Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SYTYCD S10 - Top 4 Performance Finale

It's the performance finale, dudes! This season has gone by pretty quickly, right? Hard to believe that Aaron almost didn't make the show at all, and now he's in the finale, and could quite possibly win, period.

Joining Nigel and Mary for the final performance night we have two additional judges - Gabby Douglas and Paula Abdul. I have a feeling there's not going to be a lot of actual judging going on tonight either.

And we're going straight into the dances!

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 4 Perform by freshfromthe.comAmy & Aaron - Ray Leeper jazz - Sorry but, her boobs are so distracting, I can't look at anything else, even though it's a full body suit. This is a weird dance, honestly. I'm not sure I really enjoyed it. Funny how the judges all compliment the costumes and I think it's so weird!

Fik-Shun and Jasmine - Travis Wall contemporary - Pretty beautiful, very flowy. I actually got some chills watching that one, which hasn't happened in some time watching this show! Travis' goal was to make them seem underwater, and I think he succeeded. Interesting that we've never seen them paired together before; could've been a disaster, but luckily was not.

Aaron & All-Star Melinda - Anthony Morigerato tap - Interesting to see a story told mostly through the feet. I'm not entirely sure I loved it as much as it seems like we're supposed to. Tap is a weird thing to choreograph sometimes. The judges are all on their feet, though, but probably because Nigel loves tap.

Jasmine & All-Star Comfort - NapTab hip hop - Cool that Jasmine chose something out of her own style for her choice. Damn, girl has swag. Honestly this makes me want Jasmine to win the whole thing. She can pretty much do every style amazingly. The audience is going crazy for it! Wow, don't think I've ever seen them going that insane before.

Amy & Fik-Shun - Miriam & Leonardo tango/paso doble blend - Smart for their last dance together to be a non-cutesy piece, but I'm not sure they're 100% selling this. Though that spin lift move was pretty cool. It's just so intense, I wish other people were dancing it. Or maybe just someone other than Fik-Shun? Sorry dude, that was a bit too much for you. Amy looks really downhearted.

Jasmine - solo - Damn, girl. I'm so rooting for you! Beautiful. What! Nigel said she wasn't originally going to be in the top 20, but Cat insisted. Yay, Cat!

Jasmine & Aaron - Dimitri Chaplin samba - Interesting that they're sort of front-loading the show with Jasmine. Not sure that's the best thing for her, sad. Little bit of a wardrobe malfunction there! A fun routine otherwise. Amazing that Jasmine can keep her energy up with so many routines in a row. Judges are pretty critical, and I get it, though they're being a little harsh, I think.

Fik-Shun - solo - A fun solo set to Gangnam Style. Great choreography he put together.

Amy - solo - Interesting costume choice. Something feels a little bit frantic about this solo, maybe a little desperate. I get that she's good, but there's something I don't quite connect with, honestly.

Fik-Shun & All-Star tWitch - Luther Brown hip hop - Great to see these two together, they really are made to dance hip hop together. It was a lot of fun, makes you remember why you like Fik-Shun in the first place. Makes me miss tWitch as a contestant, he's so awesome.

Aaron - solo - He has a great musicality to his tapping. I am a little distracted by the weird hand movement he keeps doing, but whatever, still a lot of fun.

Amy & All-Star Robert - Stacey Tookey contemporary - That routine seemed all about strength. She just seemed so strong. That off the stage thing needed a lot of trust, whoa. The judges all love it, though. Maybe I'm just biased because I like Jasmine so much.

Aaron & Fik-Shun - Tyce Diorio Broadway - My exact reaction upon hearing the genre "Oh God... ugh." This just makes Fik-Shun look tiny. Fik-Shun had some seriously manic eyes there at the end. Better than it might have been, but still, wish they would've had something else. Not sure what, but was looking forward to this, then felt like boo hoo.

Amy & Jasmine - Mark Kanemura jazz - Gotta love the wacky choreography of Mark, nothing compares! I had a smile on my face nearly the whole time. They were really in sync with each other the whole time, which is hard with all of those precise moves.

Okay, that's the show! Who do you want to take home the prize? I think it's clear that I'm a Jasmine fan. For the guys, I actually wouldn't really care either way, it would honestly be a better story for Aaron to win since he almost didn't make the top 20 at all. Well, we'll find out next week!

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