Thursday, July 7, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 14 Results

I mean. I'm not at all surprised at who was let go tonight, but I do think one couple that should've been in the bottom three only was saved because one person within that couple has a devoted following. Once the couples get shaken up, the other person is going to have a hard time. That's my prediction. My vague prediction. But I think you all know who I'm talking about. Who could it be other than Sasha and Alexander? Seriously.

The couples that were in danger tonight, however:

Ashley and Chris
Jordan and Tadd
Ryan and Ricky

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8 - Top 14 Results Episode by freshfromthe.comNo huge surprises other than Sasha and Alexander should've been in there in place of either Ryan and Ricky or Jordan and Tadd, who both had okay nights but not great ones yesterday evening. In terms of solos, I thought the only two who really had good ones were Chris and Tadd. Which is a shame, because I just knew they'd send Chris home as soon as that bottom was revealed. Yeah, Chris has had some trouble with his dances, but he seems like such a sweet guy. I can't help but root for him. But if I had to choose between him and Tadd, I'd have to go with Tadd. The rest of the solos, however, were more of the same, which, thankfully, Nigel pointed out. The solos need to be planned and they need to be great if you want to stay, that's the bottom line. Ashley was the girl to get the boot this time around, which came as no surprise either. You know, they haven't split up any couples at all this season? Kinda lame.

Only one more week and then it's top 10 time. What! Already? Yep. The only thing that is going to be weird is that they'll be bringing back the all stars for the top ten, supposedly. But does that then mean the top 10 dancers from this season will only be doing one dance a week instead of the usual two that usually happens? Because I like it when they do two. Humph. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

That's all for this week. Au revoir, Ashley and Chris!

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  1. Hah - I love your recaps, especially because we have similar tastes in dancers!

    I was bummed to see Chris go, but Ashley was like "meh." She is a very beautiful and graceful dancer, but she has no substance and something about her mouth/smile/voice really grated.

    Actually, I was hoping Ryan and Ricky would get the boot. But they are totally judge that's not the case. I kinda HATE that Ryan has the Mia connection, because I feel like this is her second or third time in the bottom three and she is clearly not an audience favorite. Plus, as you pointed out, she hasn't done anything outside of her comfort zone really. No Bollywood, Waltz or Samba that I can recall. How fair is that?

    Ricky is too thin and bland. Ryan has this weird pitch to her voice and wandering smile that makes me terribly uncomfortable. It sounds like she's gonna cry all the time. She seems really awkward with being on camera or about two blinks shy of coming completely unhinged on stage.

    Technically she might be a good dancer, but compared to someone like Melanie? She lacks an essential spark.

    But she'll no doubt make it to the Top 10. Mark my words!

  2. I hope they do 2 routines. One with allstar & one with eachother. I've been waiting to see different people dance together. I'm definitely over the current couples and want to see some mixup so I hope the allstar mess won't mess up that aspect of the show (the contestants switching partners). I mean remember the magic when Katie and Will got to dance together to do the ballet routine in Season 4?! Still one of my favs to this day.

  3. @Mindy - I totally agree about Ryan being a judge favorite for no real good reason other than nepotism. It will be interesting to see who gets voted off once the audience has the final say.

    @Shunta - I hope so too, but not gonna happen if they want to keep 1/4 of the show in commercials. I wish they would've mixed up the partners with the eliminations some this season, because they haven't AT ALL, which they could've done once or twice.

  4. yeah if so Missy (or whatever her name was) would still be here or at least lasted a little longer. Not that I was attached to her anyway so...