Thursday, August 29, 2013

Supernatural: Top 5 Season Eight Episodes

The summer is winding down, which means the fall TV season is about to start picking up. Though the CW starts their shows a bit later than the other networks, I figure now is as good a time as any to revisit season eight of Supernatural and go over the five best episodes of the season.

As usual, the title next to the number is a link to a favorite scene from each episode.

5. Everybody Hates Hitler (8x13)

Perhaps you would not expect this one to make the list, and indeed I considered another, but this one was fun without getting super into the overall arc of the season. Plus, how often do you see someone dwarf Sam?

4. The Great Escapist (8x21)

The first time we meet Metatron. He seems nice enough. Or does he? Kevin starts to lose it. Sam hears things. A giant library.

3. Sacrifice (8x23)

The season finale was packed with stuff. Sam finishing the trials. Castiel finishing his own "trials." The whole converting of a demon thing coming to a head. Will the trials have a lasting effect on Sam now that he stopped before completing them? What's going to happen with a bunch of fallen angels on Earth? Questions, questions.

2. Pac-Man Fever (8x20)

 Whenever Charlie's around, it's always a fun time, though this was perhaps a more serious episode than her others. But it was fun to see her join Dean researching and also in the dream world kicking ass. Plus, a Winchester hug!

1. Goodbye Stranger (8x17)

We learn some stuff in this one - like what Naomi is up to with Castiel and how committed he really is to his favorite humans. Also, we finally bid farewell to the first demon that really messed with the boys - dear Meg.

What was your favorite episode? Vote below and let me know in the comments if you agree or think I've missed the mark. As you can see, I was not a big Benny fan, so none of his episodes are on here. Sorry not sorry. Also, are you looking forward to season nine? Honestly, I'm getting a little spent on recapping the show at this point, I am tempted to throw in the towel! Never thought the day would come!

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  1. By "favorite," do you mean "makes me weep uncontrollably because oh no Meg and auuuuugh the beating Cas gives Dean and AAAUGH MEG DIED"?

    If so, yes, 'Goodbye Stranger' is my "favorite."

    1. Hahaha, yes, it was definitely an intense episode!

    2. I was all AAAUGH MED DIED!?!! too!


      She's the only one who was still around since s1--I think they should've kept that thread of history and continuity running through the whole series. Not to mention she had awesome attitude, a great dynamic with Cas, so much history with the boys--and when she died, none of them even reacted!

      Hopefully she'll be back, and in the same meatsuit. Demons are like cockroaches after all. And it would be so cool if they could use the cure on her! She deserves it for defecting to their side, she saved their asses more than once.

  2. Pac-Man Fever definitely. The others had good scenes, but I think I liked every single scene in that one.

    1. It was definitely a fun one that gelled really well!

  3. When naming the best parts of "Pac-Man Fever," I'd say Dean's military uniform deserves an honorable mention. :)

    I may not agree on the order, but you definitely nailed the five best eps.

    1. Yeah I figure everyone has a slightly different opinion on the order, glad you agree on the best eps, though!

  4. Your perfect list is perfect to me--maybe because all my faves are in the second half as well. The only one I'd add to that list (if I could pick six) is LARP and the Real Girl.

    I only recently jumped back in at 8x11 because friends assured me it got better. It's a good thing LARP was so good otherwise I might not have stuck around to give it another chance. And actually, the second half of season 8 stands up really well on its own as a great (if short) season. I got other friends of mine who had also stopped watching at the beginning of s8 to pick it up again from LARP, and all I had to tell them to catch them up was: There's also an angel tablet, Benny is a good vampire who helped Dean out of Purgatory, and Naomi is a Machiavellian angel who is controlling Cas. You can basically skip the first half (which I intend to do forevermore.)

    I have high hopes for (both halves of) s9 though!

    1. P.S. Also, your perfect list really made me want to watch the second half again. I think I'll start tonight. :)

  5. Oh reginold...

    I disagree!

    I mean the finale is the worst one they've done of all the finales so far and was a failure on several writing levels. Most of this season was pretty 'meh', the arc highpoints being Ms. Tran, Metatron, and Samandiriel.

    My top 5 in season order

    Bitten - Hey, they at least tried something new and it was an episode where we really got to examine things from the "monster" point of view. Plus it gave us a chance to see the boys as the rest of the world might see them.

    Southern Comfort - Purely because Garth rocks.

    Hunteri Heroici - Yeah, the props and effects department heavily earn this award. I mean it has a giant anvil! And fun with subtitles. Yeah I wasn't thrilled with the explanation for it, but it was entertaining anyway.

    LARP and the Real Girl - The faeries (the most underused potential on the show IMHO) return! Dean & Sam actually have FUN for once. Besides, their tasks at hunting often ends up going into "LARP" territory so there's even some meta humor to be enjoyed at them being in and out of their element at the same time.

    Everybody Hates Hitler - Yeah I agree with you on this one. Besides, I'm a sucker for warring secret societies and Jewish mythology.

    Very close runner up? "As Time Goes By". I really, REALLY wish they had done something daring with Henry and had him actually survive a few episodes before dying. They could have given us what they should have with Gramps Campbell. Still, I enjoyed it.

  6. So what was your "also ran?"

    Actually, "Everybody Hates Hitler" received very high marks in general. It didn't make my top 5, but certainly is high on the list.

    My favorite episode of the season has to be "Trial and Error." Not being one to whine about "Sam gets all the canon stuff. Wahhh. Poor Dean is just a nursemaid," I found the twist surprising. And I LOVED being able to see the hell hounds. Damn scary! And I like Ellie.

    Also on my list not included here is "As Time Goes By." "Hunter Heroici" would be my "honorable mention." So many puns. and BJ Hunnicut!