Friday, November 11, 2011

Chuck 5x03 "...vs. the Frosted Tips"

The downward spiral of one Morgan Grimes continued this week as his jerkish behavior only multiplied. After putting in his three week's notice (backdated three weeks, naturally), and dumping Alex via text ("DMP'd!"), the Carmichael gang found out that wasn't all. Thanks to a bug Casey planted on Verbanski earlier, they find out Morgan is even more nefarious than his newly frosted tips. He's joined Verbanski's team - all while going on and on about the Intersect. Because it's definitely smart to talk and talk and talk about a secret government computer thing that's in your brain!

While Chuck and Casey are pretty much just pissed at him, Sarah starts to wonder if something isn't really, really wrong. Well, duh. The fact that Chuck doesn't get that is pretty weak. His memories of the past are going the way of the dodo, and after Sarah chats with Ellie about it, she convinces Chuck he has to get Morgan to remember who he was.

Recap/review of Chuck 5x03 'Chuck versus the Frosted Tips' by freshfromthe.comThis is all going down while they're doing spy stuff, of course. Infiltrating Verbanski Corp to steal back a USB drive that Morgan stole earlier. A USB drive from General Beckman, with information on some dude named Zorn who wants to sell CIA operative info to someone or something. I don't particularly care about the spy missions anymore. Does anyone?

In the end, after fighting on a rooftop next to a helicopter, because that's where it's always best to fight, Chuck manages to get Morgan remembering this particular incident in junior high. Morgan had started to act like a jerk because he had grown a mustache before Chuck, but a girl then pantsed him, which brought him back down to his previous nerd level. The two then teamed up to get back at her by putting the shaved remnants of said mustache into her sandwich. Grosssss. This all works really too easily to get Morgan to remember, but it happens just in time, because that helicopter? Is about to blow up. Ka-boom!

Morgan's back on their side, but his problems aren't over. Chuck goes to meet with General Beckman, who informs him that a hit has been put out on Morgan, thanks to his overactive mouth blabbing on about the Intersect.

Meanwhile, Awesome starts his paternity leave with cute little Clara, which turns out to be a lot more boring than he imagined. He goes into the Buy More to kill some time, and notices Jeff acting super crazy. He tells him, as a doctor, to quit sleeping in his van, and when Jeff heeds that advice, he turns into a normal, sane person. What will this mean for Jeffster?

Choice Songs:

Strangers in the Night - The Morning Benders

Through the Crowd - Hotel Lights


"You're starting to remind me of seventh grade Morgan, and I think we both know what happened to him." - Chuck

"My biological clock is tick tocking." - Lester

"Guys, let's save Morgan." - Chuck
"If we must." - Casey

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  1. The hot, hot scenes between John Casey and Gertrude Verbanski are definitely worth a mention!

  2. Y'know who was awesome this episode? Casey. There were plenty of great moments with him this episode.

  3. I wonder if there is gonna be a intersect download transfer in the near future. Morgan clearly is losing it.