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Supernatural 7x13 "The Slice Girls"

It's been a while! Last we checked in with the brothers Winchester, Dean went through a little trip through time while Sam teamed up with Jody Mills. Now that they're both back in present day, however, it's back to what should be a normal case, since they've currently got bupkis on the leviathans. Dean is less than impassioned about their newest case in rainy Seattle, and jumps at the opportunity to drown his sorrows in his patented drinky drinks while Sam does some research.

Just what is Sam doing research on while Dean has himself the first one night stand he's had in a while? (At least, that's what I'm assuming, I could be wrong!) See, some dudes are being killed in a pretty dramatic and specific way - someone is cutting off their hands and feet, and also carving a symbol into their chests. Since their usual fount of information, namely Bobby, is now with the dearly departed, they are forced to do more research themselves, and call upon a local professor to get his help in identifying the symbol.

Meanwhile, however, Dean has realized that he had forgotten the flask of Bobby's he's taken to carrying around with his aforementioned one night stand, Lydia. When he goes to retrieve it, he notices she's got a baby. Wait a minute, she didn't have a baby the night before, did she? Indeed, she did not. We as an audience got to see the child in question gestated at a record pace. Dean also starts to cotton on that something is not quite right with this kid when he overhears the supposed toddler actually say "Who's that man?" Uh, what? Dean goes full on stalker and soon sees a now child-aged girl leaving the house, and follows them to some abandoned warehouse. Hmm, what could they be doing?

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But daddy, you can't shoot me and my dagger.

The boys find out from the professor that the symbol they keep seeing is something to do with the Greek goddess Harmonia, who created the Amazons. You know, the all powerful women who don't need men... except to procreate. And then they kill them. They also find out that the children these Amazons produce happen to grow at an exponential rate until they reach a certain age, which would explain Lydia's kid. Which means, uh oh, since Dean slept with Lydia just the other night, that girl he saw? Emma? Yep, she's probably his.

Now that they know all of this, though, they're no closer in figuring out what to do about it. Do the Amazons die like regular humans, or do they have to kill them in some special way? They try to go through Bobby's stuff to figure it out, but end up in a bit of a tiff. At least until a wayward breeze seems to dislodge a particular piece of paper. The breeze could be Bobby's spirit, but Sam is quick to poo poo that idea because that's what they'd like it to be. They did apparently burn his body, which is usually good enough to get rid of a spirit. But what about that flask Dean's carrying around, hmm? Just a thought.

Anyway, nonetheless, the paper that was dislodged appears to be important since it's in Greek, so Sam takes it to the professor while Dean hangs back at the motel with strict orders not to go anywhere. Why they didn't both go, I can't quite fathom. Because the plot needed it? Okay!

So while Sam finds out from the professor that the mother Amazons don't kill the fathers, but rather the children themselves, Dean gets a visit from his very own Amazonian offspring, Emma. She's come to him with stories of wanting to get away and try to live a normal life, pleading with him to help her, but it turns out to all be a ruse to get his defenses down so she can kill him good and proper. Luckily, Dean is not dumb enough to trust her and gets his own gun out. But he's having a hard time pulling the trigger. You know, since it's his daughter and all. But, he doesn't have to do it after all, because Sam shows up and is able to shoot her even though she tries to turn on the puppy dog eyes on him. Sorry Emma, only Sam gets to wield the puppy dog eyes.

In the end we get our patented brother-car-chat, this time with Sam basically upset with Dean because his head is clearly not in the game lately. Which is, you know, true. Sam just wants him to stay alive, and the way he said it was so sad because it really made me think that perhaps Dean is the only thing keeping him sane at the moment, and when are we going to get more of that stuff, hmm? I've heard it's coming, and it's about damn time.

Random Thoughts: 

- The girl who played teenage Emma, Alexia Fast, really did look like she could be Sarah Canning's daughter. Or, you know, sister. Nice casting! Sidenote: Alexia also apparently played Missy Bender back in season 1!

- Was the breeze really Bobby's spirit? The "THEN" segment really seemed to want us to think so. I hate the heavy-handed previews, they make things so obvious sometimes. Honestly I'd prefer if it wasn't his spirit. Am I alone?

- This was the first sex scene we've had in a while on the show! When was the last one, anyway? Like season four? That's the last time my best sex scenes list has anyway.

- Raise your hand if you want more Sam hallucination stuff! Me me me!


"Some guy with a foot fetish run amok..." - Dean

"'Didn't mention anything human' usually seals the deal for me." - Sam

"Nice decor. Very early Slaughterhouse." - Dean

Dean: News flash, pal, you're just as screwed up as I am. You're just... bigger.
Sam: What?
Dean: I don't know.

Here's a little interview Jared and Jensen did about tonight's episode for those who haven't seen it yet:

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  1. Nice pickup on lil bender and Dean's daughter being one n the same. I thought she looked similar but didn't quite put two in two together. Also happen to notice the good ol prof was Mayor Richard Wilkins III dont know if you watched Buffy but I thought it was noteworthy.

    This episode to me was forgetable Amazons seem to be more of a big bad instead of a monster of the week fare. After so many stupid episodes its time for some real seismic shifts to quake Supernatural's foundations because I for one am getting real bored with this formula. There's no emotional turmoil in our heroes other than the self loathing and brooding but it was easy to deal with because of the sharp wit and innappropriate humor but now even that's old. So old Dean's now recycling one liners from season's past. "Encyclopedia of weird" yeah pretty sure that was from season 2's "Roadkill" Are they really that strapped for ideas they've gotta reuse the same jokes that were not that funny the second time around? The plots are really bad, ridden with cliches and regressive storytelling. Oh and the big bad while promising they are lame with a capital L. The only really decent thing this season was Sam's madness and that's been dorment since the second episode. Oh I hope that patch of wind isn't Bobby nothing like ruining the impact and drama of his goodbye episode if he's just gonna pop up a couple more episodes down the road.

    Well good news Cas is coming back in a couple of weeks and with him apparently a weapon (info or the weapon itself) on how to kill the leviathan. So apparently we have more filler episodes to chew on until the good stuff goes down.

  2. I thought it was an alright episode, but I am getting itchy for answers.

    I wouldn't mind if Bobby were a ghost, I guess it would depend on how they played it. I just want some season long arc stuff: Leviathon, Cas wrap-up, Sam's mental state, even Dean's drinking. Give me a little season arc with my monster of the week, and I'm happy.

  3. If Bobby was a ghost it would be really against his character to end up that way knowing that given time he will degrade into nothing a rabid beast per say, Bobby once contemplated suicide when he was paralyzed how would this be any different? Even if it was to save his boys while admirable would be stupid. Sam and Dean would have to extinguish him somehow, unless Cas' purpose upon his return besides the info on the downfall of the big L is to guide him into the light for salvation.

    I'm not against the monster of the week and like you I thought the episode was ok not memorable or interesting but ok. That's not what this show should be; it should be beyond ok. It seems thats the main problem with the series this year without a heavy main baddie and interesting main characters to give the season it's weight the show has no purpose left. So far the Leviathan have shown nothing to make them menacing. Why? Because the writers want to keep them mysterious much like the demon arc of the 1st season to keep up suspense? Well with out interesting characters and interesting monsters and refreshing ideas everything comes about sour. The show is entering it's twilight years and what we need is real scares, interesting themes and imaginative monsters and only Ben Edlund and Dabb and Loflin are doing that the others are just playing off of tired ideas and jamming down our throats these melodramtic dribble.