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Supernatural 8x10 "Torn and Frayed"

Well, kids, hiatus is over. For me it really flew by, but I'm sure some of you were chomping at the bit, much like a leviathan, for new episodes. There was a whole lot going on in this episode too. Really it should've just been called "breaking up is hard to do." Also a quick shout out to the writer of this episode, Jenny Klein! Great work!

Let's get to the business. I have to tell you, I am practically falling asleep right now, so if this isn't up to usual standards, apologies up front. Okay!

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x10 'Torn and Frayed' by
I am very serious about finding these sigils, you know.
In case you'd forgotten, Dean and Sam are in a bit of a tiff with each other because of their big man feelings being hurt. Sam still doesn't trust Benny and wants Dean to cut ties with him. He's also still mad that Dean made it seem like Amelia was in trouble. Dean actually pretty much cops to being somewhat of a dick on that front, but it's not to be all sunshine and salt circles just yet, because it's unclear whether Sam maybe does want out of the life.

I mean, we know that's not going to happen, but let's ponder it for a bit longer I guess. Amelia comes to see Sam and they basically both admit to still being one with the lovey dovey feelings for each other, but it's all so very complicated. So they decide to take a couple days to each think about it, and if they want to go for it, they'll meet back at the motel. Alas, poor Amelia, I think we all know what's going to happen. At least you're not going to burn up on a ceiling.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x10 'Torn and Frayed' by
Castiel can use pens!
Elsewhere, poor angel Samandriel is being tortured by Crowley and his minions. He manages to get a signal out during a brief respite, and Naomi calls up Castiel to heaven to give him his new orders - find Samandriel and get him out of there. But, again, he has to think this was his own idea, he's not supposed to remember that someone is giving him orders. He ends up calling upon Dean for help, as the demons have their anti-angel mojo up all over the place. Eventually they figure out which particular abandoned factory Samandriel is being held in, but it's crawling with demons. Too many, especially since Cas can't just boop in and out. You know, anti-angel stuff and whatnot.

They decide to find Kevin, since he knows how to make some demon-killing bombs. Kevin's all holed up, trying to decipher the demon tablet, which is apparently not going particularly well. He's also said farewell to Mama Chan for now, as she is distracting and whatnot, which is all just a hint to Dean that the vampire who called him up to whinge about how he could use some help in not eating people should probably also be kicked to the curb. Anyway, Cas goes to collect the stuff for the bombs, and ends up bringing Sam back too. Because Sam is totes a demon-killing weapon too, you know. That sounds like a joke, but it's actually true.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x10 'Torn and Frayed' by
What if they ever lost that knife?
Sam and Dean infiltrate the factory and work to get rid of the sigils that are blocking Cas from getting inside. They really need to hurry, though, because Crowley and his torture minion have found a particular pressure point in Samandriel's head that unlocks enochian angel instructions, and subsequently ends up telling Crowley that there is not only a demon tablet, but also an angel tablet. Dun dun dun. They may have been able to stop Crowley from getting that info, but Cas started to have flashbacks to Naomi seemingly sort of torturing him, poking something in his eye to make him obey, I presume, so he was no help in knocking down the big door containing the poor angel kid.

Nonetheless, they do manage to get him out, but Naomi calls Cas up to heaven and orders him to kill Samandriel for telling Crowley about the angel tablet. Though Cas does not want to, it he currently cannot disobey direct orders, and ends up killing the poor kid. Naomi then orders him to lie about why he did it to the brothers Winchester, and bring Samandriel back to heaven for inspection. Interesting.

The brothers are rather concerned about Castiel's odd behavior, particularly when they notice a drip of blood running from his eye, but they of course don't know what's going on about that yet. And they've still got some of their angst issues to deal with anyway. Namely, Sam must decide whether to stay or go, and Dean has to give up being Benny's friend. They both decide to break up these relationships, because we all know it's the epic love story of Sam and Dean anyway.

Random Thoughts:

- It almost feels like the tablets could be an end game for the show. What happens if you do everything on the tablets and there are no angels or demons anymore? What if there's also a monster tablet? Have they said how many tablets there are? It's possible they have, but I don't remember.

- How long until Cas is able to start fighting the orders? He's starting to remember bits now, and especially now that Sam and Dean know something for sure is up, I imagine it will come to a head soon.

- Do you think this is the last we'll see of Amelia and Benny? Do you want it to be, or do you want them to come back? Personally not sure what else could be garnered from their stories, but who knows.

- Why didn't Cas heal the dude who got burned by that bush? I mean, he did just heal that baby. Also, why did that woman not freak out about some random dude talking to her and knowing all this stuff? I think too much, clearly.


Dammit, Cas. How many times I gotta tell you, it's just creepy. - Dean, regarding Cas standing there waiting for him to wake up

Dean: You saw nothing.

Cas: That's his serious face, yes.

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