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Supernatural: Top 5 Season Six Episodes

Long time readers of this blog will remember last summer how I posted many a top 5-10 list centered on my beloved Supernatural. But with so many lists already done, what's a girl to do when in the midst of another summer hiatus?

Make more lists, obviously. Or perhaps just update some of the other ones? Assuming I have the motivation and the time, which, in all honesty, may not be the case. But! Do not fret! Today I bring to you a brand new list, featuring the best episodes of season six.

Now a lot of people didn't like season six, and I can understand that. I was a bit skeptical for a while too, but I think it found its groove eventually, and still produced some quality episodes, as you'll be reminded of below.

As a note, each title is a link to a favorite clip on youtube from the featured episode. Enjoy!

5. The Man Who Knew Too Much (6x22)

Supernatural: Top 5 Season Six Episodes by

The finale of season six seemed to cause some major dissent among viewers, but I lean toward the good rather than the bad on this one. The first half of this episode was particularly strong, as we got to see Sam slowly come to grips with his memories of Hell. I honestly wish we had had more of that, but there's only so much time in an episode, right? We can only hope that his memories will still be an issue come next season. Of course, the other big issue of the episode was a certain angel's descent into crazytown. Castiel gobbled up a bunch of souls and seemed to lose his mind in the process. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, it appears. Will they be able to bring the old Cas back? Time will tell.

Perhaps not an episode that jumps to your mind at first when you're thinking of your favorites from the season, but heck, it should. The episode pulled an extreme focus on the hunter who has been a surrogate father to our Winchester brothers for years now. We got to see just what he goes through to help them out all the time, and that he's got his own stuff to deal with besides just them. This episode also happens to have been directed by Jensen Ackles, who did a fine job, too. While the episode did have its dramatic moments, it was all laced with a certain comedic overtone that worked really well.

Now, you're either a Castiel fan or you're not, and for those of you who aren't, you probably hated this one. And maybe even some of you who are hated it too, seeing your beloved angel doing not-so-nice things. But I thought it was structured very well, jumping back and forth between the past and the present to show us what Cas had been doing about the war in Heaven throughout the season. And that he was the one who brought Sam back from Hell. Though, admittedly, not all of him. Plus, Crowley! Crowley is always a crowd-pleaser, yes? Yes.

Supernatural goes western! Though the logic about using time travel to get some supposed weapon is a little bit fishy, come on. They wore cowboy hats, and Sam rode a horse! Dean became the sheriff and had a showdown in the town square. Not to mention the numerous references to Back to the Future (the package at the end!). This episode also featured the first real hint that they would find something to defeat Eve, the Mother of All, so, you know, it had plot progress too. I promise. And wenches with gross diseased mouths. Gross, but hilarious.

1. The French Mistake (6x15)

Now you may think that I should've picked an episode that was larger on plot and less on comedy, but I just couldn't do it. This episode makes me bust a gut every single time, even just looking through screencaps to make the graphic. The acting scene alone! I defy you not to laugh the whole time. I may also be biased because I saw the outtakes from that scene when I went to the Paley festival this year, but whatever! It was quality! The Winchester boys were sent into another reality thanks to Balthazar, and this reality just so happens to be one where they are actors on a television show called Supernatural. What! That is some serious breaking of the fourth wall. But hey, go big or go home, right? I would just like to also note, as this seems to often be a search that leads people to my recap of that episode - NO, that was NOT Jared's real house. Okay? Okay.

What about you? What was your favorite episode? Vote in the poll below!

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  1. I agree that these are excellent episodes from the season, but I would squeeze "Live Free or Twi Hard" in there somewhere too. The sexy Vamp!Dean affect was so irresistible. And this episode confirmed Dean's suspicion that something was truly wrong with is little brother. Great acting all around.

    Great list, hon! Happy hiatus!

  2. That episode people seem to either love or hate with a passion, from what I've gathered!

  3. Great list! I pretty much agreed with all of your picks. Our number ones are definitely the same. What a fun episode-- total love letter to those die hard fans who've been with them all along.

  4. @Laura - glad you enjoyed the list! And yes, French Mistake had so many little things for fans, it was great.

  5. Nice list! I've been looking forward to these returning :)

    Would've also included:
    - "Appointment in Samarra" (top 5)
    - "And Then There Were None..."
    - "Caged Heat" (top 3 for sure!)
    - "The Third Man" (top 5)

  6. @Cherise - good to know people still enjoy these!

    Season six is interesting, there were a lot of pretty good episodes, but it was harder to pick really standout ones compared to other seasons.

  7. Hi...

    Great list . I hope everyone would like it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love every episode without "crap family Breaden"
    My favorites:6x22,6x20x6x10
    By Dani

  9. My three favourite episodes from season 6 are: Caged Heat, Appointment in Samarra and Live Free or Twihard. Though The French Mistake and Weekend At Bobby's are always exceptional viewing as well.