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Supernatural 8x13 "Everybody Hates Hitler"

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x13 'Everybody Hates Hitler' by
There aren't many who can make Sam look small.
After getting the key to a secret Men of Letters bunker last week, the boys track it down to Lebanon, Kansas, where presumably it hasn't been opened for at least 60 years. Looks that way too, as things are all ham radios and other old timey things, despite there still being working electricity and water. While Dean goes off to check on Kevin and the tablet situation, Sam starts digging into the massive library to track down whether any groups the Men were affiliated with might still exist.

Meanwhile, we flash back to war-torn Europe in World War II, where some Nazis are taken out by some big dude. One of them gets away, however, working some magic. There's also this ledger book that's apparently important that he doesn't take with him. This ledger has traveled through to present day, where an old Jewish dude has tracked it down to a library, only he knows he's got someone nefarious on his trail, so nefarious, in fact, that said bad dude causes the old guy to spontaneously combust. Well, that's a way to ruin your day.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x13 'Everybody Hates Hitler' by
Golem? Necromancer? Neither sound too great.
Sam catches wind of this death, because it turns out this man was part of the Judah Initiative, a group of Rabbi saboteurs. Time to investigate his death, then! While Sam tries to find what the guy was looking up in the library, Dean questions those who last saw him, both feeling like they are being followed. Which, in fact, they are. By the old guy's grandson Aaron and, oh yeah, his giant talking Golem!

So, basically, the Judah Initiative created the Golem to take out this Thule Society of Nazis who were doing terrible magical, necromancer-style experiments on Jews, gypsies and the like. He managed to destroy the compound, as we saw, but there are still some of the Thule around in modern society, and they are looking for that ledger, as it has records of their experiments and who they managed to turn into necromancers. Aaron's grandpa hid the book in the library, so they go to find it, only to have one of the necromancers follow them. Lucky for them, they have a Golem on their team this time, and he easily dispatches the necromancers. Also lucky that they always salt and burn their bodies, as that's the only way to make sure a necromancer stays dead, apparently.

Recap/review of Supernatural 8x13 'Everybody Hates Hitler' by
Just doin' our thing, wearing some plaid, holdin' some guns.
The boys are concerned about Aaron's control over the Golem, though, as he really doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Not much time to dwell on that, however, because some more necromancers show up looking for that dang ledger. I'm not entirely sure why the ledger is so important to them, but whatevs, they are clearly deadset on getting that thing. The head dude manages to disengage the Golem, because though Aaron woke him up, he apparently didn't claim him by writing his name on the piece of paper in his mouth.

In other news, Golems are weird.

Anyway, there's some fighting and all of that, and in the end these particular members of Thule are dispatched. Now that Aaron has seen the importance of his grandfather's work, he decides he should follow in his footsteps after all, and writes his name on the Golem paper. So we can assume they go off to hunt themselves some Thule Nazi bastards.

The boys head back to their new bunker, which both seem to be enjoying rather a lot. Sam for the vast amounts of knowledge, Dean for the free booze and a safe place to sleep, though we must remember that the last Man of Letters told them to close it up forever, so clearly it's not going to be a forever home.

Random Thoughts:

- OMG, that whole bar scene with Dean and Aaron... HILARIOUS. Mostly because of Jensen/Dean's reaction to the whole thing. The gay references on this show lately are getting more and more blatant.

- How long until some evil dudes find out about the secret bunker and either try to break in or successfully break in? Let's just say the Winchesters do not have the best luck when it comes to these things.

- Why was that ledger so important? It's possible I missed something, but it seemed sort of silly for them to care so much about it for the sake of secrecy.

- What if the Men of Letters had never gone defunct, John joined them, and Mary was working as one of their hunters, and they had this, like, forbidden romance? And then... ahem. Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away.


Dean: Sammy, I think we found the batcave.

Sam: You gonna take off the dead guy robe?

Dean: Okay... citizen... as you were.

Aaron: What, do two just break in wherever you go?
Dean: Our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on, just in case this hunter thing didn't pan out.

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  1. How come it took THIS long to do a Golem episode? With all the christian religion inspired arcs and some cool pagan gods, hindu etc. we finally get a nicely told funny, scary action packed jewish golem. I had my hopes so low for this episode after weeks of terrible episodes that I found myself enjoying this one very thoroughly. The new batcave is great finally some respectable dive for the brothers to lick their wounds and research from and the only good thing to come from this Men of Letters thing. Ben Edlund continues to do great things with his wrtings and is the only great writer the show has left.