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Supernatural 7x20 "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

As far as guest stars go, I'd say Felicia Day is probably one of my favorites so far. I think any nerdy girl can agree, it's nice to see someone we can relate to, right? Especially when she uses her smarts to do some cool crap.

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Would you like to play a game? War Games references FTW!
In any event, now that Ghost Bobby has made himself known to the boys, he is able to finally tell them what he had learned back all those episodes ago when he was shot. That the place for the coordinates was for a dig site. The Leviathans are planning to basically build human slaughterhouses, but first they will make everyone complacent with their turduckens, cure all of any ills, and once the people have been turned into mindless sheep, lead them to their deaths. Fun for all!

But before they can really think about that for anything more than a few seconds, they get a bing on the computer - an email from one late Frank Devereaux, who had set up a device to send Sam and Dean a warning that his harddrive was being hacked, and it just happened to have all of their information on it. But hey, they're able to locate the hard drive in question. Where is it? Um. In the middle of Dick Roman headquarters! Oh joy of joys!

And just who is cracking it? That would be one Charlie Bradbury (or whatever her real name is!), an employee there who happens to excel at hacking. Dick gives her the job, personally, of getting into that hard drive. Only, once she does get into it, her curiosity gets the best of her, and she opens up some of the files, leading her to all of the information on the Leviathans. Since she's semi-normal, she takes Frank to be a Loony Tunes McGee, but when she sees Dick's crony actually turn her manager into one of them before her very eyes, well, that's probably enough to convince anyone, right?

Just in time, too, because Dean and Sam have tracked her down. Once they get on the same page about what's going on, they've got a plan: Charlie will have to break into Dick's office from the inside in order to find the secret information on what the Leviathans have been searching for, or something, even though we hadn't really been made aware they were searching for something until now. She also needs to erase the hard drive, because obviously if Dick knows she could've seen what's on there about him, she would not be long for this world.

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x20 "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" by
We're not here to hurt you. Just to look pretty.
Since the Winchesters are on every Leviathan's radar, they're stuck in a van while Charlie goes inside to get the job done. Bobby, meanwhile, has grown sulky, because the boys did not want to let him tag along to help with his ghostly powers. So what does he do? Uses his ghostly powers to swayze his flask into Charlie's bag. Why are the brothers so reluctant to let him come along? Because he could go vengeful spirit on Dick, and if he goes down that route, there won't be any getting him back.

Once inside, Charlie manages to maneuver herself into Dick's office via a hilarious flirting session with a guard, and they are able to access his email. It turns out that there's a delivery of a special package about to happen nearby, so Sam and Dean head off to intercept it while Charlie hangs back to finish her job. So just what is in this mysterious package? Some kind of red clay. What may be inside the clay is left for another episode. They switch the package for a Borax bomb.

Only Charlie did not have a chance to make it out of the building before Dick and the package toting crony get bombed. He locks down the joint and goes after her. Things don't look good for our plucky heroine, but Ghost Bobby comes to her rescue this time, knocking her out of the way (and, whoopsie, breaking her arm!), then going after Dick himself. Sam and Dean show up in time to whisk Charlie away, and also the flask, so Bobby can't go 100% vengeful.

They get Charlie's arm fixed up and set her up with a bus ticket to parts unknown to start over. I'm glad she survived, it would've been sad to see her go. But they are more concerned about this whole Ghost Bobby situation. But for now there's not a whole lot to be done about it. Que sera sera.

Random Thoughts:

- Okay. We get it. Bobby says idjits. He doesn't need to say it every single episode.

- The dude who plays Dick Roman has always reminded me of someone, and I've never been able to figure out who... until tonight! I figured it out! Gary Cole. He reminds me of Gary Cole, so good at the evil smarm.

- OMG. Sam talking Harry Potter to Charlie? LOVE. You know I'm a Harry Potter dork. Any of you out there on Pottermore? Not to get sidetracked, but I could really talk about that sorting hat test for at least an hour.

- Interesting use of splitscreen, reminded me of Ocean's 11 or something. Not so sure about using that "hours earlier" device twice in one episode, though I'm sure it was meant to all be part of that same break-in spy show vibe. I did enjoy the reveal of Sam and Dean in that airport scene. Jensen can rock a baseball cap, am I right?

- Anyone know what her ringtone was? It was so quick I didn't really have a chance to figure it out!

- What's with the red clay? Is there something inside? What could it possibly be?


Dean: Baby?

Charlie: Is this real life?

Charlie: I should've taken that job at Google.

Charlie: I sing when I'm nervous, don't judge me.
Dean: Judgment free zone.

Charlie: I was drunk. It was ComicCon.
Dean: We've all been there.

Dean: This never happened.

Sam: Charlie, you're a genius.
Charlie: Yeah. It's a problem.

Dean: She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted.

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  1. I love Felicia Day! I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of her. She could do a guest spot or two, and I wouldn't complain. I too am at Pottermore-- just started last week when my friend clued me into it. Felicia and I are agreed on who Harry *should* have ended up with! Nerdy girls unite!

    One little gripe with the ep-- why does a ghost hurting a monster mean the ghost is bad? He accidentally hurt the girl, while rushing to SAVE her. I know we're supposed to think he's out of control, but it doesn't make good sense to me. Can a ghost never be angry, even if it's about something living people are angry about (and should be angry about) too? I don't know. They just didn't sell me on it.

    Does anyone know why Jim Beaver is leaving? Was it his idea or the writers? I'm fine with it, but I curious.

    1. When Bobby charged at Dick it wasn't about saving Charley anymore it was all about his vengeance. Bobby simply lost control. I'm not liking the whole Bobby ghost storyline. Sam and Dean KNOW he is eventually going to decend into madness and have the means into setting him free yet they don't do it? Why?

      If it's sentimental value, well that's hogwash! They are hunters they know that prolonging the inevietable will hurt Bobby more, so melt the flask set him free. You did so with Annie last week Bobby's no different. C'mon the characters are behaving selfishly and not in a good way to expand upon our heroes development but in a poorly written excuse to give him another proper send off. Seriously Have any of the boys said why they do not melt his flask, why is it they let Bobbystay around? No!

  2. This is what I'm taking about a strong female character on this show again, AT LAST! I looooooove Felicia Day! Her bubbly zippy personality set her apart from any of the Supernatural females in this series. Instead of making her a throwaway character they instead developed her into a strong willed woman. She's scared but knows that erasing the contents on that disk are crucial, and puts her life on the line to save the boys and world. Why can't all females on this show be written this way without then ending up as cliches and fodder.

    That whole elevator scene had me laughing during the course of the episode. How she waits for the doors to close and lets loose with this controled but crazy dance, but once she reaches her floor in a snap, she's mild and timid again. BRILLIANT!

    However I Did not like the sudden I'm a lesbian thing really think they should have built that up. It's done for cheap laughs and it's tasteless. That and Bobby's ghost side arc are the lows of this episode for me.