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Supernatural 8x07 "A Little Slice of Kevin"

Apologies to any faithful readers who may have been wondering where this post has been. I was actually out doing fancy things, ooh la la, last night. This actually would have been posted later, even, but it appears my body has other ideas. Like my insides wanting to be outside. Gross! Sorry. Why does a fun thing have to be followed by a horrible thing? Real, sad, talk.

Anyway! On to the episode. People are disappearing, accompanied by strange meteorological events. This all seems like the doing of some demons, probably, but the boys have not a clue why these particular people are being targeted by said demons, to which I say... duh. It was pretty obvious to me. I'll not keep you in suspense. They're all potential prophets. Crowley got their names from that angel kid a few weeks back. You know, the one who looks a little bit like Nicholas Hoult? Yep, that kid, who Crowley has been torturing the names out of. And it appears he has scooped himself up all of the potential prophets of this generation.
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What's that? Look surprised and annoyed and hot? DONE.

Meanwhile, Dean is getting the heebie jeebies, because he keeps seeing Castiel appearing in random places. At first, Sam tries to console him that these little flashes are probably just caused by survival guilt, since he left Cas down in Purgatory. Which, of course, he blames himself for. Because Dean isn't Dean if he isn't blaming himself for something or other. But, it turns out that Cas really has escape Purgatory after all, when he finally is able to fully appear to the boys. Only, he doesn't remember how he got out. Oh how convenient! Cas, always with the memory lapses.

ALSO meanwhile, Kevin and Mama Tran are still on the run/in hiding. Kevin seems prepared to just keep moving and surviving, but Mama Tran has other ideas. She wants to make demon bombs and take the fight to them. She's even contacted a witch to help them get supplies. Via Craigslist, because that's always super trustworthy. This turns out to have been an epically bad idea, as the witch gives them up to Crowley. Crowley snatches up Kevin and leaves a demon to finish off Mama Tran. Only Mama Tran is kind of badass in her own way, and subdues the guy with a water gun full of holy water. The best holy water weapon, for sure.

Mama Tran meets up with the Winchesters plus Castiel for an all-new, revamped Team GoGoProphet to track down Kevin, which they can do thanks to the demon she locked in her trunk. They've also figured out by now that the people ole Crowley's been taking are other prophets thanks to Castiel knowing all of their names. Thanks, Cas. Also thanks for getting yourself cleaned up. The scruffy, dirty version of you was not very enticing.
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It's mine, my own, my precious...

Back at Casa Crowley, he's trying to get Kevin to read the demon tablet he stole, by means of killing other prophets, and also cutting off poor Kevin's pinky. He starts reading, and we find out that there are other tablets. Wait. Didn't we already know this? They acted as though it was a surprise, but maybe it was just a surprise to Crowley? Hmm.

Anyway, Sam locks Mama T up in the car while the boys go do their business. Sam uses one of the super demon bombs to blow up some demons, which left some rather hilarious black outlines on the wall afterward. Cas and Dean track down Crowley and Kevin, only they can't get in, so Cas decides to use his somewhat flickery angel mojo to go in. He does his whole glowy-eyes, wings on the wall thing to intimidate Crowley, which basically ends up in the tablet getting broken in half, Crowley taking half of it, Kevin ending up with the other half.

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Never trust people in strange white rooms.
The boys send Kevin and Mama Tran to bunker down with Garth while they try to figure this thing out. But Dean, he of the many issues, has something he needs to get off his chest with Cas. Instead of the patented Winchester roadside chat, it's a Dean and Cas chat. Oh, scandal. Anyway, Dean is basically trying to say it wasn't his fault, by which he is really meaning to say he thinks it IS his fault that Cas got left behind. But, it was Cas' intention all along to stay behind in Purgatory so he could pay penance for all of his misdeeds. So how did he get out, if that's the case? Are we going to be left waiting in suspense?

Why, no! Amazing. Cas gets bopped up to a special white room in heaven by an angel, I presume, named Naomi. We're not sure what her ultimate plan is for Cas, but for now she assigns him to help the Winchesters. He tries to be all bitch please I'll do what I want, but when he gets bopped back down, he doesn't remember the encounter, and offers to help the Winchesters in their quest all the same. Dun dun dun.

Random Thoughts:

- I've just realized the opening title cards are supposed to be reminiscent of the tablets. Derrr. Am I the only one just now realizing this? And if so, why did no one tell me?

- I know it's kind of Dean's MO to always blame himself for everyone getting hurt and/or dying, but I don't know, it's kinda getting old. I feel like his character has been a little bit all over the place this season. Sometimes righteous, sometimes all woe is me.

- I have to assume the angels will want one of the other tablets or something? Anyone have any ideas what else their goal may be? What if it's not actually angels? I think it is, but you never know.

- There can only be one prophet at a time. This epithet from Cas caused Sam to wonder what had happened to Chuck. As we all wonder, sure. I still don't like the idea of him being God, so I just pretend that's not the assumption.


Sam: You look like you've... Well, I was gonna say it looks like you've seen a ghost, but you'd probably be stoked.

Crowley: I lied. I do that.

Benny: Aren't you guys all about faith?
Cas: Not particularly.

Crowley: Which Castiel is it this time? I'm never sure; madman or megalomaniac?

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  1. I really like this year's title card, probably the best since season 2. But I didn't relate them the to tablet at all. But then, I can be kind of dense like that. So, see? YOU told ME! :) Thanks.

    It was a little hard for me to concentrate on the goodness of the episode because I found the episode particularly gruesome.

    1. Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't notice! It really just hit me when it came up this week.