Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chuck 5x04 "...vs. the Business Trip"

Now that everyone has figured out that the Intersect in Morgan's brain has slowly been corrupting him, they decide to call in the big guns to get it out - General Beckman. Because, you know, she can also pull the hit that's been put on him for blabbing about it on and on. Once it's out and the hit has been called off, however, they find out that one person is still tracking him down - someone by the codename Viper, who is still on the job thanks to Decker.

While he stays down in Castle's protective steel, Chuck poses as Morgan at a Buy More convention to lure out the hitman, with Sarah along for the ride, of course. They meet some fun fellow Buy Morians and generally have a good time mingling with the normal folk, at least until the bartender tries to choke Chuck to death. But they manager to get the upper hand and bring the joker back to Castle.

Recap/review of Chuck 5x04 'Chuck versus the Business Trip' by freshfromthe.comOnce there, however, Chuck realizes that their lie detector finger things they were using on the people at the convention probably wouldn't work on the hitman, as such a person would be great at lying - like Sarah herself when she accidentally used them on her own arm. Don't even try to look into the logic of these finger things, they're kinda ridic. Anyway! Chuck manages to stop Sarah from going to meet the very person that's after them - a woman she thought was trying to be her friend. No "real" friends in the spy world allowed, Sarah, didn't you know?

They manage to stop her from killing them and bring her down to Castle to be debriefed and taken off the hit. Done and dusted. Right? Wrong! Because she and Decker are in cahoots. Cahoots, I tell you! They have a secret meeting afterward, during which Decker gives her permission to take out those who know her identity. Namely - Casey, Morgan and Alex. Chuck and Sarah are off limits per some nefarious plan Decker has cooking, to be sure. Casey, however, has been monitoring this meeting the entire time, and straight up kills all of them! Not Decker, though, because he was on video chat. Duh. Alas, since Casey is not still within the government's protective bosom, Decker comes to put him under arrest for murder.

Meanwhile, in subplot land, Lester was cooking up a scheme to get into the Buy More convention himself. His mistake, however, was telling the newly reformed Jeff about it. Jeff, in turn, calls the cops and gets Lester arrested! Jeff's newfound brain also helps him tell Devon that Ellie isn't so happy about being back at work as she is letting on, so Devon being Captain Awesome as he is, decides to go back to work to let Ellie have more time with baby Clara. Seriously, are there any faults with that guy? Morgan was also trying to win over his lady love by telling her the truth about why he acted like a douche, but she tells him they can't get back together due to all the lies. The lies! The horror! The lies! Ah well.

Choice Song:

Silver Hands - Alameda


Chuck: So we just need to get it out of your head, let the CIA know it's over, and you'll be safe.
Casey: And a moron again. Sorry, moron still.

"Stop playing with government toys, you have plenty of your own." - Beckman

"Son, are you reading a book?" - Big Mike
"Yes I am." - Jeff
"I'm gonna get my camera." - Big Mike

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