Monday, January 23, 2012

7Up Biscuits

Omg. You guys, I wrote up an entire new post, and had to delete it. Because suddenly, when it was posted, the layout on here went completely insane, and it didn't seem to matter what I did to try to fix it. But, realizing that it only happened after I posted the new post, I decided to delete said post and see if it would fix it. And it did. What. The. Hell.

I copied the HTML code of the post, but then of course accidentally copied something else before I could paste it back into a new post, so now it's all lost. Lost lost lost. I put my head in my hands and struggled not to weep.

Ugh. But. Guess what. All is not lost, because it had already loaded in my Google Reader, so here it is... again. I hope it doesn't mess it up again.

I have two recent obsessions. Firstly: instagram. I absolutely love the way it can make an ordinary photo look extraordinary with just a filter and a blur.

Take these biscuits, for example. Simple enough photo. Add a filter and some blur and bam! They just look so much more delicious.

7Up Biscuits by

My second recent obsession is Pinterest. If you don't know about this site, you should. Although it can become a massive time suck very easily. But it's great because you can pin things you find cool, whether they be recipes like this, or cool DIY projects, so you can come back to them later without having to send yourself an email with the web address. Wonderous!

Pinterest is exactly where I found this particular recipe for biscuits. Made with 7Up, of all things! Pop! Soda! Soda pop!

Whatever you may call it, these biscuits are, yes, made with 7Up. The recipe list is simple. And they taste sort of like biscuits you might get at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Popeye's. Basically, a chicken place biscuit. You can kind of taste the 7Up, you can kind of taste the sour cream. The butter on the bottom gives it that chicken place kinda feel.

My only beef is that they are too, maybe, springy? Not doughy enough? They grew on me over time, but I confess I'd prefer a crescent roll to these. Crescent rolls are deliciousnesssssss.

7Up Biscuits

  • 2 cups Bisquick mix
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup 7Up
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
Cooking Directions
  1. Preheat oven to 450F.
  2. Cut sour cream into the biscuit mix, then add in the 7Up. The dough will be VERY VERY VERY sticky.
  3. Sprinkle additional biscuit mix onto a cutting board or table and pat out the dough as best you can. Use a biscuit cutter or knife to cut into 9 equal pieces.
  4. Melt butter in a square pan and place the cut biscuits into the pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes until tops are golden brown.

In photos:

Bisquick and sour cream cut up together. I used a pastry cutter. You can use a fork if you don't have one.

Mix in the 7Up. Marvel at how incredibly, stupidly, sticky the dough is. Honestly, I don't know that I'll ever make these again just because they were so extremely sticky I could hardly deal with it. Just giving a full disclosure, you know?

While you're getting your hands sticky, you can stick your pan with the butter inside the oven to melt it. No getting another bowl messy! Always a win!

I used a small biscuit cutter to make these. But, if you're paying close attention, you can see the bottom right one is about 2 times larger than the others, and not very flat on top. I was fed up with the stickiness by the end and just plopped it in there without making it uniform.

7Up Biscuits by

When they come out, they should look something like this. Now you can really tell that one on the bottom right is not like the others! I do wonder if maybe it would've been a good idea to cover one side with butter and then flip each biscuit over so both sides had butter, but whatever. Still tasted fine.


  1. I've been thinking about starting South Beach again, but before I do, I might go out with one last biscuit hurrah. Which of your biscuit recipes do you like best?

    1. It depends on your preference. These are more like ones you'd get at a chicken place, whereas the cream ones are more traditional. I liked both of them, but personally enjoyed the cream ones a bit more.