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Chuck 5x12 "...vs. Sarah"

Full disclosure: I'm writing the recap for this episode before I've watched the finale one, as it felt very non-finale-y. Therefore, executive decision: write the recaps separately.

Recap/review of Chuck 5x12 'Chuck versus Sarah' by
She don't remember nothin'.
Last week, we were left with the rather disturbing ending scene of new nefarious bad guy Quinn having erased Sarah's memories of the last five years and trying to convince her that she was on a mission to kill Chuck. At first, when she mistrusted Quinn and nearly killed him, it seemed like maybe she wouldn't be sent on the mission at all, but Quinn had some video of her from back in the day that convinced her it was true. Uh oh.

Sarah went back into the Bartowski household with Quinn whispering in her ear, telling her what to do. Namely, she had to pretend that she was still the same old Sarah while trying to find the Intersect glasses that Chuck had hidden somewhere in the apartment. Question: Why would Chuck keep those in the apartment and not in Castle? That just seems silly. At any rate, Chuck senses that something is up, but tries to push it aside. He also makes the command decision that they'll do one last mission: sneak into DARPA, where they build cool stuff like invisibility cloaks, where the Intersect is hidden. Once inside, they'll destroy it once and for all.

So, Sarah's mission is to secretly upload that pristine Intersect into these glasses she's found, only Chuck finds the glasses in her stuff before they go. It's a good thing, too, because when she turns on them inside the Intersect room, he manages to switch the glasses she uploaded the Intersect onto with some fakes. Side note: when Sarah is taking out all of those guards to get into the Intersect room, it's pretty much a shot for shot reenactment of Bryce doing the same thing from the pilot. Homage!

Quinn is pissed when he finds out, and Sarah says she'll get the real ones back from Chuck - by using Ellie as ransom/bait. Chuck and the guys have called on the help of the CIA by this point, but Chuck is convinced he can get through to Sarah, and takes her to the obvious place he would take her - their dream home.

Chuck gets very emotional with her, trying to convince her of the truth, how they fell in love for real, but she's still not believing him, and starts to beat the crap out of him. Then she sees the carving of their names in the wall, and starts to wonder. No time for that, however, because Quinn shows up and takes the glasses. And tells her Chuck was telling the truth. He then goes to shoot Sarah, but Chuck dives in front of her and takes a bullet in the back!

OMG! Haha, not really. He had a vest on. The CIA is arriving outside, so Chuck tells her to get out of there. And she does. All hope seems to be lost for the former Nerd Herder, but thanks to his now good friend Casey, it might not be. Casey goes to see Sarah, giving her the video log record of her mission, wherein she divulges that she did indeed fall in love with Chuck. Why she would include that in a mission log is beyond me, but whatevs.

Sarah goes to see Chuck, who is mister hopeful when she tells him she believes everything about them. The only problem? She doesn't feel it. So they say goodbye. Chuck to wallow, no doubt, while Sarah goes to find the man who stole five years of her life - the nefariously evil Quinn.

Until the finale...

Song Choice:

Your Hands - Ghost Society


"A cloak of invisibility. Yes! ... You're a wizard, Harry." - Morgan

Alas, there were not many good quotes in this pretty dramatic episode, so that's the only one I have!

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  1. Great choice to review them seperately since this was not intended to be part of the finale anyway. NBC just stuck the shows together to make the ender seem more epic and special and in my opinion an excuse for the network to nail the Chuck coffin faster than wait another week.

    I don't like the mindwipe Sarah plot at all and this was just a waste of a perfect opportunity to finally test Chuck's dependence on the Intersect once and for all. By taking out Quinn without flashing kung fu, he could prove to himself his wife and especially Casey that he doesn't need it.