Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Supernatural 9x03 "I'm No Angel"

Last week's episode was all about the demons. This week's is all about the angels. Speaking of angels, just where has our favorite angel, or former angel, been up to since last we saw him on the side of the road somewhere? The Winchesters are wondering about that as well, because the angels are out to get him, so they better find him first. Also, Zeke seemed to imply that maybe the angels and demons would start working together to find him, but maybe I just heard it wrong and he was just talking about the angels getting organized.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x03 'I'm No Angel' by freshfromthe.com
Rollin' rollin' rollin'
Anywho, the angels are indeed getting organized, thanks to the online presence of a reverend who is telling the masses to let in the angels. Yeah, they're getting vessels much easier now. The angel at the top of this new food chain? Bartholomew. He's taken up where Naomi left off, it seems, and is spearheading the search for Castiel. One may wonder why they're so intent on finding him since it just seems like revenge times, but it turns out that they think he must know how to reverse what happened. Alas and alack.

Just what has Cas been up to? Basically hanging around homeless shelters and generally finding out what it's like to be a human - hungry, cold, etc. And that the people who have the least tend to be most generous, which is a sad and also true fact, it would seem. Some of the other homeless guys share their food with him, and also a cute waitress... who shares more than just a PB&J, oh ho!

Meanwhile, the boys are on Cas' trail. But they're not the only ones. Bartholomew has hired a special Reaper who I guess works as a tracker. See, Cas was smart and got a tattoo to ward off angel detection, so they can't find him so easily. But they know that Sam and Dean will be looking for him, so a Reaper starts tailing them. But, duh, the Winchesters aren't so easily tailed without their knowledge. They capture him, find out the dealio, then shove the angel blade through his skull. Lovely.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x03 'I'm No Angel' by freshfromthe.com
I whip my hair back and forth
Cas gets to have a nice night with the aforementioned cute waitress, April. And you want to trust her, you really do, but you know how things work on this show. Come the morning after, we find out she's not really April anymore, but rather another Reaper hired to find Cas. And apparently these Reapers are also of the angelic variety? I guess we'd never seen one die before, but they glow just like the other angels.

Reaper April starts torturing Cas for information on how to get Heaven back, but of course he doesn't know how to do it, only that maybe because Metatron took his grace for the spell that maybe he's important in reversing it. Things aren't looking too good, but that's when Sam and Dean burst in to go all heroic. Alas, this time around, they do not prove victorious in time. Yes, Dean does manage to kill April, who I keep wanting to call Amy, but before he does, she delivers a fatal stab to Castiel's fair stomach.

Yes, fatal. But, luckily for him, and for Dean's psyche, Sam has an angel riding shotgun inside of him. Zeke comes forward and heals Cas, but not without a physical cost to himself (or is it to Sam?). Nonetheless, Cas is alive.
Recap/review of Supernatural 9x03 'I'm No Angel' by freshfromthe.com
Thanks for the se---oh wait.

They bring him back to the bunker, but Zeke is quick to inform Dean that he can't stay. That he's a danger to them, a beacon to other Reapers and angels looking for him, despite the tattoo and the underground nature of the bunker. Dean is obviously very against the idea of tossing his friend out on the street, but Zeke says that if Cas doesn't go, he'll leave Sam's body. Which means Sam would probably die.

So, Dean has to tell Cas he has to leave. Poor wittle Cas. He's never looked so sad. Whatever will he do without the support of the Winchesters?

Random Thoughts:

- Angels enter through the mouth as well? I guess we've never actually seen it. The parallels to demons never ceases.

- The guy playing Bartholomew looked really familiar. Anyone know what else he's been in? Same goes for the girl playing April, I know I've seen her in something before. I almost feel like maybe she's actually been on this show before. You know they love to recycle people.

- What if the angels and demons start working together? Chaos! Anarchy! What would they be working for, exactly? One never knows, but it could be an unexpected turn of events.

- Do we think Cas will get his grace back? And if so, before the end of the season? Do you think they'd ever actually kill him off for good? I can see him sacrificing himself in some way.

- When the boys found out Cas had sex with the girl... that scene was pretty priceless.


Castiel: Do you ever tire of urinating? I'll never get used to it.

Sam: I grabbed you real bacon and eggs, extra grease. Not even gonna argue.

Sam: Look at these chemicals, do you even read the label?
Dean: No. I read pie. The rest is just blah blah blah.

Dean: Never do that again!
Castiel: All right.

Cas: You lied.
Dean: I did. I do that.

Dean: I haven't seen half of the nerdy stuff you do, doesn't mean you don't do nerdy stuff.

Dean: So, did you have protection?
Cas: I had my angel blade.
Dean: He had the angel blade.

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  1. Shanon Lucio (April) was in The OC and in Prison Break, and in an episode of Castle also, from the top of my head.
    The angels organizing felt very scary to me and i liked that a lot.
    The weird schizophrenia of the reapers, though... i don't know what to think of it, since "taxi driver", they're just all over the place and i don't like it at all. I hope they clear things up fast, because some CW execs seem to think reapers are angels, which doesn't make sense to me at all. Was the reaper possessing April? (which seems nonsensical and unprecedented to me) Or was the reaper taking the appearence of April? If so, did the reaper kill the real April to do so? No wonder Death has to come in person to reap people when half his reapers are just going around following demons' and angels' orders...

    1. Ah ha! It's The OC I remember her from! Thanks!

      You know, I didn't really think how they were portraying reapers as angels in this episode, and you're right, that is dang confusing. In the past they've been a separate entity from the two, then they introduced Death and it became a little more muddled. And now it's suuuuper muddled. Never seemed like they possessed people in the past, rather just made themselves to look however was best for the person they were reaping. Hmm. Very confusing.