Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SYTYCD S10: Top 16 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Well, it's been a couple weeks! I almost forgot this was on tonight. But, things got off to a good start with the group routine, which seemed to feature a whole lot of Jasmine, am I right?

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 16 Perform by freshfromthe.com

And, joining Nigel and Mary this week is... Carly Rae Jepsen? Okay then. Her comments, fyi, are not that great. Kind of generic.

In danger tonight: Mariah, Alan, Makenzie, BluPrint, Jenna, Curtis
Immediate save: Jenna

Mackenzie - Pretty good, seemed to be timed well to the music with a beginning, middle, end.
Alan - Really not enough dancing for me, just seems overly dramatic and weird.
Curtis - This tap dancing is much better than his audition, actually.
Mariah - Worried about her, Krumping just doesn't look as good as the contemporary.
BluPrint - His animation is so sick, I wish he could bring it to the other styles! Ugh, jeez!

And now on to the partner dancessssssss!

Alexis & Nico - Tony & Melanie jive. How are these two still never in the bottom? I don't get it! Anyway. First lift is a little jank. Nico seems way more comfortable than Alexis. She seems super nervous about the lifts. A half-disaster, to me. Judges being a little nice in my opinion. Apparently her foot is slightly injured so maybe that's why.

Jenna & Tucker - Travis Wall contemporary. I'm getting distracted by those ceiling strap things, I'm hardly watching the dancing. They made it a little bit awkward. I get the intention, but seems like they needed more practice. Apparently they only had today to work with the straps. Mary nearly in tears.

Mariah & BluPrint - Brian Friedman jazz. True to the pre-package, a very fast routine. Felt like it ended a bit early for some reason. They actually did a pretty good job, very high energy. Decent review but makes me think they may both be heading home tonight based on how Nigel and Mary gave their comments.

Malece & Alan - Dave Scott hip hop. Malece is kind of killing this. You wouldn't necessarily expect it based on her look, but she has some swag. Alan? Ehhhh. He's not hitting it hard enough, too smooth. They also look hilarious with their height difference.

Hayley & Curtis - Dee Caspary contemporary. I love pretty much everything on the ladder. It creates amazing silhouettes. The floor dancing was okay but I just wanted them to get back on the ladder. Honestly I think she is kind of a dark horse, she could end up going near to the end.

Amy & Fik-Shun. Tyce Diorio jazz. Thank god it's not Ballroom. Very cool music choice, really helped to sell the routine. Though they danced the hell out of it too. That was pretty awesome, they are definitely a power couple. Can we just have Tyce do jazz choreography from now on? Seriously.

Makenzie & Paul. Dave Scott hip hop. Decent routine, though seemed more jazz to me than hip hop to be honest. Judges are on their feet? Okay then. I mean it was good but not amazing, to me. I don't think Makenzie will be going home based on that, though.

Jasmine & Aaron. Tony & Melanie quickstep. Oh man, the dreaded quickstep! But in the pimp slot! That was actually a pretty decent quickstep. It was a lot more fun than I remember it being in the past, perhaps because of peppy music.

BluPrint & Mariah

Not a surprise, though I am sad Mariah didn't get farther. She pretty much knew from the beginning, she was crying the whole night.

So, who should be in the bottom next week?
Alexis, Alan, Curtis, Nico, and I have no idea for the other two girls?! Hopefully not Hayley. Maybe Jenna again.

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