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SYTYCD S10: Top 6 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Only one week to go until the performance finale - guess that means it's official - summer is coming to an end! Can I be honest? I don't know that I particularly care who wins. Sad trombone.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 6 Perform by freshfromthe.com

Joining Nigel and Mary on the judging panel tonight is returning favorite Jesse Tyler Ferguson. After the top 6 final group performance, we get on to the rest...

Paul & All-Star Kathryn - Tyce Diorio jazz - I'm not sure anything can really stop the Paul machine at this point, but can I be honest? There's something about him that doesn't come across as genuine to me in his dancing. He's always got a bit of the ballroom razzle dazzle going on, which makes me lose some interest despite him being super cute, la la.

Amy - That solo was pretty much the best one I think I've seen on this season so far. Well-planned, beautiful and moving.

Hayley & All-Star Joshua - NapTab hip hop - Hmm. I don't know. She just looked super skinny and kind of awkward trying to do those hard-hitting moves. Nice to see Joshua back though. I've kind of thought Hayley has been a dark horse this season, but I don't think she can beat Jasmine or Amy. The judges are pretty praise-worthy, though. Not sure they're really going to give much criticism tonight, honestly, though the way Nigel talks to her it seems like she's out.

Fik-Shun - Not sure that was very different from his other solos. Entertaining as usual, but not really anything new.

Aaron & All-Star Melanie - Spencer Liff Broadway - Was that missed hand at the end on purpose or did Aaron mess up? It seemed like a mess up, but then the whole thing was kind of about them hating each other, though from the comments seems like it was a mess up. Whoops! He is definitely the best actor of the guys, though. Nigel has a negative comment about his shoulders being too high, and apparently he has an injury in his shoulders as well. Seems a set up for his send off.

Jasmine - Good movement from her, but doesn't seem as planned out for some reason. A lot of spinning limbs.

Paul - Pretty sure this is the first time Paul has had to do a solo, right? Dynamic beginning.

Fik-Shun & All-Star Witney - Jonathan Roberts foxtrot - I'm not sure that Fik-Shun had as much to do in this as Witney, who was fairly awesome. I don't know how to really judge this kind of ballroom stuff, but Mary does call him out on some movement that wasn't the best, but compliments his closed position.

Hayley - Sweet solo, but nothing new in terms of contemporary stuff, and can't really compare with Amy.

Jasmine & All-Star Neil - Tyce Diorio contemporary - The voiceover really, really bothers me. Like, hit me over the head with subtlety, right? The routine itself was actually good, and didn't need any of that crap along with it. Sorry, the stupid message pieces really bother me, and Tyce seems to love to do that. Nonetheless, the dancing itself was good.

Aaron - Is this the first solo we've seen from him too? I can't remember. But I kind of love it. It's got such rhythm.

Amy & All-Star Alex - Nakul Bollywood - Can I be honest? I found myself watching Alex that entire time, which doesn't bode too hot for Amy. This genre is really one of the hardest to do, it seems. Also interesting because Alex had to leave his season because he was injured while practicing a Bollywood routine, so a bit of a redemption time for him.

Paul & Hayley - Dee Caspary contemporary - Wow, this makes me wish they'd been partners all along. Paul actually feels more believable dancing alongside her. Very fluid. Maybe my favorite routine they've done. Looooved Jesse's comment about Carly Rae Jepsen, omg!

Amy & Fik-Shun - Dave Scott hip hop - That was a fun routine, nice to see them back together again. They bring out the best in each other, as Nigel comments. I love the whole foot slide across the floor thing that Fik-Shun does, it just looks so cool.

Jasmine & Aaron - Sean Cheesman jazz - Man, her LEGS! Sheesh! Legs for days! Bendy legs! Straight legs! Legs all over! Nice to see these two back together again as well. Interesting that two couples both made it all the way to this point together.

Aaaannd the dancers who are in the final four:

Amy, Jasmine, Aaron, Fik-Shun

So, going home tonight:

Hayley & Paul

Wow, two couples stayed together the entire way through to the top four! Has that ever happened before? Who do you want to win? I'm routing for Jasmine, not sure between the guys.

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