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Supernatural 8x11 "LARP and the Real Girl"

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x11 'LARP and the Real Girl' by
One of these things is not like the other.
I don't know if any of you have seen or heard of this new reality competition show, King of the Nerds, but it seems rather serendipitous that this episode aired right when that show has started. Also? It's kind of awesome, particularly if you have any nerd tendencies. And if you watch Supernatural, I think you might. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, no sir.

After the events of last episode, Dean thinks they should relax a little and have some fun, but Sam is all work and no play. It helps that Garth calls them up with a job nearby, otherwise what excuse could he have had? Anyway, some people are being killed in rather old-timey ways, after a mysterious tree appears on their arms. The boys question one of these dudes before he's killed and find out he's part of this LARPing group, Moondoor. And who else happens to be part of this group? None other than our favorite hacker girl, Charlie (returning guest star Felicia Day). The chances?! I mean, really.

Of course, Charlie is less than thrilled to see Sam and Dean show up in her new life, since she had to go completely underground and basically get herself a new identity after she last had them come into her life. Though Dean suggests she get out of dodge while they handle whatever is going on, Charlie decides that since she's the queen of the fictional realm, she can't leave her subjects behind to be killed. Ah, heroism.

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x11 'LARP and the Real Girl' by
Smoldering stare? Puh-lease. That's easy.
While Sam tries to find out more about the mystery tree symbol that keeps appearing on people before they die, Dean (who has to dress the part of someone of Moondoor) and Charlie go around with a photo of it, and find out that it's the shadow orc king's symbol. Of course it's the shadow orcs. I mean, shady. Dean sends Charlie back to find Sam for back up before they encounter said orcs, but Charlie ends up getting captured by a totes creepy looking figure in a black outfit and some kind of bone mask thing. I don't know about you, but that thing was totally freaking me out.

Sam and Dean hook back up and realize that Charlie's missing, so they enlist a captured shadow orc and the help one of the queen's dudes, Boltar or something. They track down Charlie to this random tent in the woods, where she has been hanging out with the shadow figure. Said shadow figure has turned out to be a fairy who's been imprisoned by someone using a book of dark magic. In order to free her, they must destroy the book. But who could be the person controlling her?

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x11 'LARP and the Real Girl' by
Suits or chainmail?
In what should have been obvious but somehow wasn't to me, it turns out to be her squire or whatever, the Boltar guy, who was just a little too into wanting to be the king in the game. There ensues a tussle, wherein Charlie must become the hero of the hour and stab the book of dark magic. It was all actually rather easy, but nonetheless entertaining.

With Boltar taken off to fairyland to pay for his crimes, Charlie decides to stick around rather than assume another new identity. Sam also agrees with Dean that they could both use a little bit of fun, and in the most hilarious part of the night, they go full Braveheart in the final battle for Moondoor. I feel like they must've been laughing a lot during the making of this episode, right?

Random Thoughts:

- Interesting how Dean thought the LARPing thing looked cool instead of lame. He's really just a nerd at heart.

- Horribly coincidental that Charlie happened to be involved with this particular LARPing group, or do we pretend that Garth knew she was involved all along when he told them about it? He does seem to be rather all-knowing.

- Was anyone else as creeped out by the black getup and skull? I may have nightmares about it. Anytime a person just stands there and does not interact is creepster extreme anyway.


Sam: It's bad enough you've been tracking us, but it's even worse when you say "You've been Garthed."

Sheriff: These kids today, with their texting and murder.

Lance: They were from me, but they weren't from me me.
Dean: Did you really think that sentence was going to clear things up?

Sam: Nice outfit.
Dean: You love it.

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  1. What started out promising ended up a predictible silly mess that rewrites established continuity are we now to suspect that hardly any of season 6 is cannon anymore? What is a fairy anymore? I thought they were magical sprites the size of houseflies that were invisible to anyone but those who were cursed like Dean "Are those nipples?" was in that funny but relevant episode.

    The previous episode also mentioned that when Angels scream natural disasters occur. How exactly would a scream create a surge that would alter wind speeds to create tornadoes? I also found it funny that the particular episode actually ignored it's own continuity throughout being very selective on which screams would set off disasters. I wouldnt have been bothered by this except Cas said when angels scream they create disturbances. Now I know that we havent seen many Angel's scream but I'm pretty damn sure during that apocalypse and civil war that lasted 3 years clearly we would have been alerted to some natural disasters occuring besides the obvious end of the world stuff in season 5.

  2. I freaking loved this episode. I have friends who LARP, so I now all about how it works and found it hilarious. I actually laughed out loud at several spots in this episode. Also, I love Felicia Day.

    I needed this ep. A light hearted, brothers acting like brothers again, back to the old recipe kind of ep.

    1. I heard Felicia Day is coming back again later this season. It's always nice to have fun recurring guest stars. At least, until they die horrible deaths haha