Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SYTYCD S9 Top Four Performance Finale

Was that a jam-packed show or what? It must be pretty brutal on the dancers to get all of that choreography down in time and keep up their stamina throughout the night, because whoa. Five dances apiece! I guess it's to be expected of the performance finale, but it's still impressive. It's super weird that we have to wait a whole week before the results finale, but that's been the nature of the season in general with the results - all weird, all the time.

I'm just going to recap the partner dances in order and not bother with the solos, except to say that I liked Eliana and Chehon's the best, but that's probably also because I just like them the best in general at this point. Onward, ho!

Cyrus & Eliana - These two started off the show with a Jason Gilkison paso doble that was apparently supposed to be switched where the guy was the cape instead of the girl, but honestly I didn't see much difference. I'm still not convinced Cyrus did much actual dancing in this routine, it's something about the lack of movement in his legs. One of the least memorable dances of the night.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 - Top 4 Perform by freshfromthe.comTiffany & Will - You'd think a Sonya Tayeh contemporary would have me jumping for joy, but I miss Sonya's quirky weird jazz routines, to be honest. I mean, I get that this was good. Maybe I'm just getting burnt out on this show in general. Good thing it's over next week, then I suppose! But I do agree with the judges in their comments that though Tiffany may be tiny, when she extends her legs, you wouldn't know it.

Chehon & Eliana - These two had a traditional ballet piece choreographed by Marat something? I'm sorry, they never actually showed his name on screen, unless I missed it. It was... super traditional. Like, from the Nutcracker traditional. And therefore, for me, kind of boring, particularly that bit at the end where Eliana just keeps doing spin-pause-spin-pause-spin-pause-spin for seeming eternities. Also Chehon didn't really get to do much besides hold her up, which I get is hard, but makes it seem all about her.

Tiffany & Cyrus - In this lyrical hip hop choreographed by Tessandra Chavez, I think we saw maybe the best performance out of Cyrus in the entire season. Tiffany also brought it; she's actually pretty good at hip hop though you might not expect it to just look at her. This is the dance where things started to pick up steam.

Chehon & Allison - Easily my favorite performance of the night. These two had a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece that gave me chills. I actually muttered "wow" to myself out loud. Wait, does that make it seem like I never talk to myself? Because that's just a lie. And now I've made myself look weird! But you do it too! I know you do! OKAY, back to the dancing. Honestly I loved this one. That one-handed lift! It made me really happy that Chehon made it this far, because his emotional journey became really apparent. Good for him.

Eliana & Tiffany - That's right, since it's the final performance show, all the dancers dance with each other. The two ladies had my second favorite routine of the night thanks to Ray Leepers burlesque broadway piece involving a pole. Because Eliana just owns that pole when she's on it. She really stood out to me in this piece compared to Tiffany. She's just more of a woman where Tiffany is more of a girl. Of course, this brought dirty Uncle Nigel out to play after it was over. I liked how Mary thought he was going to make some joke with the word hard in it, but he wasn't. Dirty mind Mary, ha! Anyway, yes, that thing Eliana did at the end with like a twirl back bend leg twist crazypants? YES.

Cyrus & Chehon - These two had a Sonya Tayeh jazz piece that again I felt was good but not amazing. The judges basically forwent making any comments on the dance itself and just said oh you're wonderful oh we love you oh me oh my contain our emotions we just can't with the feels! You guys, I'm regressing into this whole gif/tumblr speak lately, and it's really alarming. But you know what that means, that I also don't really know what to say as a comment about the dance other than Cyrus still can't really do lifts.

Eliana & Alex - You'd think I would be in some kind of SYTYCD heaven with these two in a Travis Wall contemporary routine, but man I am just bereft of emotion or something, because I really wanted more. Part of it was that the music played more cheesy than anything else to me, and I have a hard time getting over stinky cheese. The judges, however, went gaga over it. Okay? Hmph. I don't know. I liked Eliana and Alex's other routine from earlier in the season about 100 times more.

Chehon & Tiffany - In their final dance of the night, these two had a rumba choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin. It was sweet enough, but my mind kind of started to drift. I think it may have been due to the mentioned fact that these two really don't have much romantic chemistry. And with a dance that's all about, like, love and schmoopy stuff, that's kind of maybe a problem, yeah? It wasn't bad or anything like that, but just good. I apparently only ever want great anymore. Give me great or give me nothing! I am demanding and fickle!

Cyrus & Twitch - Okay, seriously? The pimp spot for Cyrus again? And in his own freakin' style? With Twitch?! Deck, welcome to your stacked position. ughblughblerg ANYWAY, that's not to say that the animation piece choreographed by Christopher Scott wasn't good or anything, but of course it would be good, it's Cyrus' own specialized style that is really the only thing he's truly great at. And Twitch can do no wrong. And then, and THEN Nigel had to go and say that he wouldn't be voting for Cyrus because of blah blah and yada yada, and do you know what Nigel? I think that's just going to make people vote for him more! It's reverse psychology! Or will it be double reverse psychology, instead, in my wishful thinking place? Arg! ANYWAY, do you know what my favorite bit of this routine was? It was actually the very end when they both were stopped but their bodies were still kind of swaying as if balancing with the little back and forth movement. I don't know why, it's just the way I feel, okay?

Anyway, I don't know how the vote is going to go. I want it to be Eliana and Chehon, and I feel they should win, but whether that happens or not will remain a mystery for another week. Sigh.

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