was actually in the bottom at all, have I? Well okay then! Get to the point, princess!

Our bottom three couples: Missy & Wadi, Iveta & Nick, Ryan & Ricky
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Missy and Wadi really didn't stand a chance in this bottom three, so it's no surprise that they got sent home. And with a judge favorite like Ryan also in the bottom, Iveta got the short end too, because her solo was pretty awesome for a ballroom solo. And Nick. Nick. He's the aforementioned guy I think should've made the top 10. And not just because I have a soft spot for tappers (did you know I tapped? As a child, nothing very exciting, but hey). As Nigel said, he's got a spark, a twinkle in his eye. But Ricky really pulled out all of the stops in his solo, so he got the one spot to stay. Boo hoo for me.

Man. Man oh man. I shake my head. Please tell me I'm not alone in being annoyed with all of this?

In other news, the Rage something or other (Crew? I mean, sorry, I forgot to take notes) danced awesomely. That one little girl was amazing, right? The Quest dudes also made a reappearance during the musical performance by a group I've never heard of! LMFAO. That's a musical group name now? Okay then.

That's all for this week. Sigh.

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  1. I'm the one who commented on the top 20 redux, too. Anyway, I just want to say I thought they should have had a bottom 4, it wasn't fair the way it was done. And also, just in case you and your fan base don't read other SYTYCD boards, I have found out that Ryan has been Mia's assistant for two years. Explains a few things, huh?

  2. @gemmakins - Thanks for your comments! Your last one was pretty epic haha! :)

    I totally agree that it should've been a bottom four rather than a bottom three, it wasn't fair at ALL.

    And yes I did know that Ryan had been Mia's assistant in the past. Nepotism rearing its ugly head!