Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SYTYCD S10: Vegas Week

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Vegas Week by freshfromthe.com
Vegas week is always the hardest week to recap, so this may be a little haphazard with random comments. It's hard to cover everything.

The solo round gets rid of at least 50 dancers. Must always be a bummer to get there and then just have to leave. A couple were featured:

Malece Miller is pretty impressive in her solo. She must be someone we're going to follow through the week. She gets dropped on her head while practicing for the jazz round, has to go the hospital. Ends up doing well anyway and makes it through.

Donovan Gibbs was featured pretty prominently in auditions but is let go during the solos round of Vegas. I can see why, though, he wasn't that great.

Fik-Shun. Oh man, I forgot how awesome this guy is. Hopefully he can do other styles well. Also pretty much rocks the jazz round. He could totally make it to the top 20. Does well in ballroom, too.

Jenna Johnson. Clearly shines in the ballroom round and is mentioned that she shines in other areas too. She could be the girl ballroom dancer to make it to the top 20.

Curtis Holland. Wasn't really mentioned until the last, contemporary round, but apparently has been doing well throughout Vegas week. I wasn't very impressed with his first audition, but he seems to have some kind of breakthrough or breakdown, because he makes it through. Seems primed to make the top 20 at this point.

Jasmine. Cyrus' ex who really impressed me in her audition. Could really be a redemption type story for her to make the show, seems primed for it to happen at this time.

Jade vs. BluPrint battle mode - both animators, neither of which impressed in the contemporary round. Supposed to only pick one, but they end up letting them both stay.

One surprise for me was when Jennifer Jones was cut. She seemed really strong.

Next week: the top 20 is revealed! Who do you hope makes it out of the 33 left? Anyone you DON'T want in?

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