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SYTYCD Season 10: Top 20 Reveal

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 20 Reveal by freshfromthe.com
Well, it's finally that time. Time to introduce the top 20, Ameriker! Gotta say, not that enthused based on Nigel saying he's not sure everyone can deal with the rigors of the show. Please, can we have people who can actually dance rather than only personalities? That was my major beef with Cyrus last year.

Anyway. On to tonight's Top 20. Starting with the first group (hip hop!)...

Fik-Shun. He's nervous, but it's quite obvious he's going to make it through. Uh, duhhhhh. Guess it's good to have him go first since it's so obvious.

Emilio. Another hip hopper, who we haven't seen much of right now. A few days after filming, though, he injured himself, so he had to withdraw. No wonder we didn't see him.

Mariah. The lady hop hop dancer we've sort of seen in the background throughout auditions, glad she's making it onto the show so we can actually see her.

Fik-Shun and Moria do a Luther Brown routine to start the night. Fun routine, though a little bit on the boring side for me, though I thought she did better than him.

Second group (contemporary):

Mackenzie (don't remember her?). Jasmine Harper (Cyrus' ex! She probably hates that that's her "thing!"). Tucker (the car crash victim who bounced back). Nico (Papi!).

Stacey Tookey routine. They all looked pretty good, Tucker gets crazy emotional at the end of the routine. Mary pretty effusive about all of the, Adam gives them some constructive criticism. I like that they're not just giving them all lots of blase praise to begin things.

Third group (tap):

Alexis. Curtis (didn't think he was that great in his audition, but maybe he has something more there I didn't see). Aaron (originally didn't make it, but because Emilio had to withdraw, he gets in).

Anthony Morigerato (I really have no idea how to spell that) routine. Curtis had some problems keeping the pose at the end, but otherwise it was pretty decent. Tap is always pretty fun.

Fourth group (animation):

Jade (tiny dude). BluPrint (needs more personality dude). Both make it through, oh lordy.

Christopher Scott routine. Started off a little choppy for me as they weren't totally in sync, but definitely picked up as it went and got extremely cool. Particularly loved when they were sort of going back and forth. Not sure they'll be able to do anything else, but you can't deny that animators are cool in their style.

Fifth group (contemporary):

Carlos (haven't seen much of him). Hayley (sexxxy?). Malese (little pixy who was dropped on her head).

Mia Michaels routine. Wow, loved this routine. The girls especially drew me in, particularly Malese. She killllled it, just like Mia told her she needed to do, though the judges give her a bit of criticism. 

Sixth group (ballroom):

Brittany (haven't seen any of her, have we?). Jenna (she was good throughout). Paul (winner of SYTYCD Armenia). Alan (part of the brother duo, only had room for one of them).

Louis Van Amstel routine. Hard to really know who was the best when having to look back and forth between the two pairs. All seemed pretty good, judges like the girls better than the guys.

Last group (jazz):

Amy (one of the girls with the silly dancing dad). Jasmine Mason (they kind of gave this away by using the other Jasmine's last name earlier).

Sonya Tayeh routine. Good, though I did find myself getting easily distracted and thinking of other things. The judges really loved it and them.

Top 10 Guys - Christopher Scott sand routine. Dude, that was pretty cool. Awesome way to use sand as a prop. I think I said this last year, but I love Christopher Scott's routines. They're always great!

Top 10 Girls - Ray Leeper '60s jazz routine. Honestly the outfits are really distracting for me in this routine. Too much about the outfits and the music and less about the dancing. They definitely seem in sync with each other, anyway.

Top 20 - Sonya Tayeh routine. The camera work here is really annoying me. I'd like to be able to see everything that's going on. Seems like it's much cooler than it comes across because of the cameras zooming in and out and up and down and all around. Blah blah, complain, blah.

Well, that's it, people! We have the top 20 for this season. Do you have any favorites so far? Hard to say until we really start seeing them dance in other styles. Apologies for any misspelled names, but they don't have the list of everyone on their site yet!

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