Friday, November 11, 2011

Supernatural 7x08 "Seven 7, Time for a Wedding!"

So, here's the thing. Becky, in small doses, is funny. Large amounts of Becky? Annoying. And also, here's my turn to gripe about the "Then" segment. Because, even though I didn't know that Becky was going to be the mystery girl Sam gets married to before the episode, obviously I figured it out based on the previously on bit. Look, I get why, but most of the people who watch this show are ones who are, you know, kind of like Becky. We know all. We don't need such blatant reminders. I digress.

The episode started with Dean alone in a bar and/or strip club in Vegas, chatting up a chatty waitress/stripper. Less chatting, more lamenting that his "little" brother went off on some soul-searchy hike thing rather than enjoy their annual Vegas trip. Said brother texts him not moments later, telling him to meet at an address, and wear the Fed suit.

Because guess what! Sam's gettin'  hitched! Wait a minute. What? And he's not just getting married to some random, oh no, he's getting married to, not a surprise at all because duh it was in the "Then," super Sam fan Becky! Though Dean clearly knows strange things are afoot at the Circle K, Sam is all "I love her, dude," and they get married.

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x08 "Seven 7, Time for a Wedding!" by freshfromthe.comWith Sam gone off into la la crazy land, Dean is forced to team up with a local hunter while Bobby roots out an Oregon (Oregon shoutout!) nest. Garth is the guy's name, and he holds his own with Dean on the job. See, it's not just the Sam and Becky situation that's weird in this town. Other people seem to be having their dreams come true, only to die in spectacular fashion (a la baseballs to the face) days later. They find out this is indeed the work of a demon trading for souls, but why oh why are these soul-selling yahoos dying so quickly? Hmmmmmm!

Becky's about to find out, because hey, the potion she's been using on Sam - yes, duh, she's using a potion, obviously Sam would not actually fall for her! - has worn off, and she's plum out. She calls up her supposedly Wiccan friend Guy (never trust a guy named Guy) and meets with him to get some more. Of course, that's when Guy lets the cat out of the bag. He is a crossroads demon, and he'll make a special deal for Becky. Instead of the normal 10 years, he'll give her 25 years of lovey dovey Sam.

Though at first it looks like she might take the deal out of sheer loneliness and longing, Beck's not dumb. She gets the guys to help devil's trap the demon and confess what he's been up to. Though it's true he's been giving the people the normal deal, he also has an apprentice of sorts who does some dirty business soon after. Loopholes, you see. He doesn't kill them, but they can still die. Soon enough we have some fighting, Becky kills herself the demon apprentice, and bing bam - Crowley shows up!

Wait, Crowley? Indeed. The King of Hell makes a reappearance to tell Guy that he is not pleased with his idea of innovation. He also informs the Winchesters that the reason they've been so demon free lately is because Crowley wants them to go after the Leviathan baddies. He doesn't like the suckers either. They strike a deal - Crowley negates all of Guy's contracts, and they give him over. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

And Sam gets himself an annulment with Becky, though not without a few nice parting words after she is such a little sad puppy. But hey, it looks like Garth might be interested. So there ya go.

Sam and Dean end the episode with a patented roadside chat, which basically amounts to Dean saying Sam's a grown up, and Sam telling Dean to look out for himself for a change. Look out for himself? What is this madness?

Random Thoughts:

- The exploding cake opening was awesome! Love.

- Dean bringing up Sam's not so great track record with women. HA! So true, so true.

- Sam telling Dean he can take care of himself for a change. But Sam, Dean doesn't know how to do that. The look on his face just proved it.


"I thought you'd be taller." - Garth

Sam: What's with the scrawny guy?
Dean: Temp.

Dean: Why do people keep thinking I'm threatening them?
Garth: 'Cause it sounded exactly like a threat, dude.

Sam: Becky, why am I not wearing any pants?
Becky: They're very constricting.

"You're so pathetic, it actually loops back around again to cute." - Guy

"Aw, you made a fwend." - Sam

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  1. I like this episode overall-- funny spots and the Crowley bit.

    I wondered if the title was in reference to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Probably not, but it's what I thought of.

  2. I mean, I thought it was fine. I didn't hate it, but it probably won't be one I watch very often.

    I'm not sure the title was actually in reference to anything specific or just to be funny since it kind of rhymes.

  3. To solve your mystery on the meaning behind the title, well the actual episode references a TV trope and the title, reflects this. "Seven 7, Time for a Wedding!" references all those wonderful shows that have worn out their welcome and have resulted in either special big name guest star or novelty casting, dramatic plot changes and the favorite of the bunch the wedding episode to draw a boost in ratings. Supernatural follows these to a tee but unlike those other shows Supernatural plays it off for laughs but in a creative and refreshing way. It's not perfect but I enjoyed this episode throughout.