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Supernatural 8x08 "Hunteri Heroici"

You know, I quite enjoyed this episode. It was pretty light, had not a lot to do with the overall tablet storyline, and that was actually quite a welcome relief, particularly in light of the fact that when I saw the preview for next week I went, "ugh." You guys, I don't think I'm a fan of Benny. There, I said it.

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Meep meep?
Anyway, this episode was not about Benny. This episode was about Cas' new mission and Sam flashbacks, and basically just about accepting that you can't live in a happy little dreamworld, eventually you have to accept your lot and stuff.

Let's start with Castiel. Now that he's back, he's decided he wants to be a hunter, so he's going to tag along with the boys on a new case. You know, the one where a dude's heart has exploded out of his chest in a very heart-shaped way. Though Cas doesn't have so many social graces, even now, you have to admit he does have his uses. No need for EMF detectors or toxicology reports. Just a little sniff sniff from your angel pal and hey, you know your victim had a bladder infection! Wait, how is that relevant? Oh, it's not? Fine!

It turns out that some weird stuff is happening in town. Namely, the heart thing, and also a guy who went to jump off a building and stood in midair for at least 10 seconds before plummeting to his death. You know, only after he looked down. Oh and also, a dude got totally smashed by an anvil in a bank, because X marked the spot. Is this sounding familiar? If you watched any Looney Tunes growing up, it definitely should.

These weird occurrences all seem to be happening around where this black hole thief is stealing stuff, too. Can there be a connection? But of course! There have been other robberies in town, but no other deaths, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been weird stuff going on around those robberies anyway. You now, bumps on the head having a bird sound effect, that sort of thing. And all of the robberies appear to have been from people who are all in a local retirement home.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x08 "Hunteri Heroici" by
Let's all live inside Fred's head.
They go to question the folks who were robbed, and come to find out that one of their dad's acquaintances from back in the day is also a resident there, Fred, who apparently gave both Dean and Sam their first beers, and who also happens to be psychokinetic. Basically, he can warp reality, hence the weird crap. But Fred is straight up in la la land, off in his own little dreamworld, seemingly unreachable.

It turns out that the doctor in the home has been using Fred as a sort of Looney Tunes buffer to go steal some stuff based on the logic of animated worlds. Like, sticking a black hole on a wall makes it an actual hole so you can go rob a bank. They track him down, and while Dean struggles to fight the dude, Cas takes Sam on a trip inside Fred's head to get him to stop what he's doing. Sam can relate to living in a dreamworld, and preferring it, which we know thanks to his flashbacks (I'll get there, don't worry), and is able to get Fred to snap out of his zone.

Just in time to make the doctor shoot himself in the head! Whoa. Serious. But Fred is concerned that he's going to lose control again, so Cas suggests "something" that will help. Whatever it is, it sort of turns Fred into a vegetable, but at least a content one? Sure.

While all of this was going on, Dean was wondering why Cas didn't want to go back to heaven. Well, because he basically decimated it, duh, he's afraid of what he's going to find when he goes back up there. By the end, though, he is ready to face his past, only Naomi bops him back to her white room and tells him no, he will only go up when she calls. So instead of going to heaven, he decides to hang with Fred for a while. Hmm.

Let's not forget the Sam flashbacks! He and Amelia were moving in together, and Amelia's dad came for a visit. He was less than nice to Sam, to put it nicely. Ha. Sorry. Yeah so basically the dude was sort of hostile toward Sam, mostly because he could tell that Sam was messed up, and he was worried about his daughter, naturally. When Sam opens up a little about how he lost his brother, it looks like the ice may start to thaw, but then, dun dun dun, Amelia gets a phone call. Her beloved husband, Don, isn't really dead! Poor Sam, can't catch a break.

Random Thoughts:

- Cas interrogating the cat. I loved it until they did the cat's mouth talking. I don't know, talking animal faces always are dumb to me.

- I'm sorry, why in the world would a retirement home, one: have a cake that big or, two: use a firework for a candle? I know, it's heightened and whatever, but still.

- What is Naomi's grand plan? I'm interested to find out.

- I'm not sure you can call Sam a mess when his hair looks so luscious and shiny and bouncy. Seriously, can I have his hair?

- I loved that Cas said shenanigans. One of my favorite words? PERHAPS.


Dean: What's the word, Cas?
Castiel: It's the shortened version of my name.
Dean: ...Yes, it is.

Castiel: I could be your third wheel.
Dean: You know that's not a good thing, right?

Castiel: I was being bad cop.
Dean: You were being bad everything.

Dean: You can't tell me this doesn't give you the heebs and/or jeebs.

Castiel: There was a pastry mishap.

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