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Supernatural 8x12 "As Time Goes By"

That time travel, she is one fickle mistress, as we seem to learn over and over again. I do appreciate the fact that they don't ever seem to be able to change anything when there is time travel involved, which is the only thing that really makes sense when involving time travel. That it all already happened this way, in some kind of cosmic loop thing. Uh oh, this is getting brain heavy. Let's just get into the recap, shall we?

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Awkward family dinner?
Back in the late '50s, a mystery man, who we'll come to know as Henry, is kissing his son goodnight. He's off to complete some sort of initiation at some kind of cult-looking place, with full on hooded robes and strange symbols and whatnot. Only, the sexy lady who is also supposed to take part in this ritual is really a demon, and kills all the other brotherhood types. Henry manages to run into a room with all sorts of weird stuff and does some kind of blood sigil spell that sends him away...

Tumbling right out of the closet of our very own brothers Winchester. They are, of course, rather perturbed that some dude just stumbled out of their closet. Particularly when said dude starts asking if one of them is John Winchester. And just why would he be asking such a strange and jarring question? Because that blood sigil spell from earlier was supposed to take him to his son. That's right, this dude is Henry Winchester, doing some time traveling. Turns out, though, he's not alone in his travels, because that demon from earlier has followed him through the portal, and guess what! The magic demon knife can't kill her! Dun dun dun!

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x12 'As Time Goes By' by
They wouldn't be Winchesters if they didn't dig up some graves.
But why? That demon knife should be able to kill any demon, right? Well, no. Because this particular demon is Abaddon, apparently one of the first demons, and perhaps the last of her kind. That doesn't mean it's going to be any easier to get rid of her. And just why did she kill the brotherhood folk in the first place? She wanted some mystery box that one of them gave Henry before he hopped his blood sigil Delorean.

Henry is convinced that his order, the Men of Letters, should still be around, and that Sam and Dean, his grandsons, and as such legacies, should be part of the group. Alas, it is not so, as John never saw his pop again after that fateful night. This does not bode well for Henry's future, clearly. It also gives Dean some ample material to angst over, as apparently John hated his dad because he thought he walked out on him as a kid, and we all know how Dean feels about family. Super important, yo. More important than mystical brotherhood legacy group things, for sure. Sam is more tolerant, per usual. It was sort of nice to hear Dean stand up for John, though, because for a while there he was pissed at him for how they were raised. Anyway!

Henry gets worked up after reading John's journal and realizing the life his son was forced to lead, and wants to go back and fix things. Dean heads him off at the pass while Sam goes off to try to find out how to get rid of Abaddon and just what the mystery box is, as it turns out one of the dudes from the brotherhood didn't actually die, just pretended to and took over someone else's identity. Now, Sam is a bit of an idiot when he goes and talks to this dude, just divulging information even though there's something clearly shady about said dude's wife. Like, when he eagerly asks if you have the box? Don't just go ahead and say yes, Sam! Sheesh. Rookie move. Because that wife lady is really Abaddon in disguise.
Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 8x12 'As Time Goes By' by
There are sure some handsome men in this family, right?

Abaddon calls up Dean to offer a trade: Sam for Henry and the box. Oh, we did find out the box has a bunch of supernatural knowledge in it, apparently, and that's why it's such a hot commodity. The brotherhood dude tells Sam to get rid of it for good, yada yada. Anyway, Dean is all ready to go in guns hot to get Sam back, and manages to convince Henry that this is the right thing to do as well. We're led to believe in a dumb fakeout that Dean was going to just hand Henry over easy peezy lemon squeezy, but come ON, he wouldn't do that, no matter how annoyed he may be with his gramps.

Henry carves a devil's trap into the tip of a bullet like a boss, and shoots it into Abaddon's brain. While it doesn't kill her, it does trap her, but not before she stuck her hand in Henry's gut. Uh oh. The Winchesters never can catch a break. Death, death and more death. It's just their lot in life. Ha. Death. Life. Sorry. I'm tired. Anyway, Dean chops off her head, and the plan is to basically bury her in cement forever. Even though she'll be alive, she won't be able to do anything.

Alas, though, Henry is not long for this world. He dies in the arms of his grandsons, who must bury yet another parental figure. No hunter's burial for him, I guess, as he of the "hunters are brutes!" mentality. They end up with the box, but are headed to get rid of it at the end of the episode, like the brotherhood dude pleaded.

Random Thoughts:

- Are you really able to break out a car window with your elbow?

- I'm a little fuzzy on the workings of that blood spell. Like, why did it choose 2013? Why not send him to a time when John was still alive? Or just across town to him in his present time? And why do the blood spell in the first place to get out of that situation? I guess if it's the only thing you can think of, sure...

- It was pretty awesome that Henry was able to get out of the handcuffs and get them on Sam and Dean without them being the wiser. Nice moves.

- I liked how they tied it back into the whole thing about their bloodline being super important, combining hunters with these men of letters folk. Brains and brawn, as Sam called them.

- I always wonder why they don't try to call up Cas in these situations. Like, couldn't he have healed him? I mean, I get it, he was meant to die, it would screw up the timeline, but why don't they even think of trying it?


Dean: So you're like Yodas to our Jedis. ... Nevermind, you'll get there.

Henry: You're also Winchesters. As long as we're alive, there's always hope.

Dean: All I see in our family tree is a whole lot of dead.

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  1. Abaddon had already deduced that Henry was not a great alchemist and must have used too much of a certain potion or fairy dust in is spell. Henry had no idea where he was until he saw the strange stroller trike, or mustang. Although in this viewers opinion I think his acting was weak he should have had his mind blown with certain things like the mustang looking like a tank to him, given that the most popular vehicle was the sleek and lowriding corvette or the wide and firm 57 Chevy Belair.

    Did you take notice on how he talked into Sam's cordless paper thin I Phone or Blackberry (whatever he uses) asking for an old antequated number yet didnt believe for a moment that table top computers existed? Henry should have been freaking out over the cordless phone just as much as the laptop. It's after all a CORDLESS PHONE! Then again the actor chosen for such emotional outbursts was bland and unemotional. Jeeeze what is with the supporting cast these days?

    As for the whole time travel thing it gave us nothing. Sam and Dean as legacies who cares! The religion or cult or whatever is long dead and the last surviving member died at the hands of a demon.

    Also it would have been nice if Sam or Dean mentioned Lilith when informed about Knights of Satan being that the first demons not their offspring would hold this title then Lilith would be Lancelot, but nope. Wasted opportunity.

    The whole John was supposed to be a legacy really adds nothing to the overall plot and what we've seen before and by adding this waste continues to ignore established continuity. It didnt matter if brains and brawn, legacies and hunters finally together that had angels interested over the Winchester bloodline. Sam and Dean were selected to be Angel vessels not tacticians, they were battlesuits for Michael and Lucifer to use and had no intention to let either speak out once they said yes. Legacies had no reason for Dean going to hell and breaking that first seal nor did it have anything to do with Sam's ingesting of demon blood as a baby and developing supernatural powers. Also Yellow Eyes didnt care about John nor did he care about his existence it was all about Mary, when he saw her fighting spunk.

    Even if you could say well that was the point that Sam and Dean were to prevent the apocalypse well why have the darn thing to begin with if Sam and Dean were supposed to prevent it. Sam and Dean become nothing more than pawns and team Freewill was nonexistent the entire time.