Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SYTYCD S9: Finale

Praise the voters, they got it right! I was resigned to the fact that one of the winners tonight was going to be someone I didn't think deserved it, but guess what Ameriker! I was wrong! I almost looked at the results before watching the show, but decided that ruins the fun, so it was a surprise to me to the very end. So who are the winners?

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Finale by freshfromthe.com
Eliana & Chehon!

Yes! I was so worried Cyrus was going to win in the end, and it seemed primed for a Cyrus win too, and then wham bam, it's Chehon. Yay, Chehon! Yay Eliana as well, but that was not really a surprise. Honestly I would've been way more surprised at a Tiffany win, seeing as I could really only remember one of her routines from the whole season.

As per usual, all of the judges got to pick their favorites of the season, along with Cat and the top four dancers themselves, which may have been a new twist. They all chose the below, and I have to mostly agree:

Nigel's pick: Audrey & Matthew's Travis Wall Titanic routine

Lil C's pick: Witney & Twitch's Luther Brown hip hop

Debbie Allen's pick: Tiffany & George's Sonya Tayeh contemporary

Adam Shankman's pick: Lindsay & Cole's Jason Gilkison paso doble

Tyce Diorio's pick: Amelia & Will's NapTab lovecats routine

Mary's pick: Chehon & Kathryn's Tyce contemporary suitcase routine

Cat's pick: Tiffany & Brandon's Doriana Sanchez disco

Eliana's pick: Stacey Tookey contemporary with Alex

Chehon's pick: Argentine tango with Anya

Tiffany's pick: Mandy Moore contemporary with Ade

Cyrus' pick: Christopher Scott animation with Twitch

I would maybe also add in the pole routine from last week with Eliana and Tiffany, and the contemporary with Chehon and Allison, oh and probably that Will hip hop one, oh and probably another Cole one for good measure. HA, I guess I liked a lot of them?

Rounding out the dancing was another Top 20 group piece choreographed by Sonya and Chris Scott, which was pretty damn beautiful. There was also a new hip hop piece from Chris featuring Cyrus, Twitch, Comfort and the choreographer himself, and a guest performance by the Dragon House Crew, which was pretty awesome, and one last group piece with all of the all-stars that was all Lion King remix. Oh, and a musical performance was that double caps pretty LAME, as they usually tend to be on this show, so I'll just say la la la and pretend it didn't happen.

But, again: YAY! Congratulations to Eliana and Chehon. Ballet dancers FTW!

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