Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Supernatural 9x02 "Devil May Care"

After last week's premiere episode, Sam is secretly possessed by an angel, and Dean is harboring guilt over that fact since he can't tell him else he'll die. One must wonder how long Ezekiel really needs to be in there to heal both of them since in the meantime Sam seems fine.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x02 'Devil May Care' by freshfromthe.com
"It's going to be a busy year."
On to this episode! The boys bring Crowley back to the bunker, where Kevin has been holed up this whole time, thinking the end of the world had come and not able to leave. He's, naturally, pissed when they bring Crowley in because he would really rather like him to be dead, thanks very much. But, the brothers want information from him - as in, the name of every demon on Earth. Wow. Seems like that would be a long list.

One more demon to add to the list? Abaddon, who is brought back by an industrious demon who apparently knows some spell to do such things. And she is on a mission to get Crowley and take over Hell. To do that, she wants to get at the Winchesters, because she believes they have him. And they do, so good for her for thinking the true facts. She rustles up some good old fashioned hostages to get them to come to her, and it works a charm.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x02 'Devil May Care' by freshfromthe.com
Oh Kev, don't listen to him.
Meanwhile, back at the bunker, the boys leave Kevin alone to do some research. Only that means he has to go back to the records room, where they are secretly keeping Crowley. And you know how Crowley loves to spin a yarn when he has an audience, so he tells Kevin that his mother is still alive, and that if he lets him go, he'll take him to her. We're left to wonder if Kevin is going to do that, but I have to believe Kevin is smarter than that after his whiz-bang computer skills earlier in the episode.

The boys head off to an abandoned town to find the two hunters Abaddon has hostage - Irv and Tracy, who we've never met before but okay. Of course, it's a trap as expected. Though if they knew that going in, not sure why they wouldn't have come with more gear on them. Instead, Dean conveniently tells Tracy to go get stuff from the car while he gets a little one-on-one time with Abaddon. Sam is left to battle three other demons, but when they knock him out, Ezekiel comes to his aid and goes full on glowy eyes, angel-wing-shadows-on-the-wall, on them. Poof! They dead. Abaddon abandons her mission to possess Dean. For now. Oh no, another biggie wanting to possess Dean.

Anyway, Dean comes in to find Zeke, as we shall forthwith call him, standing amid his kills, making it look like they were done in by a demon knife. Dean wants to trust Zeke, but is having a hard time. Yeah, right now he seems like a good guy, but it's hard to tell in the long run if that will still be the case. But, for now, it was rather convenient to have an angel bomb ready to go off when confronted with too many demons.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x02 'Devil May Care' by freshfromthe.com
Holy water is for Hunters.
When they get back to the bunker, at first we think maybe Kevin has gone off with Crowley. But no, he's smarter than that. Crowley is still locked up, and ready to start giving names, but it will require a quid pro quo. Not sure what that is exactly, yet, but he gives them two names for now. Kevin, however, IS ready to leave the bunker and search for his mom, but Dean stops him and gives him the "we're family" speech, and also tells him that even if his mom is alive, she's basically dead, which is rather sad but also true.

Dean gets one last guilt trip when Sam basically tells him that he feels the best he's ever felt. Oh boy, just wait until you find out you've been secretly possessed all this time. Ah, happiness, she is a fickle temptress for the Winchesters.

Random Thoughts:

- I like how Abaddon comes back naked but blinged out in lipstick and nail polish.

- Agents Stark and Banner - Avengers call out anyone?

- Wow, callback to letting Lucifer out. They hardly ever call back to stuff like that after a while. I like that.

- Are we going to be seeing Tracy again? She had a pretty good introduction, pretending to be a damsel in distress and then killing the vampire that was going to snack on her. Seems like she'll probably come back.

- This seemed a little like a set-up episode. Setting up that Abaddon is back and wants Crowley. That demons are still around and kicking. That Crowley does indeed remember having the feelings from the finale and that he's ready to deal out some names. Kevin's on the rope and maybe his mom is still out there. Zeke is around for some indefinite amount of time.

- Next week: More on the human version of Castiel.


Dean: Oh yeah, he's the junk in my trunk. (regarding Crowley)

Crowley: Torture. Brilliant. Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier. Really putting the S-A-M into S & M.

Abaddon: But the King is dead. Long live the Queen.

Kevin: 'Cause I'm Kevin frickin' Solo.

Dean: So this whole place is poison?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean covers his private bits.
Sam: That's not gonna help.
Dean: Doesn't hurt.

Dean: We gonna fight or make out, 'cause I'm gettin' some real mixed signals here.

Dean: Oh, and uh, I'm awesome, so there's that.
Sam: Jeez. You are pretty damn awesome.

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  1. Loved this recap of the show, and you're definitely on point. You pointed out that thing with Abaddon the same way I noticed a couple of the actors looked a little too "clean" on The Walking Dead. Of course, most fans of Supernatural have asked why Dean doesn't have at least a little sprinkle of gray hair by now (which I agree with; he should look a little more rough around the edges with all that he's gone through on the show), and the fact that he should've grown his beard out during and right after purgatory, but it is a TV show so I guess we should all just shut up LOL.

    1. I never really thought about Dean having gray hair. Though you wonder if he would freak out if he saw it and dye it or something, haha!

  2. There's no way Jensen and probably Jared don't have some gray hair at their age. So I'm always hoping they will let Dean or Sam sport a more natural color.

    1. Not necessarily. I know men in their late 40's who barely have any gray hair and only just started getting it. A friend of mine has family members into their 60s who hardly have any. And then there are some who go gray in their 20s. Just depends on genes.