Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

I had meant to post this a while ago. You know, when I actually made them. But then there was this thing called Thanksgiving that happened, and I plum forgot. How very rude of me! Or, maybe I didn't forget, but with the plethora of Thanksgiving-style recipes going on around the web, I thought these would get lost.

And they shouldn't. Because look!

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats by

Right? Rice Krispies, marshmallows, browned butter, salt. Where can you go wrong? You really can't. Unless you burn your butter instead of brown it, which is just a sad state of affairs if so.

But, yes. Rice Krispie Treats are good all the year round. Why?

Because they are super duper easy peasy. These are just slightly more fancy than your regular rice krispie treat recipe you find on the box. I will say that I'm not sure I would make these in the same small pan again. I like my treats a little thinner. Mostly because I have a tiny mouth, so it's nearly impossible for me to fully bite into these.

But hey, if you have a big mouth? Go to it!

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 1 10 ounce bag mini marshmallows
  • Heaping 1/4 teaspoon coarse sea salt
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal (about half a 12 ounce box)
Cooking Directions
  1. Butter (or coat with non-stick spray) an 8-inch square cake pan. If you want thinner treats, use a larger pan.
  2. In a large pot, melt butter over medium-low heat. It will melt, then foam, then turn clear golden, and finally start to brown and smell deliciously nutty. Stir frequently and don't take your eyes off the pot. There's a small window between brown and burnt, and you don't want burnt.
  3. As soon as the butter takes on a nutty brownish color, turn that heat off and stir in the marshmallows. They should be able to melt just from the butter's heat, but if not, you can turn the stove back on to low to get it all melty and smooth.
  4. Remove the pot from the stove and stir in the salt and cereal together. Quickly spread into prepared pan. Pat down with a non-stick spoon/spatula/whatever you like. Or you can also do some oiled wax paper if you want, but that requires using a whole other thing, so... you know I don't bother!
  5. Let cool, cut into squares and devour!
Recipe via Smitten Kitchen

In Photos:

Browned butter and marshmallows getting ready to melt. No photos of the butter browning as you cannot see it in a black pan and you don't want it to burn while trying to get a good photo!

 Oooh melty.

Add in the rice krispies and salt.

Press into the prepared pan. It goes right to the top!

After they've cooled, cut 'em up and enjoy!

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