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Chuck 5x08 "...vs. the Baby"

Full disclosure: I completely forgot Chuck was even on this past week. It's a bizarre decision, really, because of the holidays. I was out of town, a lot of other people were out of town. Anyway, I finally checked my DVR tonight and was like "whoops!"

So, since most everyone will probably not care about a full recap, I'll just do a quickie. First of all, it's a big relief to find out pretty much right off the bat that the baby mentioned in last week's preview is not, in fact, Sarah's kid. Because that would've been terrible. Instead, the baby girl in question was a CIA "package" Sarah's previous handler, Kieran Ryker (guest star Tim DeKay), had her retrieve in Hungary after her family was killed. Of course, he turned out to have nefarious plans for the kid, namely in taking over her family fortune. Sarah outsmarted him, though, and sent the baby to the care of her mother. Since the CIA didn't know about her existence, they, and therefore Ryker, would not be able to track the girl down.

Recap/review of Chuck 5x08 'Chuck versus the Baby' by freshfromthe.com
Thank god this kid was not Sarah's.
Back in the present, though, it turns out that Shaw somehow found out that the girl was still alive, and sent this information to Ryker. Sarah sets up a meet with Ryker to find out if he knows where the girl is, but it turns out he doesn't, so all seems well and good. But, you know, all is NOT well and good, because Ryker puts a bug in her hair, so that when she finally opens up to Chuck about what happened with the baby, he finds out exactly where she is. Dun dun dun.

Sarah manages to get a signal to her mom to go to some coordinates, and she, Chuck and Casey take out Ryker and his team when they converge on her mom's house. All's well. Sarah is able to finally reunite with her mom after so many years of not being able to have any contact, sappy sappy etc. etc.

Meanwhile, Morgan was trying to win back over Alex, who was not very receptive to the idea. Enter Ellie and Awesome to grease the wheels. When Alex sees how cute Morgan is with the now four-five-ish year old Molly, she decides that he's not so bad after all. Guys being cute with kids. Does it every time.

Random note: I'm not sure if you know this already, but there is a widely used sound effect scream called the Wilhelm scream. It's been used in many different movies and TV shows, and I totally heard it in tonight's episode when Ryker pushed the fake waiter off that balcony.

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