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Chuck 5x07 "...vs. the Santa Suit"

I was digging this episode up until that last minute when there's some kind of wacky baby story introduced. Really? I believe my response was "what?" laced with disdain.

Recap/review of Chuck 5x07 'Chuck versus the Santa Suit' by
Chuck steals a Santa suit, making all the children cry.
But hey, before that, it was actually a good episode! As Christmas looms, Ellie realizes that she is fully unprepared for the party she's hosting in a mere six hours. But hey, she's got a crack spy team on her side, so it should all be fixed up in a jiffy, right? Ha, please. Not while the Omen virus is currently wreaking havoc all over the place, sending everyone to the Buy More to look for answers, which no one has.

The only person who seemingly knows what the plan is for the Omen virus is currently locked in prison, apparently. But thanks to their Omen buddy, said prisoner breaks out of jail. Okay let's stop being coy about it - it's Shaw, which anyone who had seen the previews from last week would've figured out already, despite the crafty camera angles trying to keep it a secret until he arrives in Castle, to knock out Sarah with his Intersect skills. Wait a minute. Um, why have they let him keep the Intersect in his brain? I'm pretty sure they know how to get that out. They got it out of Morgan's brain, after all. That is just sloppy.

But, nonetheless, he still has it, and we find out he was using Decker as a sort of pawn, having gained some valuable blackmail intel on him thanks to that wily Intersect. It turns out there's another piece to the Omen virus that he needs, and he's going to use Sarah as a hostage to get Chuck to get it for him - something called, I believe, a Macau device. The device is currently hidden somewhere in Decker's old office at the CIA, so the crew gets Beckman to help them out. She and Chuck infiltrate and get the device (and also doing a classic "pretend to be kissing when we're caught in a compromising position!" moment).

Meanwhile, they've been having Jeff and Lester try to work out just what exactly the purpose of the Omen virus is in the first place. Where does the information go, etc. They find out, after many a coffee and Subway sandwich, that the device is only trying to get information from government computers. It's designed to send it all to one place, but it's not currently sending it anywhere. Chuck figures that this is what the Macau device is for - to gather all of the information. And why would Shaw want to gather all that info? Because he wants to upgrade his Intersect while also taking down the CIA mainframe, so that they have to start coming to him for their information.

Of course, Shaw would have Sarah believe that he's doing all of this to either A) try to get back with her or B) try to get back at her. I wonder what it could be. Yeah, he wants to make her watch while he kills Chuck. Of course, being a nefarious muahaha villain nowadays, he doesn't really remember that Chuck is rather smart and good at thinking on his feet, and this situation is no exception. He uses the Macau to reverse the Intersect upload so that it actually takes it out of Shaw's brain instead of updating it - by using the Omen virus itself. I totally called that, by the way. Kinda obvious, but whatever.

Chuck and Shaw then proceed to get fighty with it, and we see that Chuck has indeed been learning a great deal of new moves. He puts them to good use, but it's not quite enough. In the end, Ellie comes to the rescue, hitting Shaw over the head and knocking him out before he can shoot Chuck. Ellie is really stepping up to the plate lately!

In the end, the gang is able to have their Christmas shindig. Casey is able to tell Alex how he feels about her (and also put in a good word for Morgan), and Beckman joins the fun as well. But, of course, now we come to that aforementioned ridiculousness. Beckman tells Sarah that Shaw wants to talk to her. And he reminds her of a baby. We're led to believe that the baby is hers, but I'm thinking that's just a bait and switch kind of thing. But, who the heck knows. It's just so soap opera to have a SECRET BABY OMG!

Anyway, that about wraps it up. I bid you all farewell on this Christmas Eve Eve. Happy Holidays!

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The Kickdrums - Love Can Drive Your Mind Wild


"That plan's kinda vague." - Casey

"My wife has been kidnapped, and I am officially ruining Christmas for the children of Burbank." - Chuck

Chuck: Stan Lee is a spy? That is so weird.
Beckman: Los Angeles spies...

Jeff: Water can only dilute this feeling.
Lester: Plus, fish have sex in it.

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